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Preventing arc flashes in Navy labs and ships
New substance classes for nanomaterials: nano spheres and diamond slivers made of silicon and germanium
Taking Tasmania’s Hydrogen industry from potential to reality
Recipe for Success: Reputations Start from Inner Circles
Received & Determined Development Applications 9 September
UK Fusion Materials Roadmap aims to accelerate progress in developing fusion power plants
New data gained on double perovskite oxides
Resources development strategy to strengthen future prosperity
Flexibility will be key to large-scale rollout of solar power
UK Government Minister goes back to future on Orkney
Boat and trailer stolen from Semaphore
Council partners with Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance Community
NTU-Hyundai to tap AI, 3D printing for electric vehicle manufacturing
Using adversarial attacks to refine molecular energy predictions
Hidden bacterial hairs power nature’s ‘electric grid’
NASA Begins Air Taxi Flight Testing with Joby
Sieving ions with polymer membrane
Green light given for Wigan to Bolton electrification
Fuelling greener future – E10 petrol available at pumps from today
Ferroelectrics everywhere?
Measuring electric current in soil could provide answers on soil health
Quantum Microscope Made in Jülich
Updated state-of-the-art computer code could advance efforts to harness fusion energy on Earth
Regulating electric vehicle charging stations: have your say
Electric gains in battery performance
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks Before Virtual FEMA Briefing on Preparations for Hurricane Ida
Selection narrows for design and construction contractor for Phase 1 of Maryland Express Lanes project
How extreme cold can crack lithium-ion battery materials, degrading performance
Recycling plastics in Yarra
Advanced Ferromagnetic Tunnel Junction Using Two-dimensional Hexagonal-BN
Physicists and collaborators co-observe higher-dimensional topological state with metamaterials
Tamworth MONOPOLY approved to pass ‘GO’
Marshall Gov should slow down on EV announcements, ensure it gets right holistic policy for SA
Energy Ministers must reject Morrison Government’s pro-coal, anti-solar agenda
$3,000 subsidies to drive electric vehicle take-up
New sensor detects valuable rare earth element terbium from nontraditional sources
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on Collectively Improving Nation’s Cybersecurity
In trap: New method for cooling charged particles
Two-trap cooling promises antimatter precision
Low-income drivers being punished by tax rules, study finds
Council announces business support grants
Council to install more electric vehicle charging stations
Big savings on new electric vehicles will be backdated if legislation passes parliament
Police seek information: Hit and run at Sunshine Coast
Record-breaking lithium-metal cell
Honour for ‘outstanding engineering research’
An innovative process which prevents irreversible energy loss in batteries
Get out and support local footy finals