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Oncotarget | Anti-cancer drug profiling with CancerOmicsNet
How Oncode-PACT is bringing new cancer medicines closer with 325 million in Growth Fund money
Immune cell characteristics mapped across multiple tissues
‘Nanobodies’ from Llamas Could Yield Cell-Specific Medications for Humans
Researchers identify pathway that regulates lipid synthesis and contributes to tumor survival
Fluorescent probe can track cancer drug progress
Phospholipid found to play key role in epithelial cell adhesion
Filling gaps in immune system cancer research
Taking systems approach to beating cancer
Research reviews anti-cancer activity of sustained release capsaicin formulations
Palmitoylation, new target for anti-cancer drugs
Cells’ “exosomes” may improve delivery of anticancer drugs to tumors
Particles released by red blood cells are effective carriers for anti-cancer immunotherapy
UH researcher identifies peptide active against certain cancers
How to find anti-cancer agents
Scientists look to licorice for promising cancer treatments
International partnership may hold key to new cancer therapies
New strategy to preserve insulin-producing cells in diabetes
Anti-cancer dream cream shrinks oral tumors
Fighting cancer with sound-controlled bacteria
Study reveals structure of anti-tumor therapy’s target
Chemical Found in Leafy Greens Shown to Slow Growth of Covid and Common Cold Viruses
HKU develops light-controlled nanomedicine for precise drug delivery to treat colorectal cancer
Getting fuel to an invading cell’s front line
Conjugate Therapy Produces Remissions in One-Third of Patients with Drug-Resistant Ovarian Cancer, Study Results Show
Hollings researcher challenges current CAR-T-cell design to improve immunotherapy options
Programming Immune System to Supercharge Cancer Cell Therapies
Novel CRISPR Imaging Technology Reveals Genes Controlling Tumor Immunity
Bull ant evolves new way to target pain
Spin out success allows for reinvestment in research
Genome Refolding Contributes to Cancer Therapy Resistance, Penn Study Finds
Substance analogous to cannabidiol can enhance chemotherapy by preventing neuropathic pain
Three-drug combination prolongs survival in men with metastatic, hormone-sensitive prostate cancer
Potent and economical anti-cancer therapeutic
Then and now: women making waves in science of seaweed
Metabolism found to regulate production of killer cells
New method of targeting mutant RAS provides hope for cancer patients
HKU biomedical engineering team develops new bioinformatic tool for precise prediction of cells transformation and diseases
Promising Treatment for Deadly Brain Cancer
CHOP/Penn Study Shows CAR-T Cells Remain Active Decade After Infusion
Researchers Look at Evolution of Mammals to Uncover Gene Regulation Connecting Pregnancy and Cancer Metastasis
UTA chemists discover potent anti-cancer agent
Cancer treatment: berry from Brazil helps out
On spot drug delivery with light-controlled organic microswimmers
Broccoli compound induces cell death in yeast, offers research path for cancer treatment
Does coffee help protect against endometrial cancer?
Biophysics Core Facility Purchases New State-of-the-Art Instrument
New learning tool: Click button and dive under skin of chemotherapy patients