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Cervical Cancer Screening Tests Often Overused, Study Finds
University of Southern California Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center to establish Cancer Wellness HUBs with Lazarex Cancer
Women of color, rural women most impacted by missed breast cancer screening during pandemic
MSAC approval takes Australian women one step closer to doing their own cervical screening tests
Deep Learning Enables Dual Screening for Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease
‘Devastated and sad’ after 36 years of research – early detection of ovarian cancer doesn’t save lives
Colonoscopies should start at age 45, new guidelines say
GI Societies support starting CRC screening in mid-to-late 40s
“45 is new 50” as age for colorectal cancer screening is lowered
Uninsured cancer patients 60-64 face worse outcomes than Medicare beneficiaries aged 66-69
Few women in sub-Saharan Africa undergo cervical cancer screenings
Hollings researcher identifies that lack of insurance is worse than age in affecting poor cancer outcomes
Austin Screening Initiative Strikes a Cost-Effective Balance in Colorectal Cancer Prevention Among Underserved Populations
Long term trial finds early detection of ovarian cancer does not save lives
Early detection of ovarian cancer possible but prognosis remains unchanged
Deadliest cancer receives Budget boost for specialist nurses
Plenty of good news for Aboriginal health, but plenty of questions remain
Budget’s modest response to aged care and mental health inquiries
Victorians Warned Of Breast Implant Cancer Risk
$354 million to support health and wellbeing of Australia’s women
Budget delivers improved cervical and breast cancer screening
Debunking Skin Cancer Myths
Top 3 COVID-19 vaccine questions – different vaccines, checking-in and reactions to vaccines
New technology could help find warning signs of breast cancer
QUT researcher investigates pandemic and inspires women in STEM
TV journalist undergoes cancer surgery
Dana-Farber and Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center to connect patients to cancer services
Prevention key to tackle health crisis
Better Access To Breast Cancer Screening In Shepparton
Nearly $500M a year in Medicare costs goes to 7 services with no net health benefits
Nearly $500 million a year in Medicare costs goes to 7 services with no net health benefits
Here are 9 ways we can make it easier for Australians to get COVID-19 vaccine
90 percent of countries’ health services continue to be disrupted by COVID-19 pandemic: WHO
COVID-19 continues to disrupt essential health services in 90% of countries
COVID vaccine may lead to a harmless lump in your armpit, so women advised to delay mammograms for 6 weeks
Dana-Farber joins Multi-Cancer Early Detection Consortium to chart path forward for use of new technologies to improve early cancer
WOSU: Breast cancer screening and transgender patients
Mayo study finds colon cancer driven by hereditary gene mutations in 1 in 6 patients
Women seeking help for unmet needs often overdue for cervical cancer screenings
Cancer DNA blood tests validated by international research team
Cancer DNA blood tests validated by international research t
Most U.S. adults who vape want to quit, study finds
Columbia Nursing to Offer First Certificate of Professional Achievement in Transgender Health Care
Genes associated with increased risk of cervical cancer identified
Early breast cancer care largely safe and effective in pandemic
Drop-in centre provides a lifeline for sex workers in Ethiopia
Lynch Syndrome: Know your risk for susceptibility to cancer
American College of Surgeons urges patients to schedule cancer screening sooner rather than later