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Latin America and Caribbean are “pillar for world food security”
Tropical Forest Soils Capture CO2 Under Elevated Nitrogen Deposition
HKU geographer leads world’s first study to evaluate greenhouse gas emissions from Chinese inland waters over past
Microbes in trees eat methane for breakfast
National Farmers Federation welcomes appointment of new Climate Change Authority Chair
Carbon neutral from paddock to plate
Incredible Bacterial ‘Homing Missiles’ That Scientists Want to Harness
UNE researchers examine kelp farming’s benefits to ecosystem
Study reveals uncertainty in how much carbon ocean absorbs over time
Risks to Australia of a 3°C warmer world
Russia’s Far East in Race to Net Zero Emissions
Economic development and climate-friendly palm oil production in Indonesia can go hand in hand
Genetics and vegetation part of carbon neutral recipe 25 March
Fashions sustainability focus new normal
Grazing livestock could reduce greenhouse gases in atmosphere, study shows
Apple’s $4.7 billion Green Bond spend to create 1.2 GW clean power
Innovative agricultural technologies could help meet food security and climate change emergencies
W.E. Cornell program takes on inequity in entrepreneurship
Are we on track for a green recovery? Not Yet
New study improves marine climate change evidence base
Storegga attracts investment from GIC, Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and Macquarie
Grant aimed at developing corn cultivars that grow deeper, stronger roots
Digging deeper on carbon benefits
Bolstering Australias sustainable viticultural practices
New £10 million fund to drive private sector investment in nature
AgForce wants agriculture to lead on climate change
With carbon gains comes resilience
Wellbeing benefits of wetlands
Forage, Sheep Researchers Earn Honors from UW’s Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station
Getting message right on nature-based solutions to climate change
Restoring coastal wetlands to fight climate change
Invisible earth: new framework focus on social wellbeing benefits of soil biodiversity
Clear as Mud: How Tiny Plants Changed Planet, 488 Million Years Ago
Genetics and vegetation part of carbon neutral recipe
How to set ambitious goals for sustainable agriculture
Changes in ecosystem properties after postfire management strategies in wildfire affected Mediterranean forests
How seed of an idea turned into a research harvest
Could ocean hold key to reducing carbon dioxide in atmosphere?
A living carbon pump in ocean could help fight climate change
WUR launches first large-scale research facility for agroforestry in Netherlands in Lelystad
Urgent need to preserve wetlands to prevent greenhouse gas emissions
Rare footage captured of jaguar killing ocelot at waterhole
Scientists kick off £6m project to investigate role food systems play in health of children and environment
New imaging method views soil carbon at near-atomic scales
A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy
Deep tillage of soil can be a promising tool in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions
Global trends in nature’s contributions to people
World Soil Day highlights role of soil biodiversity in boosting food production and nutrition