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How cGAS is kept bottled up
Previously unknown ‘genetic vulnerability’ in breast cancer cells target of research
Why ‘wimpy’ Y chromosome hasn’t evolved out of existence
Researchers find a cause and possible treatment for Fragile X
How to remove unwanted components from cell nucleus
Lung cancer trial of RET inhibitor selpercatinib achieves durable responses
New study shows evolutionary breakdown of ‘social’ chromosome in ants
Accumulating extra genome copies may protect fly brain cells during aging
Study shows how a single gene drives aggression in wild songbirds
Change isn’t a good thing for Japanese rheumatoid arthritis patients
Selfish genes take sides in battle of sexes
Gene discovery may explain female melanoma survival advantage
Mice need kinetochores rich in a microtubule crosslinker to achieve error-free oocyte division
Genetic basis of bats’ superpowers revealed
Understanding Chromosome Organisation
Breaks in genome
UConn Researchers Collaborate with Ovid Therapeutics on Genetic Therapy for Angelman Syndrome
Genetic secrets behind bat ‘superpowers’ revealed
Genetic basis of bats’ superpowers revealed
Discovery of novel autoantibody that is a major risk factor for recurrent pregnancy loss
Genome Guardians Stop and Reel in DNA to Correct Replication Errors
First end-to-end sequence of human X chromosome assembled
Molecular “Tails” Are Secret Ingredient for Gene Activation in Humans, Yeast, and Other Organisms
Overzealous cell membrane guardians could increase risk of cancer
Scientists discover protective Alzheimer’s gene and develop rapid drug-testing platform
Protein Linked to Cancer Acts as a Viscous Glue in Cell Division
Balanced lethal systems: a quick guide by Ben Wielstra
A novel approach to realize DNA-free gene editing in plants
St. Jude researchers create an analytic tool that opens a new frontier of cancer discovery
Study Gains New Insight Into Bacterial DNA Packing
Artificial Intelligence works out problem of seed germination tests
Osmotic stress identified as stimulator of cellular waste disposal
Scientists examine impact of a very specific defect in DNA replication
New treatment method for Alport Syndrome uses antisense oligonucleotides
Skin cancer: men are genetically more prone
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Genetic Variants for Two Neuroimaging Traits
New findings impact disorders of sex development
“I can now plan for a long-term research career in Germany”
How Young Embryos Conduct Quality Control
Cancer cells adapt to lack of key nutrient, posing potential problems for drugmakers
Fearful Great Danes provide new insights to genetic causes of fear
Schizophrenia: when thalamus misleads ear
New method reveals where DNA is at risk in cell
Research shines spotlight on health woes of Mururoa veterans and their children
An Escapade With Consequences
Enigma behind non-random DNA segregation unveiled
Making safe choices: It’s in our DNA
Dock and Harbor: A Novel Mechanism for Controlling Genes