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TOPMed: Analyzing human genomes to understand mutations, human evolution
Martian Menu: How to grow food on another planet
Researcher aims to find out which insects are best at eating pests
‘Small moon’ shapes allow DNA devices to attach in precise orientations
Engineers Place Molecule-Scale Devices in Precise Orientation
Pore-like proteins designed from scratch
Breeding better seeds: Healthy food for more people
Genetic study of Lewy body dementia supports ties to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
Max Day Awards support researchers to protect bees and frogs
Genetic analysis helps protect koalas
Intercontinental Study Sheds Light on Microbial Life of Sourdough
Superstar of STEM’s genetic analysis helps protect koalas
What lungfishes’ genome teaches us about vertebrates’ conquest of land
Frog skin under microscope to help understand animal health
CHOP and Penn Researchers Identify Nanoparticles that Could Be Used in Therapeutic mRNA Delivery before Birth
Gene-editing produces tenfold increase in superbug slaying antibiotics
Where antibiotic resistance comes from
New computer program predicts future extinctions
Stanford ecologists study how soil fungi respond to wildfire
Scientists closer to understanding genetic diseases
Studies offers tips on lessening spaceflight-related risk
Illuminating Investment In Medical Research And Jobs
Team Develops Software That Cuts Time, Cost From Gene Sequencing
Spatial maps give new view of gut microbiome
Genetic diversity in practice
Is that fish you’re eating what label said?
Former UM System president gives $2 million to NextGen Data Science and Analytics Innovation Center at UMKC
Extremely rare parasitic crustacean discovered in museum shark collection
How to Detect New Virus Strains and Prevent Pandemics Using Nuclear-Derived Techniques
Rapid Test Can ID Unknown Causes of Infections Throughout Body
Plastics and rising CO2 pose combined threat to marine environment
Scientists unlock evolutionary history of pituitary gland
Maths model key to aerial detection system
For when chips are down – preserving UK soil microbial biodiversity for sustainable agriculture
Research finds clues to mine site restoration effectiveness in soil
Evolution of Y chromosome in great apes deciphered
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Solving Cold Cases Highlighted in Preview Issue of Forensic Genomics
World’s largest ever DNA sequencing of Viking skeletons reveals they weren’t all Scandinavian
Protecting genomic privacy
Uncovering science of Indigenous fermentation
Early cases of COVID-19 were missed in UK due to rigid case criteria and lack of testing, says new study
Experts receive prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering award for work to tackle COVID
Should we sequence newborns’ DNA? answer is complicated, study finds
Study Could Lead to Power Over ‘Man Eater’
New Guinea Has World’s Richest Island Flora
Baylor genomics teams partner to provide COVID-19 testing for Houston area
Neanderthal DNA contributes to genetic diversity, bringing more understanding to human evolution
Genetic basis of bats’ superpowers revealed