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Memory Killer Cells Boost Survival in Melanoma Patients
Memory Killer Cells Boost Melanoma Patient Survival
Patti wins American Chemical Society Midwest Award
OHSU Biofabrication Hub Develops Organs and Bone for Cancer Research
Cancer cells rev up synthesis, compared with neighbors
Antioxidant Enzymes Repair DNA Damage
Gene-Engineered Cell Therapy Targets Brain Melanomas
Gene-Engineered Cell Therapy Targets Brain Metastatic Melanomas
Improving Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors’ Anti-tumor Response and Minimizing Side Effects
Masterswitch cancer-killing discovery sees major development
Eliminating SRC-3 Gene in Immune Cells Triggers Long-Lasting Anti-Cancer Response
Researchers Uncover More About Zinc Homeostasis in Cells
CRISPR Studies Unveil Potential Therapeutic Targets for Multiple Myeloma
Does UPR-Induced Ovarian Cancer Cell Fusion Promote Drug Resistance?
Protein-Based Nano-Computer Advances Cell Control
Research by Ludwig Chicago Finds Potential Combo Therapy for Radio- and Immunotherapy
Hydrogen Sulfide Used in Cancer Treatment
$40k cost saving: New prostate cancer drug listed on PBS
Metabolic Process in Cancer Cells May Offer Glioblastoma Treatment
Metabolic Process in Cancer Cells May Treat Glioblastoma
Cancers in distant organs alter liver function
CNIO Study Shows Targeting Telomeres Effective Against Lung Cancer
Curcumin Triggers Tumor-Suppressive Pathway in Colon Cancer
Therapeutic Nanovesicles Get New Production Process
Karen living proof that screening saves lives: Why you should ‘Get2it’, too
Major progress in curing brain tumours
Groundbreaking Advancements in Treating Brain Tumors
CUREator funds Hudson Institute biotech innovation
Transporter Structure Captured, Opening Door for Drug Development
New study shows GPR141 controls breast cancer via oncogenic mediators and p-mTOR/p53 axis
Cellular Respiration Targeted as Glioblastoma Therapy
Over Half of English NSCLC Patients in Low Socio-Economic Areas Not Receiving New Anti-Cancer Therapies
Top Canadian Young Scientists Meet at National Science Fair
Promising Results in Treatment for Recurrent Glioblastoma
Australian Nanomedicine Research Milestone in Childhood Cancer Treatment
Computational Tool IDs New Cancer Immunotherapy Targets
Air Pollution Particles Activate Cellular Defense Mechanisms
Targetable Vulnerabilities Found in Endocrine Therapy-Resistant Breast Cancer
Susan Catton Seizes Opportunity to Help Others with Ovarian Cancer
Young Cancer Survivors at Higher Risk of Early Heart Failure
Musashi 1 Shows Implications for Breast Cancer Survival in Bone Marrow
You’ve got some nerve
Clinical Trial to Test Consolidated Therapy for CAR-T-Cell Relapse Prevention
Engineered Virus and Immunotherapy Combo Safe, Improves Glioblastoma Outcomes
Engineered virus and immunotherapy combo safe and effective for glioblastoma patients
Animal Kingdom’s Tiny Proteins Key in Cancer Spread
Smarter, Kinder Treatment for Anal Cancer
New Tool Promises to Advance Cancer Research by Studying Cell Movement