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Xylazine Wounds Surge in Philly: Nurse Discusses Causes, Care
Common Skin Bacterium Linked to Post-Surgery Infections
11 Veni Grants For WUR
Archaeome: Emerging Player In Health And Disease
Physicists Unveil Key to Biofilm Growth Control
Bacteria Form Glasslike State
ERC Proof Of Concept Awarded Again To KI's Georgios Sotiriou
Marshall Star For July 10, 2024
Phage Enzyme Tackles E. Faecalis to Ease Graft Disease
NASA Marshall Researchers Battle Biofilm In Space
Giant With Ceramic Heart
Bacteria's Shared Regulatory Mechanism May Boost Health
Scientists Foil Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria's Tactics
NSF Grants $35M to Boost Research Networks' Capacity, Edge
Suzukake Science Day 2024 Draws 3,000+ Attendees
Roman Baths May Aid in Antibiotic Resistance Battle
Bioelectronic Device Manages Psoriasis in Mice
Surprising Nutrient Source Spurs Lake Erie's Toxic Algae
Affordable Microplastic Tracking via Porous Materials and AI
Matcha Mouthwash Fights Periodontitis-Causing Bacteria
Matcha Mouthwash Stunts Periodontitis-Causing Bacteria
Scientists Target Gut Bacteria to Halt Alzheimer's Progression
Western Prof Among Top Canadian Women In Science
Scientist Develops Therapy to Eliminate Hypervirulent Bacteria
Calcium Can Protect Potato Plants From Bacterial Wilt
Calcium Shields Potato Plants Against Bacterial Wilt
Cranberry Extracts May Enhance Microbiota, Fight Heart Disease
New Study: Artificial Sweetener May Damage Gut Microbes
Artificial Sweetener Has Potential To Damage Gut
Artificial Sweetener May Harm Gut Health
Unseen Casualties of Record Heat on Great Barrier Reef
Gym Hygiene Alert: Beware of Bacteria on Dirty Fitness Gear
Research Confirms Efficacy of Next Science in Knee Infection Reduction
New Strategy to Fight Resting Bacteria Uncovered in Scripps Study
Scientists Use Biomineralisation to Fight Marine Concrete Corrosion
UMass Amherst Team Develops Marine Biofilm-Resistant Glass
4,000-Year-Old Teeth Reveal Diet Impact on Human Genetics
Bronze Age Teeth Reveal Evolution of Human Diet
Nanoparticles Boost Antibiotics' Power Against Cystic Fibrosis
Oxfords Dr. Keller Wins LOréal-UNESCO Science Talent Fellowship
Calgary University Discovers Lung-Brain Communication Path
TikTok Advocates Tongue Scrapers for Bad Breath Cure
Tropical Blighia Sapida Fruit Boasts Antimicrobial Properties
Trojan Horse May Treat Stubborn Bacterial Infections
Trojan Horse Discovery May Treat Tough Bacterial Infections
PolyU Unveils Biomineralisation to Fight Marine Concrete Corrosion
Scientists Create New Antibiotic Class to Combat Drug Resistance
Liverpool U Battles WHO's Priority Pathogen with Phages