NSW will lure Queensland teachers with higher pay

The NSW government will run a trial scheme to lure the best  science and maths teachers from interstate and overseas with the major focus on the regional NSW.

Although the campaign formally targets “overseas and interstate STEM teachers” to boost teacher numbers in NSW public schools, the accreditation and assessment process is fairly complex for overseas teachers and pretty simple for interstate teachers.

North and mid-north NSW are priority areas with high teacher shortages and the fastest-growing population in the state and within close proximity of Queensland.  NSW already has higher annual pay for teachers than Queensland ($10,000 per annum higher on average) and the new incentive will further ramp it up with extra pay, relocation and support payments offered to experienced and qualified teachers.

This initiative is in addition to the NSW Government’s recently announced new employment-based pathways into teaching, and will further increase our supply of high-performing  teachers.

“Our state boasts the biggest education system in the southern hemisphere, and we should be using that position to attract the best teachers from around the country and the world to help our students get ahead,” Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said.