New protocols to build respect within school communities

  • ​New Communications Protocols to support respectful relationships between school staff, students and parents
  • Protocols set out clear expectations around communications and interactions
  • Speaking at the Western Australian Primary Principals’ Association (WAPPA) annual conference today, Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery announced a new set of protocols to encourage open and respectful communications between parents, schools and students.

    These new protocols are part of a range of resources provided by the Department of Education to support the mental health and wellbeing of staff.

    Created in collaboration with WAPPA, WA Council of State School Organisations and other associations and unions, the guidelines define the roles of school staff and expectations of parents, carers and students, so all parties have opportunities to share good news and discuss issues in a respectful way.

    The protocols state that principals and teaching staff are not required to respond to communications outside their normal working hours and are not expected to respond to communication that is offensive, threatening or unacceptable in any way. 

    There is also an expectation that communication and all interactions between school staff and parents is mutually respectful.

    The Communication Protocols will be released to schools and parents this term.

    As stated by Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery:

    “Every student, staff member and parent has the right to feel safe and be safe at school.

    “These new protocols reflect the complex and at times challenging world in which we live and will help ensure all school staff are supported in carrying out their duties.

    “It is unacceptable aggressive or intimidating emails are being sent to principals or teachers.

    “School staff can now feel confident in the expectations and responsibilities when responding to parent communications.”