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MD Anderson research highlights for November 30, 2022
Pair of lizard ‘kings’ from old, old West
Photonic Advances Enhance Imaging Techniques
Research explores relationship between shape, size and smell sensitivity of shark’s nose
AFRL enhances Computed Tomography Lab with state-of-the-art infrastructure, imaging capabilities
Bioarcheologist comes face-to-face with King Tut
Three Imperial academics with ERC Starting Grants to pursue ‘ambitious ideas’
Lung Cancer Screening Dramatically Increases Long-term Survival Rate
Lung cancer screening dramatically increases long-term survival
Novel virtual nasal endoscopy system based on computed tomography scans
Australia has potential to reduce lung cancer deaths, major international clinical trials show
Personalized evaluation for chest pain effective, may eliminate unnecessary testing
Combining Neutrons and X-Ray Imaging, NIST Scientists Study Meteorites to Explore Mystery of How Earth Acquired Its Water
Collaboration key to elevating cancer care globally
November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month
New model can detect long-COVID’s effects using simple, 2D chest X-rays
Laura Dalton: How Mass Moves Through Rocks and Other Hard Places
How many bees can you fit in X-ray machine? That’s not joke
New Scottish fossil sheds light on origins of lizards
Head and neck cancer researchers demonstrate capability of deep learning algorithm
Quantum technology for real world impact
Researchers shrink brain tumours with gold nanoparticles, develop ‘mini brains’ to study psychiatric disorders
ESC Asia 2022 with APSC & AFC: state-of-the-art cardiovascular science in Asia Pacific
Operations for diverticulitis decreased in 2020, but degree of disease severity increased
Deep learning makes X-ray CT inspection of 3D-printed parts faster, more accurate
Deep learning makes X-ray CT inspection of 3D printed parts faster, more accurate
MSAC recommendation takes Australia one step closer to national lung cancer screening program
New beamline provides state-of-the-art imaging capability
Expert advice on lung cancer screening
Predicting risk of aneurysm rupture
Unknown insect genus ‘trapped’ in amber for over 35 million years is identified
Triassic specimen found to be early relative of pterosaurs century after its discovery
Strengthening Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Services Can Help Fill Global Gaps in Lung Cancer Patient Care
DHS contract extensions awarded for airport checkpoint and CT baggage scanner
Analysis of particles of asteroid Ryugu delivers surprising results
Research reviews best ways to monitor defects in additive manufacturing
Pulmonary and primary care experts share research on delays to diagnosis in complex lung diseases
Hollings embarks on effort to expand cancer screenings in underserved S.C. communities
Scientific ‘detective work’ finds South American mummies were brutally murdered
Local CT scans soon to be reality for Torres Strait communities
Pioneers recognised in Australia’s top science prizes
Spectroscopic X-ray imaging now certified for medical use
Cardiovascular screening may reduce risk of death and cardiovascular disease
Deep Learning Algorithm May Streamline Lung Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment
Penn Wins NCI Grant for Cancer Telehealth Research
Penn Dental Medicine study applies microrobotics in endodontic treatment, diagnostics
Budget impact analysis demonstrates NELSON screening model would save more than 18,000 premature lung cancer deaths
New imaging-based approach to measure radiation dose