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Computer chip breakthrough cuts data center energy use
Baylor Researchers Discover College Students’ Circadian Rhythm Preferences are Influenced by Behavior
Online Gaming Social Networks May Improve Mental Health
Ohio University Professor Discovers African Ecosystem Evolution in Science Paper
Anthropologist Collaborates on Ape Evolution Paradigm Shift
Baylor Researcher Pushes Back Prehistoric Timeline in Africa by 10M+ Years
Grassy Habitats in Africa Emerged 10+ Million Years Earlier Than Previously Thought
Sulfate Pollution Impacts Texas Gulf Coast Air: Study
Military Veterans at Risk for HPV Cancer from Low Vaccination
Researchers Create Model to Predict Smartphone Use in Churches
New Model Predicts Smartphone Use in Church: Baylor Researchers
Piazza Center Joins National Study on Hazing, Drinking Prevention
Choice Architecture Boosts Consumers’ App Uptake: Study
Baylor Study: C2 Leadership Institute Focus of ISR Case Study
What degrees do CEOs have?
World’s Top Conductors to Lead Shepherd School Orchestras
NASA Awards Baylor Group Grant to Study Moon’s ‘Weird’ Volcanoes
Baylor Chemistry Researchers Synthesize New Groundbreaking Compound
Baylor Data Scientists Partner on National Science Foundation Grant to Use Sports Analytics to Prepare Next Generation of Data
Expert: Finding Work-Life Balance with Remote Work
Researchers Receive $2.5 Million Grant from John Templeton Foundation to Illuminate Theological Inquiry and Christian Ethics Through
Researchers Lead Interdisciplinary Team Identifying Illicit Activity Online in NSF-Funded Grant
Smartphones Promise Satisfaction and Meaning, Deliver Only More Searching, Study Shows
Baylor Sponsors Research Roundtable of Global Baptist Scholars in Oxford
Scientists map streamflow alterations to gauge human impact on ecosystems
Research team provides novel baseline data on leopard seals, mysterious apex predators of Antarctica
Team of Baylor Researchers and Collaborators Provides Novel Baseline Data on Leopard Seals, Mysterious Apex Predators of Antarctica
UW Part of NSF-Funded Institute That Will Probe Biology in Absence of Water
Baylor Chemist/Materials Scientist Part of MagLab Research to Develop Roadmap to New Quantum Materials
Research combines lithophane, 3D printing to enable individuals to “see” data regardless of level of eyesight
Collapse of Ancient Maya City of Mayapan May Be Linked to Drought in 13th, 14th Centuries
Scientists stress importance of perseverance and flexibility at PPPL’s Young Women’s Conference
Watershed Moment: Key Findings About Potential Drinking Water Contamination
Researchers Contribute to CDF Collaboration at Fermilab on Most Precise Ever Measurement of W Boson Mass that Tests Standard Model
Recalled experiences surrounding death
Researchers discover how molecule becomes anticancer weapon
Study finds new biomarkers that could assist in identifying deep-space flight risks
National Study Examines Link Between Accountability to God, Psychological Well-being
Oncology dietitians rarely ask cancer patients about food insecurity, study finds
Smartphone reminders can improve memory for older adults with dementia
Researchers Receive $2.7 Million Grant from John Templeton Foundation to Study Virtue Formation Across Higher Education Contexts
NSF-funded Study Finds Eolian Dust Systems in Texas and New Mexico to be Current and Future Potent Dust Sources that Impact
Clothes dryers are an underappreciated source of airborne microfibers
Opioid use disorder treatment access increases in areas with large Medicaid population
University of Toronto researcher examines how doing good improves mental health
Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards finalists and conference coaches of year awardees named
Meth use, intimate partner violence weaken immune function in HIV-positive men
Older Adults Can Improve Prospective Memory Functioning Using Smartphone Technology