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Areas of coral diversity identified for conservation in Australia’s North West
Mapping genome could help in race to save native rat
NIST Develops Benchmark for Accurately Detecting Large Genetic Mutations Linked to Major Diseases
Breakthrough for Reef: Probiotics proven to boost coral survival
Atmospheric scientists identify cleanest air on Earth in first-of-its-kind study
Ludwig Cancer Research technology to be commercialized for liquid biopsies
Algal genome provides insights into first land plants
$7 million investment to unite genomics research in SA
Genomics Centre sets SA as leader in field
Oracle Puts Latest, Most Powerful NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs to Work in Oracle Cloud
Scientists develop tool to sequence circular DNA
Rising temperatures likely to increase damage caused by plant pathogens
Lab researchers, NASA find space station’s surface microbial profile resembles skin of its crew members
Human Genome Sequencing Center acquires new sequencer
SHE Center at Dana-Farber and Silverberry Genomix form SHE Biobank
Helping to scale up coronavirus testing
Sellafield research uncovers microbial life in fuel ponds
Exeter genomics scientists to battle spread of coronavirus
A new method can provide tailor-made vaccines
Personalized blood biopsies demonstrate potential as early-warning signal of breast cancer
Mapping Bacterial Neighborhoods in Gut
FSU researchers help discover new genetic variants that cause heart disease in infants
Study suggests way to improve cytomegalovirus testing
New Center of Microbiome Science is in works at Ohio State
‘SOS’ lecture explores microbiomes on space station
Anonymous no more:combining genetics with genealogy to identify dead in unmarked grave
Pediatric researchers in Montreal unite to tackle infection and immunity on two different fronts
Layered lakes in Vestfold Hills
‘Sandpit’ workshop in Mexico results in research project to prove diagnostic potential of saliva for breast cancer
Vaccinating children again in adulthood will help to halve rates of pneumococcal disease
Tailor-made vaccines could almost halve rates of serious bacterial disease
Gene hunting: power of precision medicine
Genetic marking discovery could ease plant breeders’ work
Persistent environmental contaminant changes gut microbiome of mice
New Technique Predicts Which Melanoma Patients Are at Risk for Cancer Recurrence and Spread
Illumina/PacBio abandon merger
Genetic drivers of myeloproliferative diseases revealed
Penn Researchers Uncover Defective Sperm Epigenome that Leads to Male Infertility
Genetic Variant Largely Found in Patients of African Descent Increases Risk for Heart Failure
Novel way to ID disease-resistance genes in chocolate-producing trees found
Imaging technique gives catalytic 2D material engineering a better view
Visualizing DNA Labels in Cells and Tissues
Climate change could double greenhouse gas emissions from freshwater ecosystems
Brisbane’s Microba represented at international competition in Berlin
Ancient bone protein reveals which turtles were on menu in Florida, Caribbean
Blood Test Can Predict Prognosis in Deadly Brain Cancer
‘Wolves in sheep’s clothing’ – superbugs outsmarting lab tests
Researchers Find ‘Protein-Scaffolding’ for Repairing DNA Damage