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Enhanced Animal Model of DS Created by Researchers
Secret to preserving stem cell identity over time
TurboID Reveals New Meiotic Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
Neural Network Learns to Identify Chromatid Cohesion Defects
Leukemia Cause Found in Trisomy 21
Cause of leukaemia in trisomy 21
Ancient Roots of Wheat’s Viral Resistance Uncovered
Wheat’s ancient roots of viral resistance
Scientists Uncover Seed Size Regulation Pathway in Rice
Analysis Reveals Glacial Cycles Shaped Grape Domestication & Wine’s Rise
Proof of Helical Coiling of Chromosomes Confirmed by Researchers
UVA Health Nominated for 2022 Biomedical Advancement Award
Brain Circuit Overexcitement Tied to Autism Seizures, Deficits
UConn Offers New Gen. Counseling Masters Degree Program
Mitotic Chromosome Condensation Preserves Transcriptional Balance
New Neural Net Improves 3D Colored Point Distances
Genetic test can detect deadly bleeding disorder in dogs
Genetic Test Detects Deadly Bleeding Disorder in Dogs
Cell Mechanism Discovered to Fight Cancer and Aging
Genes, Cancer & Pathogens Linked in Disease & Cancer
How giants became dwarfs
Researchers Unlock 95.6% of Tobacco Plant Genome
Protein droplets may cause many types of genetic disease
94% Accurate Prostate Cancer Test Developed
Tilapia Genome Key to Improve Global Food Security
NEMO Enables Communication in Immune, Nervous Systems
Down Syndrome Linked to Early Alzheimer’s Through Weight Loss
Down Syndrome: Weight Loss may Predict Alzheimer’s
Secret Recipe Offers Bee-Friendly Crop Protection
Extra Chromosomes Linked to Blood Clot Risk
AI to Aid Cancer Therapy via Mutation Analysis
FDA approves IND for Prader-Willi syndrome study of Neuren’s NNZ-2591
Researchers Uncover New Factors Linked to Williams Syndrome
Researchers Find Key to Rice’s Chilling Tolerance
Rice Genes for Cold Tolerance Identified by Researchers
DNA Unzipping Machine Mechanism Revealed in Joint Study
HKU Biologists Unveil DNA Machine’s Working, May Aid Cancer Therapy
How to turn tentacle into foot
Endangered Sharks Genomes Sequenced: Scientific Breakthrough
Radiation Damages Passed to Offspring from Fathers’ DNA
Rapid evolution of spermatogenesis
Systems Biology Network Links COX-2 Expression and Neuroblastoma Tumors
ACMG: Noninvasive Prenatal Screening Standard for All Pregnant People
Starvation causes cell remodelling
Predicting Puppy Behavior via DNA Methylome Screening
Scandinavian wolves carry many harmful mutations
Y chromosome loss linked to men’s increased risk of severe Covid
Men’s Risk of Severe COVID-19 Tied to Y Chromosome Loss