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Puerto Rico’s Rapid Aging Population Investigated
Different Outcomes for Cancer in Children Vary By Race, Location
Insta-Likes Depend More on Relationships than Emotion: Study
Food Organics Recycling Trial
Women Prescribed Dual Blood Thinners After Minor Stroke
Women Prescribed Dual Blood Thinners After Minor/Warning Stroke
IOP Publishing supports Publishers Association Inclusivity Action Plan
Backing small businesses with FREE education workshops
How to Incorporate DEI Into Academia: Building Roadmap
EV Charging Stations Boost Home Values: Proximity Matters
PCI Without Surgery as Safe as with: Study
Machine learning can help better predict city gentrification
Hairdressers of Color Face Unidentified Chemicals
1/3 US Public Health Workers Feel Threatened by Public During COVID
Regional Factors Impact Spread of COVID-19 Identified by Scientists
IMF Finishes 2022 Review of Finland Economy
Dollar Stores Are Growing as Food Retailers in U.S
Study sheds new light on demographics of ear-cropped dogs in UK
AI Could Help Ensure Safer Prescribing for People with ID and Epilepsy
2023 Risks Facing Beauty Professionals
Research Examines Walking Habits with 3D Technology in Communities
Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Nitrite Additives
Study investigates ‘trashy’ lives of white ibis
Star’s unexpected survival
Dual approach to nursing shortages
Machine Learning Improves End-of-Life Care for Cancer Patients
Machine Learning Enhances End-of-Life Care for Cancer Patients
American Cancer Society Launches Initiative to Address Prostate Resurgence, Disparities
Faint Galaxies Shed Light on Early Universe Mystery
Tool Maps Out Clean Energy Infrastructure Development Sites
COVID cases drop to lowest level in over month
Need for Targeted Migration Boost Highlighted in Population Statement
AFMC partnership drives progress in mentoring, diversity
Travelling farther away from home linked to better health
Travelling Improves Health, Studies Find
Meaningful but unused products hinder sustainability
Cell Phone Data Sheds Light on Park Use
Police Focus on Reducing Lives Lost as Improvement Continues
Research: Group Meditation Reduces US Stress in 17 Years
Car crash risks higher in rural areas
Youth Gun Deaths Outpace Recent War Casualties in US Zip Codes
Review of 2022 Federal Election
Jason Henderson to lead Iowa State University Extension and Outreach programs
Financial stress among North Americans highest since 2008: Western-led study
UCSF Issues Report, Apologizes for Unethical 1960-70’s Prison Research
Why we judge chocolate by its cover
This week with NSF Director Panchanathan 17 December
LGNSW calls for better outcomes for communities this election