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Scientists Develop Epigenetic Fingerprint to Trace Chicken, Shrimp, Salmon Origin
Birds killed in window collisions leave behind microbiome clues in their poop
Genetic Tests Discover Heart Disease Genes
Healthy Men with Vaginal Sex Show Unique Urethral Microbiome
UNSW Researchers Receive Top AAS Honours
Blood Test Predicts Leukemia Relapse Post-Transplant
Faster genetic tests give hope to ovarian cancer patients
Qsanger method quantifies bacterial genetic variations
Sea Spray Transfers Pollution to Land: Study
Hybrid Hummingbird Discovered: Feathers Don’t Match Parents
Game-changing partnership for ocean biodiversity
Researchers Uncover Novel Algae-Fungi Coexistence
Genes reveal kidney cancer’s risk of recurrence
Kidney Cancer Genes May Signal Recurrence Risk
Where do toxins from tobacco attack DNA?
Dopamine Tuning Dial Found for Parkinson’s Signals
NIH software assembles complete genome sequences on-demand
Software from NIH Assembles Complete Genomes On-Demand
Unlocking data treasure chest
White spot under biosecurity management in NSW prawn farm
Genetic Analysis Links MicroRNAs to Diabetes in Humans
Genetic Risk Factor for Eye Disease Discovered by Scientists
Mapping Genomic Risk Factors for AMD at Tel Aviv University
AI Helps Personalize Cancer Treatment at Sussex Univ
Genomics Uncovers Clues in Seattle Shigella Outbreak (2017-2022)
Genomics aids study of Seattle 2017-22 Shigella outbreak
Hope for patients with severe rare disease
Humans Not Colonized by Bacteria Before Birth: Study
DNA sequencing method lifts ‘veil’ from genome black box
Genome-Unlocking DNA Sequencing Method Revealed
Review Marks 10 Years of CRISPR Genome Editing Success
Anti-Cancer Chemistry Found in Skullcap for Modern Medicine
Nashville Biosciences, Illumina Partner with Amgen on Sequencing
Endangered Sharks Genomes Sequenced: Scientific Breakthrough
Uncovering how cells control their protein output
TRNA-MaP: Analyzing RNA Enzymes with Next-Gen DNA Sequencer
New method finds right treatment for breast cancer patients
BC Cancer team creates better hereditary cancer screening tool
Emerging technologies overshadowed in Senate biosecurity report
These freeze-drying algae can awaken from cryostasis, could help spaceflights go farther
Coastal diatom genetic diversity to rescue when aquatic environment changes abruptly
Researchers create visible-to-near-infrared-light lasers on silicon chips, paving way for scientific and consumer applications
Study Sheds Light on Phylogenomics and Tree of Life of Flowering Plants
Genetic link in childhood glaucoma
Microfibers in Mediterranean floating homes for bacteria
Concomitant radiation and immunotherapy is beneficial for subset of lung cancer patients
New research centre to accelerate ocean conservation
Tale of terroir: Porcinis evolved to local environment