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Baylor study evaluates biodiversity impacts of alternative energy strategies
Study Evaluates Biodiversity Impacts of Alternative Energy Strategies
ACS Quality Verification Program will improve quality and safety for all surgical patients
‘Pack Ice’ Tectonics Reveal Venus’ Geological Secrets
Crustal Block Tectonics Offer Clues to Venus’ Geology, Study Finds
Increased Organizational Support for Employees’ Adoption Efforts Yields Positive Benefits
Jay Brown, Dr. Antonio Falcon appointed to Board of Trustees
Music listening near bedtime disruptive to sleep, Baylor study finds
Music Listening Near Bedtime Disruptful to Sleep, Baylor Study Finds
Religiosity and Conspiratorial Beliefs Linked in Baylor Religion Survey Findings
Researchers Introduce 6P Color Imaging System that Could Revolutionize TV, Cinema Storytelling
Baylor study uses candy-like models to make STEM accessible to visually impaired students
Advancing diversity and inclusion in business requires a common language, knowledge
Study Offers Earliest Evidence of Humans Changing Ecosystems with Fire
Tool to predict recidivism in federal inmates could make more prisoners eligible for early release
Researcher Receives $488,000 Grant to Study, Raise Awareness of Ways American Culture Shapes Racial Attitudes and Myths
Workplace Communication Study During Pandemic Finds Managers Should Talk Less, Listen More
Ecological Society of America Honors Baylor Environmental Science Researcher with Sustainability Science Award
ORNL-led team recognized for impactful sustainability research
Researchers Earn Autism Grant Awards from Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Study: What Motivates People to Mask Up, Social Distance, Vaccinate?
United States Ranks Lowest in Overall Policies Aimed at Helping Parents Support Children, Study of 20 Developed Nations Finds
Lilly Endowment $1 Million Grant to Fund Research Team to Establish ‘Churches that THRIVE for Racial Justice’ Program
Researcher Earns $493,000 Grant to Improve Behavior Outcomes for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Researchers show how disgust evolved as an emotion
A healthy sense of disgust can prevent sickness
Baylor University and Africa New Life Ministries Announce Partnership
Study: Management Without Morals Can Lead to Employees’ Unethical Behavior
Changing Diets – Not Lower Physical Activity or Infectious Disease Burden – May Best Explain Global Childhood Obesity Crisis
Prehistoric ‘Sea Dragon’ Discovered on English Channel Coast Is Identified as a New Species
Huddles – Not Electronic Communication – May Be Best Way for Hospital Workers to Cope with Information Glut During
Cynical Hostility Presents Potential Pathway to Cardiovascular Disease, Baylor University Study Finds
Racially Diverse Congregations in U.S. Have Nearly Tripled in Past 20 Years, Baylor University Study Finds
Baylor University and Compassion International Announce Partnership
Baylor Program on Prosocial Behavior Spotlights an Innovative Government/Faith-Based Partnership through ‘Open
Smartphone Surveys Find a Connection Between Daily Spiritual Experiences and Well-being
New Way of Analyzing Soil Organic Matter Will Help Predict Climate Change, Baylor University Researcher Says
Detectives with Digital Skills Vie with Tech-Savvy Criminals in Crime Fiction War of Good vs. Evil
‘Measuring measurable:’ Baylor Researchers Earn Grant to Test Spiritual Impact of Art
Digging into soil organic matter
People Who Experienced Parental Divorce as Children Have Lower ‘Love Hormone’ Levels than Those Who Did Not
People with Lower Biological Response to Standard Stress Task Show More PTSD Symptoms After COVID-19 Crisis Began
People Who Feel Their Lives Are Threatened Are More Likely to Experience Miracles
A New Chemical Analysis Upends Conventional Explanation for Global Cooling
Texas Cave Sediment Upends Meteorite Explanation for Global Cooling
‘Selfish and Loveless’ Society in Uganda Really Is Not
Baylor University Recruits Rising Cancer Researcher, Baylor Alum with $2 Million Grant from CPRIT
‘Patient Patients’ in Psychiatric Care for Depression Disorders Show Decreased Symptoms