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Fearful Great Danes provide new insights to genetic causes of fear
Schizophrenia: when thalamus misleads ear
New method reveals where DNA is at risk in cell
Research shines spotlight on health woes of Mururoa veterans and their children
An Escapade With Consequences
Enigma behind non-random DNA segregation unveiled
Making safe choices: It’s in our DNA
Dock and Harbor: A Novel Mechanism for Controlling Genes
Genes May Play Role in Weight Gain from Birth Control
Researchers find protein that helps cancer cells to survive
Malaria mosquitoes eliminated in lab by creating all-male populations
Virgin birth has scientists buzzing
Virgin birth has scientists buzzing
Gene flow between species influences evolution in Darwin’s finches
New technique delivers complete DNA sequences of chromosomes inherited from mother and father
How gene flow between species influences evolution of Darwin’s finches
Finding more chromosome structures by assuming less
Researchers create hybrids of six yeast species to combine useful traits
Q&A: DNA testing could help in COVID-19 treatment
Naturally evolved alleles of two proteins affect meiotic traits in a polyploid
How chromosome structure influences development
ERC grants for astrophysics and physical biology researchers
New Down Syndrome Study Goes Beyond Skin Deep
Experts call for more mental health support for parents of children with genetic learning
Disturbed retinal gene function underlying canine blindness
Strong signals show how proteins come and go
New insights into evolution: why genes appear to move around
Duke-Led Study Catalogs Dozens of Mutations in Crucial Brain Development Gene
Why do men die younger? It’s all in Y chromosome
A new Keyplayer in cell division
DNA discovery can lead to new types of cancer drugs
Male-killing bugs hold key to butterflies’ curious colour changes
Global group to investigate links between rare genomic disorders and psychiatric conditions
New RNA mapping technique shows how RNA interacts with chromatin in genome
Anonymous no more:combining genetics with genealogy to identify dead in unmarked grave
NWO Groot funding for Leiden scientists
Exploring a Genome’s 3D Organization Through a Social Network Lens
A new model of C. elegans to progress in study of a rare disease of nervous system
Unraveling mechanisms of ventricular enlargement linked to schizophrenia
CRISPR “Minigene” Approach Stops Genetic Liver Disease in Mice
Fake Centromeres Make-and Break-a Chromosome
Evenings with Genetics spotlights Turner Syndrome
Cells’ springy coils pump bursts of RNA
How do men and women store fat differently? Ask fruit fly
Novel genetic variant with implications on heart failure pathogenesis identified
Coordination by remote control
International collaboration yields insights into childhood leukemia risk
Correlation found between loss of chromosome Y and genetic instability