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Robot Captures Targeted Damage in Physiological Environment
Super Seaweed Harvests Health Compounds from Sea for Medicine
Scientists Uncover Role of Mitochondria in Cancer Cells
Immune Cells Turned to Cancer-Battling Bacteria Exposure
Normalizing Blood Vessels May Boost Immunotherapy for Brain Cancer
International Team Studies Selenium’s Potential in Ovarian Cancer Fight
Columbia Scientists Receive Hirschl Research Awards
New drugs may block COVID-19 variants
New drugs could thwart COVID-19 variants
Stable Microtubules Form Like Flexible Lego Tracks in Cells
Brain tumour discovery paves way for new drug treatments
Researchers Develop Molecule to Stimulate NK Cells Against Neuroblastoma
New funding for head and neck cancer study
Using light to switch drugs on and off
Omomyc Mini-Protein Maintains Integrity in Tumor for 72 Hours
Scientists identify protein that’s crucial to tumor cells’ metabolism and immune evasion
Researchers identify promising next-generation cancer treatment
Physics Shapes Drug Resistance Evolution
New brain cancer treatment is ‘marriage of two technologies’
Pharmacy Researchers Develop Treatment for Glioblastoma
New insights into centromere structure
Surprise Discovery in Breast Cancer Treatment
Drug Combo May Help Treat Aggressive Leukemia: Study
PH-activated nanocytokines based on IL-12 safely overcome cancer resistance to immunotherapy
Princeton Researchers: Slower Tumor Metabolism than Expected
New Centromere Structure Unveiled
New Cancer Vaccine Leveraged by Allogeneic Dendritic Cells
Research: Cancers Metabolically Sluggish and Thrifty
Boosting anti-cancer antibodies by reducing their grip
PNU Researchers Find Gene That Controls Leukemia Development
AI Helps Find Super-Strong Antibodies
1/3 of Drug-Resistant Ovarian Cancer Patients Find Remission with Conjugate Therapy
KAIST Unveils Tech to Curb Lung Cancer Metastasis
Better Afternoon Chemo for Female Lymphoma Patients
Secret Recipe Offers Bee-Friendly Crop Protection
Chemo Afternoon Boosts Outcomes for Female Lymphoma Patients
DNA sequencing method lifts ‘veil’ from genome black box
Genome-Unlocking DNA Sequencing Method Revealed
Importance of Selectively Targeting Mode of Action of IL-15
Anti-Cancer Chemistry Found in Skullcap for Modern Medicine
Yeast Produces Precursors of Anti-Cancer Drug Vinblastine
Lung Cancer: Scientists Uncover Evasion of Immune System
Natural product discoveries power drug discovery research
Scientists Create Vaccine to Fight Brain Cancer
New Technique Could Treat Relapsing Breast Cancer Patients
Researchers reveal big Ideas in latest funding win
Scientists reveal why sprouts taste better as you get older
Novel LSD1 Inhibitor and Existing Therapy Enhance Anti-Cancer Effects