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Can computers write product reviews with human touch?
Murray-Darling Basin Authority Communique 29 April
Researchers with NASA’s MMS mission crack 60-year mystery of fast magnetic explosions
Research finds sex secrets of amphibian singing choruses
New theory explains mystery behind fast magnetic reconnection
Interior Department Announces Additional Biden-Harris Appointees
Dartmouth will benefit from new offerings to help tourism sector recover and attract visitors in region
Lab creates superfluid circuit using fermions to study electron behavior
Study reveals dynamics of human milk production
New perspective highlights promise of hybrid approach for cellulosic biofuel production
Dolphins can bond from distance, and that means more dolphin babies
Half of all women experience false positive mammograms after 10 years of annual screening
Perfect Prawning Attracts Fishers To Lake Tyers
Tuberculosis induces premature cellular aging
Royal Navy ship HMS Spey visits Fiji
“Slow” stock analysts best, says new study
How name change can impact female researcher’s career
Murray-Darling Basin Authority Communique 11 March
When do words speak louder than actions?
Deep learning poised to improve breast cancer imaging
Record Macquarie perch stocking helps species recovery
Biology postdoc is first UO researcher to get Whitney award
Biology postdoc is first UO student to get Whitney award
Fostering media literacy in age of deepfakes
Seawater seep may be speeding glacier melt, sea level rise
3 Questions: What single car can say about traffic
Globe’s glaciers have less ice than previously thought
False claims about Covid must be repeatedly debunked, study finds
Researchers find new way to amplify trustworthy news content on social media without shielding bias
Fact checks on Covid misperceptions are effective initially but do not stick over time
Columbia’s Black Pioneers in Medicine
Study finds concerning variations in care between physicians of same specialty and in same
Research assesses how consumers interpret and act on results from at-home Covid self tests
Future of US corn, soybean and wheat production depends on sustainable groundwater use
Johns Hopkins Pioneer in Genetic Medicine, Haig Kazazian, Dies
Analysis of rock record rules out atmospheric oxygen before Great Oxygenation Event
Untangling roots of plant genomes
When people “Click” they respond faster to each other
Prolonged exposure or cognitive processing therapy?
Contract awarded to begin design work for Land-Based Testing Facility in Nova Scotia
Ancient Mesopotamian Discovery Transforms Knowledge of Early Farming
Welcoming Dr. Emily J. Blanchard as Chief Economist
Research questions ‘whiff of oxygen’ in Earth’s early history
Up to 250 New Electric Vehicle Chargers Coming to Nova Scotia
Drug modifies epigenome in aggressive brain tumors
Americans Are Less Likely to Answer Emails Sent by African Americans, Study Finds
New Megastudy Identifies Dozens of Ways to Boost Exercise
One year on, Republicans still don’t consider Biden rightful winner