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CHOP Cancer Researchers Win 2021 AACR Team Science Award
Cancer drugs could be delivered in molecular cages unlocked by light
Noxopharm applies to patent Veyonda in septic shock treatment
Enhancing treatment options of triple-negative breast cancer
Uprooting cancer: Hydrogel rapidly reverts cancer cells back to cancer stem cells
World-first clinical trial targets immune molecule IL23 as p
Direction of needle penetration in brain affects drug uptake, finds new study
Researchers Find Novel Way to Produce New Kind of Chiral Molecules Bringing New Hope for Drug Development
Baskin lab identifies pathway for treating deadly melanomas
Ludwig Johns Hopkins researchers devise new strategy for cancer immunotherapy
Discovery offers potential for stripping tumors of T cell protection
Targeted Delivery of Highly Toxic Anti-Cancer Drug to Brain Tumors
Scientists able to see how potential cancer treatment reacts in single cell
Ludwig Cancer Research study uncovers metabolic vulnerability
Green Tea Compound Aids Tumor-Suppressing, DNA-Repairing Protein
Green Tea Compound Aids p53, “Guardian of Genome” and Tumor Suppressor
Anti-cancer drug’s mode of operation deciphered
2021 University Scholars Align Research with School of Pharmacy
Novel 3D printed stents deliver breakthrough treatment for oesophageal cancer
Today’s cancer patients need not be tomorrow’s cardiovascular patients
Pharmaceutical research: when active substance and target protein “embrace” each other
Target of new cancer treatment valid for breast as well as blood cancers: study
Gold nanoparticles more stable by putting rings on them
New tool removes chemotherapy drugs from water systems
New technology helps cancer patients manage symptoms
Identification of a protein that causes adipose tissue loss in cancer-associated cachexia
4-1-1 on Moderna Vaccine
Chemists and collaborators develop a new drug discovery strategy for “undruggable” drug targets
Novel principle for cancer treatment shows promising effect
New drug inhibits growth of cancer cells
Cannabis genomics’ therapeutic potential
WSU begins study examining human cancer treatment in dogs
Using targeted microbubbles to administer toxic cancer drugs
Cells optimized to produce antimicrobial agents
Environmental exposures affect therapeutic drugs
Foreign vs own DNA: How an innate immune sensor tells difference
Simulations Open a New Way to Reverse Cell Aging
Survival protein may prevent collateral damage during cancer therapy
Existing antidepressant helps to inhibit growth of cancer cells in lab animals
Researchers develop novel approach for design of drugs to treat breast cancer
Making cancer cells more susceptible to dying
Shedding new light on origin of metastases
Prize-winning innovator focused on immunotherapy
Chemotherapy-soaked scaffolds could reduce breast cancer recurrence
Anti-depressant repurposed to treat childhood cancer
Blocking free fatty acid energy pathway reduces graft-versus-host disease while retaining anti-cancer effects
Dawn-to-sunset fasting could help those suffering from metabolic syndrome
Polymer derived from material in shrimp’s shells could deliver anti-cancer drugs to tumor sites