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Genetic underpinnings of severe staph infections
Insights into uniquely healthy cereal crop
Why of silent X
Protein linked to intellectual disability has complex role
Treatment for commonest form of blindness moves step closer
Study links Protein to intellectual disability has complex role
Understanding genomic modifications in transgenic papaya
Structure of key protein for cell division puzzles researchers
Protein related to Fragile X syndrome may be new target for blood pressure medicines
Discovery of cell protein that keeps Kaposi’s sarcoma herpesvirus dormant
Gene that shapes mutation rate
Refined bioinformatic analysis can estimate gene copy-number variations from epigenetic data
How do genomes evolve between species? key role of 3D structure in male germ cells
Decreasing knowledge gap for finger millet
Researchers develop new evolutionary approach for identifying proteins that functionally interact
Tethers bring distant genes together to coordinate embryo development
Cancer origin identified through cell ‘surgery’ – new research
First ‘Telomere to Telomere’ Human Genome Reveals Secrets of Centromere
Lupus-causing gene paves way for new and tailored treatments
An epigenetic cause of miscarriages is identified and cured in mice
Australian scientists find genetic cause of lupus
New and tailored lupus treatments within reach after scientists discover cause of disease
Couple shares two-year infertility journey
Scientist receives prestigious ERC funding to unravel mystery of rapid cell division in malaria parasite
Prothena and Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery collaborate on new Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics
Cell treatment slows disease in Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients
Two Sets of Sex Chromosomes Determine More Than Just Sex
Nurse Researcher Receives $15,000 Grant from UConn InCHIP to Investigate Inherited Stress
Crowning quest into very well-guarded secret
New resource could provide clues on past, present, and future of clownfish
Supergenes make cod survivors
Genetic ‘hotspots’ that speed up and slow down brain aging could provide new targets for Alzheimer’s drugs
DNA discovery reveals critical ‘accordion effect’ for switching off genes
Using Gene Scissors to Specifically Eliminate Individual Cell Types
New Human Reference Genome Opens Unexplored Regions
Massive Collaboration Fills Gaps in Human Genome
Amitav Ghosh: geopolitics are key to understanding climate crisis
Scientists decipher iconic Helmeted Honeyeater genome, paving way for genetic rescue operations
New genetic tools improve potential rescue of Victoria’s endangered state bird
New findings on peculiar sex chromosomes of marsupials
Renowned wheat genome advocate wins 2021 Farrer Memorial Medal
Yukiko Yamashita, unraveler of stem cells’ secrets
Stabilizing chromosomes to tackle tumors
One bird’s joy is another bird’s sorrow
Cell fusion ‘awakens’ regenerative potential of human retina
Scientists Create Novel Genetic Model of Down Syndrome in Rats
Scientists find new colony structure of fire ants evolved in one species before spreading to others
Researchers find new colony structure of fire ants evolved in one species before spreading to others