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Penn Researchers Use Arcuate Organoids to Study Development and Disease of Hypothalamus
Cancer cells hijack 3D structure of DNA
Researchers use arcuate organoids to study development and disease of hypothalamus
Producing new plants without sowing
Winning gene combination takes all
New Method Identifies Tau Aggregates Occurring in Healthy Body Structures
New genetic target for blood cancer treatment
Plankton have a genome like no other
Ultra-high field MRI detects differences in brain’s ‘hippocampus’
Diploid genome assemblies in marmoset shows huge variations
Researchers assemble error-free genomes of 16 animals-with another 70,000 coming up
A case for simplifying gene nomenclature across different organisms
Testing ‘two-hit’ model for developmental defects
Major fly pest genetically modified in lab to produce more males
Standard IVF is fine for most people
Sex cells in parasites are doing their own thing
Level of chromosomal abnormality in non-small cell lung cancer may predict response to immunotherapy
NIH-funded research team develops language test for people with Down syndrome
Discoveries on Vitis amurensis Genome May Shed Light on Cold Tolerance of Grapevine Breeding
Stress makes women twice likely to have baby girl
New Barrett’s esophagus monitoring method could aid in easier and more precise prognoses
Researcher Studying Molecular Underpinnings of Disordered Breathing in Rett Syndrome
Study finds antisense oligonucleotides to treat MECP2 disorder
Scientist Developing Gene Therapy to Help Girls With Rett Syndrome
DNA topoisomerases – vital multi-tasking enzymes
Newly identified disease far more common than first thought
Yeast epigenome map reveals details of gene regulation
Regulation of cell division by signaling protein ECT2
Human genomes provide new reference for global genetic diversity
Reflecting on allyship as women in science
Glimmer of hope for generations of boys born with muscle wasting disease
Genomic and epigenomic analyses reveal speciation in mole rat populations without sharp separation
Neandertal gene variants and Covid-19
Researchers identify gene implicated in neuroblastoma, a childhood brain cancer
CRISPR improves method for studying gene functions
Gene critical to immune cell development identified
John Innes Centre research attracts global health charity funding
“Nuclear Physics”: Imaging into Heart of a Cell
New variety of paintbrush lily developed by a novel plant tissue culture technique
New theory about spread of antibiotic resistance
What lungfishes’ genome teaches us about vertebrates’ conquest of land
ZHOU Qi’s research team publishes 3 papers regarding diversity of animal chromosomes
New computational tool reliably differentiates between cancer and normal cells from single-cell RNA-sequencing data
Innovative gene stacks enhance wheat rust resistance
Researchers discover one of our cellular building blocks acts as a gel, not liquid as previously believed
Genetic material packaged inside cells is more solid than liquid
Genomes reveal insights into much-loved Aussie animals
Unusual sex chromosomes of platypus, emu and duck