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Researchers identify new relevant target for PARP inhibitor talazoparib
New organ-on-a-chip reveals crucial interaction between blood, ovarian cancer tumors
Rensselaer-Designed Platform Could Enable Personalized Immunotherapy
Chromosomes separation under focus
New Sinai Health research reveals common denominator linking all cancers
Ludwig Cancer Research study reveals even transient chromosomal mistakes can initiate cancer
Scientists help solve insulin puzzle
Scientists identify key molecular pathways controlling anti-tumoral functions of immune cells
Relief in sight for global horse industry battling gastric disease
Personalized Tumor Vaccines May Solve Tumor Recurrence and Metastasis Challenges
Harnessing AI to discover new drugs inspired by nature
New generation anti-cancer drug shows promise for children with brain tumours
Innovation massively expands view into workings of single cells
Developing cancer therapies with stem cells
Closer to cure: New imaging method tracks cancer treatment efficacy in preclinical studies
Anti-androgen therapy may fuel spread of bone tumours in advanced prostate cancer
Reactive oxygen species: Key components in cancer therapies
WEHI and Boehringer Ingelheim partner to develop innovative cancer drugs
Precision medicine becomes more accessible for Australians w
Designing a novel device to reduce chemotherapy side effects
‘Suffocating’ cancer: A new headway in melanoma immunotherapy
Trapping DNA damage
‘Tiny first responders’ use powers for good against skin cancer
Molecular underpinnings of immune cell migration
Chad Mirkin to receive Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal
Imfinzi demonstrated unprecedented survival in unresectable, Stage III lung cancer with 43% of patients surviving five years
Women’s stronger immune response could protect from some skin cancers
Cancer cell chemical activates anti-tumor drug to avoid side effects of conventional therapy
Hollings research sheds light on connection between aging, cancer and mitochondrial function in T-cells
Intratumoral SIRPalpha-deficient macrophages activate tumor-specific cytotoxic T cells
Hollings scientist receives Melanoma Research Alliance grant
Researchers use “automated” microscopy to identify predictor of chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer patients
New vaccine offers hope for dogs with cancer
Ludwig Cancer research study finds way to revive potent immune cells for cancer therapy
Cancer Treatments May Accelerate Cellular Aging
Combining immunotherapies against cancer
New Technology Makes Tumor Eliminate Itself
Cancer immunotherapies for all patients
Fundamental mechanism discovered that fine-tunes gene expression & is disrupted in cancer
Researcher describes four new species of sponge that lay undiscovered in plain sight
New cellular atlas maps out healthy and cancerous breast tissue
Oregon State researchers discover new class of cancer fighting compounds
Novel Structure Found in Tumor Cells May Open Door to New Kinds of Cancer Therapies
A patch for activation of anticancer drug inside tumor
Monash study may help boost peptide design
Drug-resistant cancer protein becomes druggable, thanks to shrub
Researcher uses nanomedicine to improve effectiveness and safety of chemotherapy
Drug derived from Kentucky-grown plant shows promise for ovarian cancer treatment