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NFL: Retired Players at Risk of High BP After Head Injury
Former Football Players at Risk of Concussion, Hypertension
Progress made on Alzheimer’s Blood Test Boosts Early-Intervention Hopes
FSU psychologist receives $3.7 million grant to combat anxiety
Apathy May Predict Progression to Dementia
Down Syndrome Linked to Early Alzheimer’s Through Weight Loss
Down Syndrome: Weight Loss may Predict Alzheimer’s
Research Links Obesity to Alzheimer’s-Like Neurodegeneration
Chewing: Does It Help with Stress, Pain and Hunger?
Orienteering: Brain Booster to Combat Cognitive Decline
New technologies reveal cross-cutting breakdowns in Alzheimer’s disease
Exposure to WTC Dust Worsens Alzheimer’s in Animal Model
Aging HIV+ on Stable Treatment Unlikely to See Rapid Cognitive Decline: Study
HRT may prevent Alzheimer’s in women at risk
UVA Solves Mysteries About Leading Biomarker for Alzheimer’s
Six Minutes of Exercise Could Delay Alzheimer’s
How old is your brain, really? Artificial intelligence knows
Education Protects Gut Health: Study Shows Surprising Benefits
Research: Smell Loss Could Predict Unhealthy Aging and Frailty
Hopkins AITC Awards Pilot Grants for AI-Assisted Aging Research
New study suggests that yes, too much TV really can rot your brain
USC Study Disrupts Alzheimer’s Beliefs
Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s Research Through Tech Advances
30 Years On, Are We Winning Fight Against Alzheimer’s?
DNA Methylation Predicts Aging, Cognitive Decline Over 16 Years
Targeting tau, other protein behind Alzheimer’s disease
Smoking increases chances of mid-life memory loss, confusion
Could Synapse Discovery Help Slow Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease?
Program Success in Delivering Hearing Care to Low-Income Elders
UCI Study: Degu Ideal Model for Alzheimer’s Research
Green social prescribing: time in nature can increase wellbeing
Scientists and NUHS identify predictive blood biomarker for cognitive impairment and dementia
Normal Memory Loss in Ageing: How Much?
Women More At Risk of Alzheimer’s: Recent Findings Revealed
Class of diabetes drugs cuts dementia risk in older adults, research shows
Immune cells help protect brain health and cognition
WashU, Eisai form drug discovery collaboration
Deep Brain Stimulation for Alzheimer’s Mapped by Researchers
Gene therapy offers hope for severe epilepsy
Research Finds Hodgkin Survivors at Risk of Dementia in Early Adulthood
Exercise, mindfulness don’t appear to boost cognitive function in older adults
Exercise, Mindfulness Fail to Improve Cognitive Function in Elderly
Down Syndrome Alzheimer’s Progression Similar to Other Early Onset Forms
Alzheimer’s progression in Down syndrome appears similar to other genetic, early onset forms of disease
Hearts and bodies change with age, heart disease treatments may need to change, too
Heart Disease Treatments May Need to Adapt with Age
Lots of ‘breakthroughs’, still no cure
Pepper Center Study to Help Seniors Avoid Financial Fraud and Prolong their Autonomy and Independence