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Mystery of Li-CO2 Battery Voltages Solved by Scientists
Mining approvals secure around 750 regional jobs
Greenpeace lodges ACCC complaint vs Toyota for greenwashing
University of Seville Studies Water’s Role in PEM Fuel Cells
NSW’s first hydrogen bus trial underway on Central Coast
Australia Post Seeks Feedback on Modernising Postal Services
Microbots Synch in ‘Swarmalators’ Vision
‘Swarmalators’ better envision synchronized microbots
Canada Backs Ontario Makers, Electric Vehicle Supply Chain
Canada, NL Invest in St. John’s Climate Plan
Readying Lithgow for Future – Lithgow’s EV strategy
Electrical change of phase using skyrmions
Strong Microwave Magnetic Fields for More Efficient Plasmas
January 2023 Sales, Production, Exports Up
Liberal Govt Creates 14,000 More Commuter Car Spaces
Roofing Co. Fined After 2 Serious Incidents in Weeks
Transport company fined $75,000 after electric shock
$19M Federal Funds for New EV Chargers Announced by Wilkinson
Electric Vehicle-Related Investments 25 February
Council surges with more green energy
Better transport design for people with disability
How brain’s recycling system breaks down in Parkinson’s Disease
Industry and community roundtables to support critical minerals
Avoid getting ‘too charged’ at Electric Avenue
New Quantum State Discovered in Trimer-Honeycomb Material
Vanillin from Kraft Lignin
Kicking off our collaboration with EV Cell, Government of Delhi
Canadians Pre-Register for Oil to Heat Pump Program: Lower Costs, Less Pollution
Canada, P.E.I. Team Up for Lower Heating Costs with Oil-to-Heat Pump Program
Improved Public Transit for Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore Communities
Grant Helps Californians Afford Heat Pump Conversion
Fraser Announces Program to Lower Heating Costs with Nova Scotia
Quantum Twisting Microscope: New Lens on Quantum Materials
170+ New Homes for Army Families at Imjin Barracks
Electric Fields Used to Control Thermal Properties of Ferroelectric Materials
Delivering future waste services for Canberra
El-Ghazaly Expands Wireless Access with NSF CAREER Award
Envirem Inc. Adopts Greener Practices
Sports Sensors to Curb ‘Bad Calls’ & Aid Players During Practices
Switch made from single molecule
New chip for mobile devices knocks out unwanted signals
New chip for mobile devices knocks out unwanted signals
£56m to Create Electric Chargepoints Nationwide
Clipsal Unveils Wall Box for Electricians’ Needs
EV100 Progress and Insights Report 2023
Electrician, Company Facing Court Over Homeowner’s Electric Shock
‘Clean and green’ mowing fleet cut above rest
Helping Flood-Affected Communities Reconnect