Price change at bulk water refill stations

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Bulk Water Refill Station

An increase to the cost of water available through bulk water refill stations is among a range of fee changes which will come into effect on July 1, 2019.

The increase was supported by Tamworth Regional Councillors at Tuesday night’s meeting in adopting council’s 2019-20 Annual Operational Plan.

The cost for accessing small volumes of water from the bulk stations will rise from $2.50 a kilolitre (1000 litres) to $10 a kilolitre from 1 July 2019 for total volumes less than 7 kilolitres in one transaction.

The price for commercial quantities of water accessed by water carters (volumes greater than or equal to 7 kilolitres in one transaction) will increase from $2.50 a kilolitre to $2.57.

Local primary producers can apply for a swipe card to access up to three kilolitres of free water a week from the stations not in areas where Level 4 Water Restrictions in effect.

Any owner of a property located within the Tamworth Regional Council area who can provide a current NSW Local Land Services Rates Notice for that property is eligible to apply for a card. A refundable $50 is payable before the card is issued. To access the application form, go to:

Access to free water from a bulk water refill station in a particular centre will stop when Level 4 Water Restrictions are put in place at that location.

Stations located in areas under level 4 restrictions like those in Tamworth, Kootingal and Nundle are only accessible to commercial water carters. Approved farmers cannot access free water and the purchasing of water at these stations, other than by water carters, is not permitted.

Council has agreed it will end access to free water at all stations when more than half of the local government area is no longer drought declared.