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CMU Researchers Create Wearable Device to Control Mobile Robots
3 Questions: How automation and good jobs can co-exist
Aviation is Australias most exciting industry
€1.2m for 300 Dismissed Spanish Workers from EC’s Globalisation Fund
Win $100K to Commercialise Agri-Food Tech
Rockhampton School to Equip Future Miners
Register now to attend 2023 National Biosecurity Forum
40% of Mfrs Struggle to Compete: Tech, Skilled Wkrs Lacking
Looking to AI to drive business growth
Neural Network Learns to Identify Chromatid Cohesion Defects
New Algorithm Beats State-of-the-Art in Deep Learning
Researchers: Social Intelligence Next AI Frontier
Canada Boosts Women’s Leadership in Lanaudière Biz
ASA-EM research group gets funding from OeNB
Researchers Create Smart Portable Sensing System for Precast Structures
Scientists suggest homegrown produce boost to economy
Government Overhaul to Save £1.8bn
UK warns OSCE of Russia’s impact on Ukraine labor
Territorians offered new micro-credentials for future
New micro-credentials to bring Territorians into future
Diverseco opens first NT site for upcoming training
IMO marks International Women’s Day
Deeper insights into bacteria
Soft microrobot for gastric biopsy with magnetic actuation
UK Gov’s Efficiency Drive to Save £1bn Annually
AI Helps Job Seekers with Tips to Score New Job
Boeing Appoints Sabrina Soussan to Board
Important find in Cheops pyramid of Gizeh
Research Project Exploring Use Cases for CBDC
UN Deputy Chief in Niger: Partnerships Key to Building Better Schools
Upgrades at Joondalup TAFE to train workers for jobs of future
Fusion Party nominates tech entrepreneur Owen Miller for 2023 Aston by-election
Lab-on-Chip Advancement in Space Life Science: Key Lab Literature Review
New national strategy paves way for safer and healthier work
Perfect Your Prompt Writing for AI Generators
How Digital Twins Could Protect Manufacturers From Cyberattacks
Call for Feedback: NIST IR 8011 Series Adoption
Safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians
AI Could Automate 39% of Chores in Next 10 Years: Experts
AI Experts: 40% of Mundane Chores Automatable in 10 Years
Multi-Target Transport Method Synchronized Discretization
Imperial College and AMFG Win Innovate UK Funding for Autonomous Mfg
Aimee’s Vision for Broking Industry’s Future
Joining hands to advance Dutch microscopy
Researchers Seek to Reinvolve Humans in AI Use and Misuse
Advanced Metal Firm Receives $15m Investment from NAB, ABGF
Radware Launches High-Capacity Attack Mitigation Platforms
Digital Microfluidics Benefits for Bacterial Research Assessed