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Small molecule induces readthrough of cystic fibrosis CFTR nonsense mutations
$2 million to improve Australia’s lung health
New agreement to help people manage life with diabetes
Bacterium-derived compound from food shown to stimulate brain cell growth
Drug dissolved net-like structures in airways of severely ill Covid-19 patients
Young minds meet to spearhead community issues
Wearable Device to Monitor Sweat in Real Time
Scientists Demonstrate Promising New Approach for Treating Cystic Fibrosis
Bacteria hijack latent phage of competitor
Twenty-two organizations call on Biden administration to put patients first as surprise billing law is implemented
Modelling lungs to limit testing on mice
Intravenous passport improves experience of sick children
Potential of artificial intelligence to bring equity in health care
Xenon-aided MRIs snap sharper images of lungs
Screening for hearing loss before it happens
Bank manager gains Uni medal on path to medicine
Health outcomes differ between UK and US children with cystic fibrosis
Novel nanotech improves cystic fibrosis antibiotic by 100,000-fold
Study shows impact of pandemic on families with seriously ill children
Hope for families as Government delivers
New study determines cystic fibrosis therapy is safe and effective for young children
Molecular analysis identifies key differences in lungs of cystic fibrosis patients
Cystic fibrosis: towards better treatment and stronger lungs
Researchers ID protein “signature” in severe COVID-19 cases
‘Last resort’ antibiotic pops bacteria like balloons
Ability of multi-drug resistant infection to evolve within cystic fibrosis patients highlights need for rapid treatment
Rapid evolution and host immunity drive rise and fall of antibiotic resistance during acute infection
Stress test finds cracks in resistance of harmful hospital bugs
Major EU grants for groundbreaking research into scoliosis and transplant organ rejection
Georgia Tech researchers discover promising new treatment for dangerous thrombosis
Ohio State University Tests New Gene Therapy Drug for Chronic Angina
Eye and cystic fibrosis drugs identified among drugs with potential to guide new COVID-19 treatments
Pharmaxis sells Bronchitol rights in Russia and completes placement
In memoriam: Louis Siminovitch, father of genetic research in Canada
HKUMed scholars receive 2021 John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award
New ‘sweat sticker’ improves cystic fibrosis diagnosis, accessibility
‘Sweat sticker’ diagnoses cystic fibrosis on skin in real time
Scientists find evidence that novel coronavirus infects mouth’s cells
Scientists find evidence that coronavirus invades mouth’s cells
Evolved to Stop Bacteria, Designed for Stability
Stressed-Out Bacteria Provide Insights to Antibiotic Resistance
University of Exeter celebrates partnership with local college
Immune cell implicated in development of lung disease following viral infection
Increasing Glutathione Levels Lowers Alzheimer’s Pathology and Improves Cognitive Decline
Study Sheds Light On How People Cope With Health Challenges and Medical Debt
What are nebulisers? And how could they help spread COVID-19?
First export to US triggers milestone payment for Pharmaxis
Minority Patients Miss Out On Life-Saving Cystic Fibrosis Drugs Due to Genetic Test Limitations