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World-First Cell Transplantation Research for Nervous System Repair Gets Funding Boost
UvA Biologists Create New Bright Red Fluorescent Protein Record
How cell mechanics influences everything
Brazilian Researchers Develop Method to Increase Fuel Cell Production
Responding to ethical issues in genetics research
Researcher profile: Professor Dianne Nicol
UCLA Study Cures Rare Immune Deficiency with Base Editing
CU Anschutz Showcases Big Data and Bold Medicine: Possibilities Endless
Organoid Models Used to Investigate Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
St. Jude Unveils Molecular Train to Aid Cellular Transport
Stem Cells Help Explain Hearing Loss: Study
Epilepsy Linked to Worsening Eye Disease in Diabetes Patients
Diabetes: Low Blood Sugar Linked to Worsening Eye Disease
Thorny history of sickle cell anemia
Scientists Solve Mystery of Enzyme Critical for Cell Survival
Octopus Device Optimizes Growing Mini-Organs in Dish
Region Needs Pioneers to Lead Discipline
MODY3 Diabetes: Hypersecretion of Insulin Predicts β Cell Failure
Perovskite Solar Cells Revamped with Ammonium Secret
Stem cell plasters to stop children needing repeated heart surgeries
New ‘Life From All Angles’ video highlights Lance Lian’s stem cell research
UC Davis Alpha Stem Cell Clinic receives $8 million from California’s stem cell agency
Cellular Glue to Heal Wounds, Regrow Nerves
Cellular “Glue” to Regenerate Tissues, Heal Wounds, Regrow Nerves
Scientists finds stem cell network in ancient fish
Researchers discover embryonic origins of adult pluripotent stem cells
Why does anxiety lead to “sociophobia”?
Call is out for volunteers to be part of spinal cord injury project
New studies enrich knowledge of genetic factors that naturally protect people against Covid
Metcalf Prize awarded to WEHI stem cell researcher
Fetal Therapy Offers Hope for Patients with Rare Genetic Disorders
Tracking malaria parasites in space and time
Scientists say eye-disease drug may also help fight COVID
Stem cells may help replace lost sensory neurons
It’s time to stop creating ‘superbugs’ in lab
New research suggests nose picking could increase risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia
Low Blood Phosphate Levels May Be Linked to Neurological Side Effects From CAR T-cell Therapy
Stem cell-based genomic study yields insights on viral infection
Australia first stem cell research to help adults and children living with joint pain and disfigurement
Human ‘blastoids’ offer medical hope but also deep ethical challenges
Making lab-grown brain organoids ‘brainier’
Single cell research spotlights role of DNA methylation on cell fate decisions
Cracking code for Parkinson’s, one cell at time
Charting path
Through mentorship, deeper understanding of brain cancer metabolism grows
Shutting down backup genes leads to cancer remission in mice
Blood stem cell research that could change medicine of future
Exercise hormone halts Parkinson’s disease symptoms in mouse study