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Mantle cell lymphoma treatment varies according to setting
Exercise to feel less tired? Sounds silly – but it’s kinda smart
Updates on gene therapy for ‘bubble boy’ disease and cellular immunotherapy at ASGCT
How one inflammatory disorder exacerbates another
Data published in Lancet journal on COH04S1, City of Hope-developed Covid vaccine
Funding for immunocompromised Covid booster trial
Hollings to study ways to help pediatric bone marrow transplant patients achieve better outcomes
UC Davis becomes first in region to grow cancer-fighting CAR T cells
CAR T cells target AML, spare bone marrow
Hollings receives NCI grant to fund research to personalize GVHD treatment after bone marrow transplantation
Partial bone marrow transplant ‘rescues’ mice with cystic fibrosis
Survival rate of adult patients with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia after hematopoietic cell transplantation has steadily
Experimental Gene Therapy Reverses Sickle Cell Disease for Years
MD Anderson research highlights 9 December
New immunotherapy for leukemia discovered
St. Jude at ASH: Annual hematology meeting highlights recent research
Exhaustion affects CAR T-cell clinical response
Target prevents T-cell exhaustion, boosts CAR T-cell responses
New technique may lead to safer stem cell transplants
Research finds clues to predict mortality in rare VEXAS syndrome
Study offers hope for deadly side effect of bone marrow transplants
Genetic rescue, ‘natural gene therapy,’ suggests possible new approach to pediatric MDS
Covid: significance of hope for shaping and motivating positive actions
STING controversy: STING activation reduces graft-versus-host disease in a mouse model
HKUMed introduces Hong Kong’s first CAR-T cell therapy for blood cancer patients
Cancer researchers explore how to protect gut integrity to improve outcomes in blood cancers
Novel CAR-T cell receptor shows early promise for treatment of solid tumors
Cancer Patient Sees Total Remission with Cell Therapy Created by CU Anschutz Scientists
Cure found for rare form of inflammatory bowel disease
Deep-sea anglerfishes have evolved a new type of immune system
Immune functions traded in for reproductive success
Umbilical Cord Blood Treats Rare Genetic Diseases
Loss of intestinal goblet cells causes fatal disease after stem cell transplantation
Brain disease treatment shows promising signs
Broad Foundation brings together stem cell scientists, engineers and physicians at University of Southern
Broad Foundation brings together stem cell scientists, engineers and physicians at University of Southern
A step toward a more efficient way to make gene therapies to attack cancer, genetic disorders
New associate directors at Hollings Cancer Center to advance cancer immunology
Q&A with stem cell expert Jan Nolta
Safer bone marrow transplants for blood cancer patients a step closer