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A ‘heart’ for health, justice and helping others
Breaching blood-brain barrier to deliver precious payloads
Breaching blood-brain barrier to treat tumors
Witnessing and documenting a historic American vice presidency
Landscape shows earliest effects of modern humans using fire to shape ecosystem
Study Offers Earliest Evidence of Humans Changing Ecosystems with Fire
St. Jude influenza research earns renewed NIH funding
Scientists’ discovery of blood clotting mechanism could lead to new antithrombotic drugs
‘Batgirl’ takes on new discoveries in disease ecology, rabies transmission
Science of Sound, Vibration to Better Diagnose, Treat Brain Diseases
Women With Gynecologic Cancer and Low Income Report Increased Financial Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19 Pandemic
NIAID grants $11 million to Emory for investigating stealthy form of antibiotic resistance
Physicists develop theoretical model for neural activity of mouse brain
Public anti-Black violence and mental health of Black Americans
UPMC Hillman Names New Hematology Oncology Chief
Experimental antiviral for COVID-19 effective in hamster study
COVID-19-Associated Seizures May be Common, Linked to Higher Risk of Death
Experimental antiviral proves effective in halting spread and damage of COVID-19
Researchers Find Protein That Helps HIV-1 Navigate Through Cell
NIH funds new influenza research network
New Georgia COVID-19 data adds important local dimension to national tracking tool
New test to study language development in youth with Down syndrome
Emory part of consortium developing model of care plan for future pandemics
COVID-19: Tsunami of chronic health conditions expected, research & health care disrupted
Emory participating in Moderna COVID-19 variant vaccine study
Study Reveals Genetic and Cellular Mechanisms of Crohn’s Disease
Screams of ‘joy’ sound like ‘fear’ when heard out of context
Heritable traits that appear in teen years raise risk for adult cannabis use
Vaccine-induced antibodies still potent against more contagious SARS-CoV-2 variant
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Emory University
Pre-Pandemic Hospital Surge Capacity ‘Time Capsule’
New antibiotic clears multi-drug resistant gonorrhea in mice in single dose
Antiviral launched at Emory: results vs COVID-19
Transfer of COVID-19 antibodies from pregnant women to newborns lower than expected
Study shows community exposure as greatest risk of COVID-19 infection
U.S. President Biden Announces Intent to Nominate Key Role for Department of Health and Human Services
Grant to test genetics to help diabetes type diagnosis in children
COVID-19 antibody study: 1/8 in USA infected by October 2020
Culturally Tailored Intervention Boosts Safe Sex, Reduces Drinking Among Young Black Women
Fostering ethical thinking in computing
Findings show clinical trial testing vitamins and steroid combination in sepsis patients did not improve recovery
Emory rises in rankings of federal research funding, research group says
International study finds increased COVID-19 mortality among adults with Down syndrome
Cancer and its treatment could impact survivors’ ability to work, says national report
Getting ahead of infection – phages anticipate bacteria’s location
Antiviral proves effective at preventing COVID-19 in lab
Antiviral medication works against coronavirus in lab
Emory-developed COVID-19 vaccine safe, effective in animal models