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EPFL startup develops system for producing blood platelets on demand
Extra Chromosomes Linked to Blood Clot Risk
Split-second of evolutionary cellular change could have led to mammals
More Patients May Benefit from Surgery for Pulmonary Embolism
Genetic Predictors of Heart Arrhythmia, Comorbidity Revealed
Aspirin Prevents Deadly Complications in Fracture Patients
COVID-19 in Pregnancy Raises Serious Health Risk
Uric acid linked to later risk for irregular heart rhythm
Improved Blood Clot Treatment with Controlled Delivery of Thinner
Effects of Long-Haul Flights on Body
UC Study Compares Anticoagulants: Findings Valuable
Research provides valuable comparison of anticoagulant drugs
Researchers Create 3D Tool to Visualize Atherosclerosis Plaques
Lab Results Do Not Always Fully Represent Antiphospholipid Syndrome Patients
Comparing Treatments for Blood Clots in Cancer Patients
AI Transforms Stroke Care in NHS
Lab Results Alone Don’t Give Full Picture of Antiphospholipid Syndrome
Covid treatments have long-term benefits for patients
Rapid Bleeding Control for Traumatic Wounds in Minutes
Travellers No Longer Need TGA Approval for Animal/Human Origin Medicines
New Mechanism to Enhance RNA Therapies Found by Researchers
Tania’s close call on Christmas Day
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Research boost for heart muscle disease
Y chromosome loss linked to men’s increased risk of severe Covid
Men’s Risk of Severe COVID-19 Tied to Y Chromosome Loss
Hope for Sepsis as Researchers Explore Clotting
Study reveals recommended anti-clotting therapy for COVID patients
Targeted photothermal treatment for blood clots shows promise
New clinic transforms lives for patients with liver ailments
Runners gain no advantage from compression stockings
Seaweed molecules used to improve outcomes for bypass surgery
Seaweed molecules are used to improve outcomes for bypass surgery
Research recommendations to prevent limb amputation
Pharmacy-led vaccination programs helped thousands of patients overcome hesitation about Covid jabs
Her heart stopped more than 25 times. ECMO saved her life
Blood thinning drug to treat recovery from severe Covid is not effective, trial finds
Blood thinning drug to treat recovery from severe Covid is not effective
Extending anti-clotting treatment after distal DVT reduces further clot risk
Extending anti-coagulation therapy after distal DVT further reduces clot risk
Choosing a caesarean birth to ‘protect’ your pelvic floor?
Blood protein can reduce brain damage after stroke
Research reveals genes linked to most aggressive kidney cancer
Injectable biomaterial with enhanced mechanical and coagulative capabilities for treating aneurysms
Trial shows benefits of two forms of ankle surgery for osteoarthritis
Trial reveals benefits of two forms of ankle surgery for osteoarthritis
Research reveals opioids double risk of venous thromboembolism in rheumatoid arthritis patients