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Bacteria can break down plastic
Saudi Arabia Announces Tourist Visa
Laser-Based System Detects Fires Even in Dusty, Harsh Environments
New technologies for Siberia and Arctic will be presented at TSU
Information and events for British citizens in Denmark
Joint Statement on Advancing Responsible State Behavior in Cyberspace
Bornholm leading way for future energy consumption
Dongara and Port Denison announced for Waterwise program
New Goldfields regional communities announced for Waterwise program
New regional communities in Great Southern announced for Waterwise program
New North-West regional communities announced for Waterwise program
New regional communities in South-West announced for Waterwise program
Icebreaker Polarstern embarks on year-long mission to study Arctic
New insight as to how cells maintain their identity
Neurological signals from spinal cord surprise scientists
Music keeping language and culture alive
Overweight Danes are more likely to have overweight dogs according to new research
Ozempic Offers Superior Reductions in HbA1c and Body Weight Compared to Both Victoza and Canagliflozin
Oral semaglutide improves glycaemic control in people with type 2 diabetes across baseline blood
FiaspDemonstrated Effective Overall Blood Sugar Reductions
Study shows benefit of PARP inhibitor for some ovarian cancer patients
Wine Australia brings new wines and new education programme to Copenhagen
New route to carbon-neutral fuels from carbon dioxide discovered by Stanford-DTU team
New international research shows Australia leads world in cancer survival
DTU researchers find new method for efficient production of methane
Unique research environment in Innovation and Glycoengineering
Little Heaps of Silver, All Wrapped Up: Determination of crystal structure of a DNA-stabilized silver nanocluster
Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project
New bacterial strain discovered in England and Wales linked to scarlet fever
DTU opens its doors to Education and Research Policy Summit
Immunotherapies bring hope to cancer patients
Directing funding toward achievement of SDGs
McGowan Government moves to secure Denmark’s water supplies
Danish heath vegetation increases CO2 uptake as atmospheric concentration rises
Greater support needed to improve treatment of knee osteoarthritis
Solar cells of tomorrow come in all colours and patterns
Far East Hospitality Expands Footprint Across Asia
Transportproteins provide key to improve infant formula
Major new study tracing history of psychiatry will show roots of today’s global mental health
Seaweed from Scottish seas to global markets
When More Pain Means More Gain
Researchers to map social mobility of siblings
Marine ecological forecasts are a new tool for climate adaptation
Synklino will join BII’s Creation House Programme
New $27 Million Grant to Focus on Future of Biomanufacturing
China’s first medium-scale launcher with LOX/LCH4 propellants ZQ-2 soliciting payloads worldwide
New method reveals whether your potato is organic or not
Meeting sustainable development goals requires research and innovation