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For first time, DNA and proteins sensed by de novo-designed nanopore
Study digs up roles bacteria play in global carbon cycle
“Alien” invasions and need for planetary biosecurity
Sleuth scientist solves mystery of mouldy mungbean
Scanning single protein, one amino acid at time: embargoed until 4 November 2021 at 19
Specks of dust on microscope slide?
‘Dust specks’ are genome building blocks
Heatwaves like ‘the Blob’ could decrease role of ocean as carbon sink
What if scientists could predict significance of every human gene variant?
Research breakthrough could mean better treatment for patients with most deadly form of brain tumour
Research breakthrough could mean better treatment for patients with most deadly form of brain tumor
Volta Labs: Improving workflows for genetic applications
Insects in light of land use and climate
UH Engineer Reports Advance in Rapid Cancer Detection and Monitoring
Genetic rescue, ‘natural gene therapy,’ suggests possible new approach to pediatric MDS
Duke Neuroscientist Co-Leads Massive Effort to Map Brain
Old, goopy museum specimens can tell fascinating stories of wildlife history
Researchers discover host of reasons for evolution of social parasites in ants
Bird poop finds that when birds migrate, their gut bacteria change
MRNA Could Fight Diseases Such as Alzheimer’s and Cancer, With Help of UVA Scientist
New Forensic Technology to identify fallen Australian Soldiers
Researchers discover one way elk become infected with devastating hoof disease
How climate change could impact algae in global ocean
How climate change could impact algae in global ocean
Four Cambridge researchers recognised in 2022 Breakthrough Prizes
Newly developed software unveils relationships between RNA modifications and cancers
Novel tool counts T cells quickly helping predict patient response to cancer therapy
History of insects living on open ocean tracked with history of currents they ride
Invisible, devastating and sustaining: Research explores mysterious microfungi
Genetic cause of endometriosis IDed, potential drug target revealed
Scientists identify genetic cause of endometriosis and reveal potential drug target
How malaria parasite defends itself against fever
Warming Western Antarctic Peninsula waters impact plankton community
2D sieving structure for DNA sequencing
Community Jameel fund drives high-impact Covid projects
New tool enables mapping of protein interaction networks at scale
No, Covid does not enter our DNA
What lies beneath: building blocks of life
‘Dark matter’ in cat genomes may shed light on human disease
International collaboration of scientists rewrite rulebook of flowering plant genetics
Some Alpine Plants Have North-south Genetic Structure Along Elevational Gap Between 30°N and 31°N
Researchers begin to unravel mysteries of kombucha fermentation
Pack rat nests offer first look at ancient insect DNA
Genetic analysis to help predict sunflower oil properties
Citizen scientists to rescue
Solving a long-standing mystery about desert’s rock art canvas
Microbiome Medicine: Scientists Harness Body’s ‘Bugs’ to Treat Asthma, MS, and More
Body’s ‘Bugs’ as Medicine