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Common arctic finches are all same species
Gene-editing used to create single sex mice litters, 100% efficiency
Gene-editing used to create single sex mice litters
Scientists identify key RNA “gatekeeper” in gene expression, pointing to possible new drug targets
Largest genetic study of suicide attempts confirms genetic underpinnings that are not driven by underlying psychiatric disorders
Successful fertilization requires careful coordination of chromosomes
Important genetic predispositions for acute myeloid leukemia discovered
Breeding plants with genes from one parent
How genetic differences leave immune cells at disadvantage
Scientists Identify New Types of Blood Cancer and Potential Targeted Treatments
Genetic changes in Bronze Age Southern Iberia
Researchers identify new types of blood cancer and potential targeted treatments
Scientists uncover potential therapeutic target and biomarker for ovarian cancer
Can data help feed hungry world?
An AI-powered image classifier for cell biologists
Universal traits spotted in early evolution of sex chromosomes
Xist marks spot: How an RNA molecule silences X chromosome
Shining light into ‘black holes’ in Arabidopsis genome
More evidence of an evolutionary ‘arms race’ between genes and selfish genetic elements
Hyperprogression of mismatch repair-deficient colon cancer
Gene-editing discovery yields high promise for wheat fertility in changing climate
Researchers uncover gene that doubles risk of death from Covid
Non-invasive DNA-labeling tool opens doors for new research
Endangered condor surprised researchers by producing fatherless chicks
Specks of dust on microscope slide?
Decreasing DNA repair and genomic instability
An application to monitor people at risk of psychosis
ALS and dementia attacked by an RNA-hunting compound that recruits cell’s own virus fighter
Living descendant of Sitting Bull confirmed by analysis of DNA from legendary leader’s hair
How do plants act fast to fight off infections?
Cancer researchers elected to health and medical sciences academy
New help for Australians on IVF journey
Researchers Find Links to Genetic Disorders in Walking Patterns
Male-Female Differences in Heart Disease Could Start Before Birth
Human genome, data sharing, and drug discovery: career profile with Ian Dunham
TSU geneticists will modify oil-destroying bacteria
Hudson Institute part of international project exploring sex differences in disease
Penn Study Suggests Genetic Disease CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder Could Be Treatable after Childhood
Pros of using pronouns
Association of four genetic variants with colorectal cancer
HKU Biologists’ artificial chromosomes study sheds light on gene therapies
New-new kids on block: hybrid lizards
Artificial intelligence suggests new narrative for Out of Africa process
Stem cell project to create new model to study brain development and Down syndrome
Calculating path of cancer
System for controlling gene expression in Chinese cabbage revealed
Linker histones tune length and shape of chromosomes
Cutting edge DNA technology to identify Australian fallen soldiers’ remains