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Sharp Rise in Sudden Cardiac Arrest Risk in Ventura County
Access to AEDs Act would support lifesaving response to sudden cardiac arrest
Women at higher risk of long-term anxiety after cardiac arrest
Machine Learning Aids Emergency Call Triage
Mutation Linked to Arrhythmia: Protein Breakdown Mechanism of Heart Disease
Paramedics Aim to Reduce Bed Blockage with Return to Road Commitment
Gene Therapy Advances to Treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes
Urgent Care Saves Man from Cardiac Arrest
Bystander CPR Crucial for Child SCA Cases
Brazil Scientists Capture Lightning Rods in Action
What Happens When You Become Afraid of Health Care
Life-saving boost for Dubbo Turf Club
1 in 5 Aussie Adults Unaware of Heart Attack Symptoms: Study
1 in 5 Australian adults unaware of heart attack symptoms: study
Blacktown City lifeguards awarded for saving man’s life
2023 New South Wales Election Statement
Team effort saves life of teen basketballer
Patients Overdosing on Coke and Alcohol at Risk of Cardiac Toxicity
Urban ERs: ECMO vs Conventional Rewarming for Severe Hypothermia
Have you seen AED lately?
Improve Cardiac Emergencies Survival: ESC 2023 Plan
Content Creators Save Lives During Heart Month
Local Surf Club in Pittwater receives life-saving defibrillator
Free CPR sessions to save lives
Flu Vaccination Stable, Misinformation Spreads
Widespread Naloxone Access: Researchers Push for OTC Availability to Combat OD Deaths
Life-saving defibs for local sporting clubs
Live saving defibs for local sporting clubs
Ask us anything. Cardiac
AI supports doctors’ hard decisions on cardiac arrest
American Heart Month highlights urgency of CPR policies
Vaccinated People Do Not Face Increased Risk of Serious Diseases from COVID-19
Operation Victor Sector, Coomera
New sensor enables ‘smart diapers,’ range of other health monitors
6 ways to support women’s heart health this February
Black History Month offers opportunities to save lives and to Be Beat
Challenge to be Beat of Life and Learn CPR for Heart Month in US
Older Adults Rarely Suffer Sports-Related Cardiac Arrest
2 Common Heart Conditions Closer to Prediction: Investigators
New York Times: Inside hospital where Damar Hamlin’s life was saved
2023 Australia Day Ambassador announced
More Patients May Benefit from Surgery for Pulmonary Embolism
Schools Receiving Defibrillators Begin Delivery Process
Tool Assesses Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease Using Family Data
Health care workers struggle to recall emergency codes
Korey Stringer Institute Fights for Athlete Safety Post-Hamlin Crisis
CHOP Helps Develop New Guidelines for Neonatal Resuscitation Studies
Grateful father reunited with off-duty paramedic who saved his life