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Unexpected discovery about stem cell immortality: study
Novel haplotype-led approach promises new era of precision wheat breeding
Wheat Diversity Due to Cross-Hybridization with Wild Grasses
In First, Aging Stopped in Humans: Tel Aviv University Co-Study
A gel for dosage compensation
Gene-edited monkey embryos give researchers new way to study HIV cure
Pediatric Brain Cancer Research Reveals Potential for New Therapies
Study Uses Polygenic Risk Scores to Determine Schizophrenia Risk in 22q11.2DS
Edith Heard: In order to protect life, we must first understand it
Possible genetic triggers of autism symptoms and motor issues identified for several rare diseases
Cancer’s Dangerous Renovations to Our Chromosomes Revealed
Researchers find new transposon-derived genes related to autism and other neurological diseases
Uncovering genetic roots of marijuana use disorder
Cord blood DNA can hold clues for early ASD diagnosis and intervention
At our cores, we’re all strengthened by ‘dumbbells’
Los Alamos National Laboratory brings next-generation HPC to fight against COVID-19
Researchers mine data and connect dots about processes driving neuroblastoma
Scientists home in on how cells are protected from premature aging
UO-led basic research offers new insights on infertility
Evolution of Y chromosome in great apes deciphered
International Research Team Develops Consensus Variant Classification Guidelines for Genomic Variants
Problems with reproduction in birds
Neandertal gene variant increases risk of severe Covid-19
Shifts in mating preference
Male Y chromosome does more than we thought
Y chromosomes of Neandertals and Denisovans now sequenced
Osmium is key to shed light on genome organization
How cGAS is kept bottled up
Previously unknown ‘genetic vulnerability’ in breast cancer cells target of research
Why ‘wimpy’ Y chromosome hasn’t evolved out of existence
Researchers find a cause and possible treatment for Fragile X
How to remove unwanted components from cell nucleus
Lung cancer trial of RET inhibitor selpercatinib achieves durable responses
New study shows evolutionary breakdown of ‘social’ chromosome in ants
Accumulating extra genome copies may protect fly brain cells during aging
Study shows how a single gene drives aggression in wild songbirds
Change isn’t a good thing for Japanese rheumatoid arthritis patients
Selfish genes take sides in battle of sexes
Gene discovery may explain female melanoma survival advantage
Mice need kinetochores rich in a microtubule crosslinker to achieve error-free oocyte division
Genetic basis of bats’ superpowers revealed
Understanding Chromosome Organisation
Breaks in genome
UConn Researchers Collaborate with Ovid Therapeutics on Genetic Therapy for Angelman Syndrome
Genetic secrets behind bat ‘superpowers’ revealed
Genetic basis of bats’ superpowers revealed
Discovery of novel autoantibody that is a major risk factor for recurrent pregnancy loss
Genome Guardians Stop and Reel in DNA to Correct Replication Errors