NSW Young Lawyers deeply concerned by sexual harassment in profession

NSW Law Society

NSW Young Lawyers deeply concerned by

sexual harassment in the profession

NSW Young Lawyers is deeply concerned about sexual harassment reported recently in the legal profession, in particular sexual harassment reported in the High Court of Australia.

“Sexual harassment is a form of gender inequality because it disproportionately affects women and prevents them from fully participating in the workforce,” President of NSW Young Lawyers, David Edney said.

“Every lawyer deserves to work in a safe workplace in the legal profession, free from sexual harassment.

“This must include young lawyers working for senior judicial officers.

“We are aware that young lawyers are worried about reporting incidences of sexual harassment, and we commend the bravery of the Judicial Associates and other women who have made reports.”

Last year the International Bar Association released the results of its global survey on bullying and sexual harassment in the legal profession. The survey results showed that sexual harassment is rife in the legal profession, with 1 in 3 female respondents and 1 in 14 male respondents reporting being sexually harassed at work, the vast majority of which went unreported, largely due to fear of repercussions and perceptions that such conduct was normal.

“We call for action to promote cultural change in legal workplaces, including introducing bystander training to reduce the incidence of sexual harassment in the workplace,” Mr Edney said,

“We call for clear and transparent complaints processes to respond to allegations, and making sexual harassment and workplace bullying laws stronger to empower victims.

“Those who abuse their status to sexually harass others have no place in our profession and should be removed from it.”

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