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Perfected Cultivated Meat Could Help Fight Food Shortages in Climate Crisis
Seaweed: World’s Savior?
Focus on Reducing Ag Emissions Intensifies
Iceland: Sustainable Alternative Protein Exporter to Northern Europe
Converting food waste to protein could help global hunger crisis
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Calls for Sustainable Protein: Tech Not Enough
New funding for Tech Central research
Can Iceland feed Europe?
Japan Sees Growing Demand for Eco-Friendly Meat, Alternatives
Japan Sees Increased Demand for Sustainable Meat, Alternatives
Farms to Fungi to Food: Growing Next Generation of Alternative Protein
New perspectives on protein transition: role for public sector
Budding ideas for food and agriculture
Israeli plant-based food company expands to Queensland
GIANT LEAPS to accelerate transition to alternative dietary proteins
Protein transition in practice: 4 routes for public sector
Human microbes feed on plant sugars
International “collaboration gap” threatens to undermine climate progress and delay net zero by decades
Rival Foods takes next step in developing plant-based foods
‘synthetic milk’ made without cows may be coming to supermarket shelves near you
Centre of Excellence harnesses proteins in Australia’s flora and fauna for multiple benefits
Ashurst advises Agronomics on Series investment in All G Foods
Fancy side of 3D printed carrots and crickets with your meal?
Plant-based ‘beef’ reduces CO2 but threatens ag jobs
CSIRO report identifies 7 ‘global megatrends’ shaping 21st century
Seven megatrends that will shape next 20 years
Insight – A$13bn investment opportunity in Australian protein
Canada invests over $1.4 million in plant-based food production in British Columbia
Cultured meat – threat or an opportunity for UK farmers?
Protein supplement helps control Type 2 diabetes
Edible insects and plant-based proteins to be subject of classroom debates
Croc meat may be unsafe for fish allergy sufferers
Most projects from Chalmers on IVA’s 100 list 2022
How food choices can help planet
Horsham Leading Plant-Based Protein Innovation
F&A Next: start-ups and international companies meet on way to more sustainable food systems
Backing Our Farmers And Regional Communities
How protein industry is innovating to meet demand
Emerging tech in food, transport and energy sector can help counter effects of climate change
Canada announces funding to grow domestic market for chicken and turkey
Environmentally conscious consumers more likely to buy chicken raised on insects or algae
Startups focused on health, sustainability among winners at Entrepreneurship Week pitch competition
Fake-meat labelling changes huge win for everyone
Cost increases to challenge global beef demand – Rabobank report
Wild salmon are getting smaller and it might be linked to aquaculture
National Farmers Federation welcomes fake meat labelling changes
Environmental footprint calculators have one big flaw we need to talk about