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Parents Talk More To Toddlers Who Talk Back
Compare yourself to your past self
Governments must urgently address youth justice crisis
Supporting thousands of aspiring early childhood educators
Three UAB researchers awarded La Marató funding for their mental health projects
Violence on TV: effects can stretch from age 3 into teens
Effects can stretch from age 3 into teens
Researchers to study effects of screen use in young children
Best start in life for Canberra kids
Research reveals school-based prevention program shows promise educating young adolescents about avoiding child sexual abuse
$6.5 million boosts support for kids with hearing loss
Study links Chronic pain to poor health – and Covid infection – decades later
Emotional bond between teacher and student differ across countries
Great minds meet in NSW to discuss important first years of child’s life
Study to look at impact of bushfires and COVID on families
$7.5 million grant helps University of Missouri redevelop training videos for childhood care providers and professionals
£180 million to improve children’s development in early years
Nutrition response: UNICEF delegation visits Burj Barajneh Camp
It’s time to celebrate Children’s Week
Australian study shows fluoridated water is safe for children
New research to transform mental and brain health care
Scientists detect early deprivation continues to affect brain development well into adolescence
Properties of ‘baby talk’ similar across many languages
Anxiety can look different in children
Research shows water fluoridation is safe for children
Incentives boost to get more support in preschools for children with disability
Prenatal acetaminophen use linked to sleep, attention problems in preschoolers
DAF adds additional financial incentives to recruit Child and Youth Program employees
More exercise, less screen time linked to better executive function in toddlers
Calling Aboriginal communities and organisations to apply for funding
TikTok doc wins spot at top 29 September
Department of Air Force leaders share experiences, resources with military families at AFA
Kicked Out: UVA Researchers Probe Inequitable Preschool Discipline
What’s in word? Identifying language disorders earlier can set children up for success
Providing mental health support for kids
Children’s Virtual Bereavement Art Group starts in October
DoD Announces Immediate and Long-term Actions to Help Strengthen Economic Security and Stability of Service Members and Their
Research finds link between parental health literacy with Covid test results in kids
Old people home for old dogs
Education transformation needed for ‘inclusive, just and peaceful world’
Covid zaps placenta’s immune response, study finds
Studies show children don’t believe everything they are told
Understanding full picture of child poverty
UNM turns challenges into opportunities with 10 new research teams
Transgender parents bring child-centered perspective to parenthood
Many transgender parents hesitate to label young children’s gender identity
Pregnant Women Exposed to Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Dishware, Hair Coloring, Plastics, and Pesticides
Study Reveals Pregnant Women Are Exposed to Cancer-Causing Chemicals