Singapore Technology Company JEDTrade launches Jupiter Chain

JEDTrade, a Singapore blockchain startup, has launched Jupiter Chain, a smart, consentable data exchange platform that enables the use of data analytics without compromising on privacy. Jupiter Chain demonstrates how blockchain technology can be put to good use in the healthcare services ecosystem, where data privacy and security is of heightened importance

Blockchain technology in the local healthcare ecosystem

Jupiter Chain allows users to keep their personal data private by encrypting their data and requiring consent before other parties can access the necessary information to conduct big data analytics projects. The team envisions a future where users can get customised healthcare plans from their aggregated medical data, while the data remains secure and private to them. Assessors only gain permission to analyse the relevant data when individuals give consent, and are unable to access the raw data.

Healthcare business owners will also no longer have to be custodians to user data, avoiding hiccups in securing sensitive data. At its full potential in the healthcare ecosystem, this eliminates the risks of data sharing and increases the benefits to consumers and researchers.

“With Jupiter Chain, JEDTrade hopes to fundamentally change the way we handle data. From day-to-day interactions to large-scale processes, enterprise blockchain technology will change the way we live, with new industries hungry for solutions. We are ready, and look forward to delivering them,” said Dr. Ernie Teo, CTO of JEDTrade.

Just last month, JEDTrade also announced Jupiter Chain’s partnership with Genecare, a leading genetics testing company based in ASEAN that allows clients to better understand their health risks based on whole genome sequencing. Service providers can only access assessment results and will not see specific genetic data, ensuring the privacy of users while allowing them access to tailored healthcare and services.

“Data privacy is an ever-growing priority for governments and businesses across the world. Security is the DNA of our blockchain design, allowing it to be usefully applied across all industries, including those outside of health tech. We would also like to thank Enterprise Singapore for supporting our innovation efforts of developing Jupiter Chain,”

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