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Scientists research breakthrough in cell mechanics discovers abnormal embryo elongation for early treatment
F-16 receives in-flight software update during recent flight test
Research infuses equity principles into algorithm development process
Researchers to push high-tech materials boundaries, thanks to ARC Linkage grants
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations Announces Award for Worldwide Architectural and Engineering Support Services
Advancing industry convergence through technology and innovation
“Greening” biomaterials and scaffolds used in regenerative medicine
Navy to Christen Submarine Rickover
Research on brain’s relay processes could guide treatment for certain brain disorders
Self-Taught, Self-Driving Cars?
Tiny wireless device illuminates neuron activity in brain
Ultrafast X-ray provides new look at plasma discharge breakdown in water
USC Stem Cell scientists explore latent regenerative potential of inner ear
An effective strategy for protecting next-generation information carrier
Vanderbilt engineer first to introduce low-power dynamic manipulation of single nanoscale quantum objects
CMU Puts AI To Work in New NSF-funded Institutes
David Sholl: Driving decarbonized energy system
How will machine learning change science?
Growth in opportunities for young people at Dounreay
5 things to know about… air travel
Flood water: Toxins from riverbed
UCLA engineers bend light to enhance wavelength conversion
Swinburne ARC grant success highlights industry connection
Early Covid symptoms differ among age groups, research finds
Expanding horizons of insect ecology research
Wingham CBD project progresses to detailed designs
Australian nutritional researcher nominated for international 2021 ASPIRE Prize
New Study Unveils Novel Technology for Plasma Separation Using Magnets
Altus AFB ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ group targets education, discourse
Brisbane and Ipswich’s best training talent announced
Saving energy, cutting pollution
Hazard study for Seal Rocks Road
Social distancing up but still inadequate to control outbreak
Research heating up wearable air-con technology
UNSW awarded $3m in ARC funding for collaborative research
Advanced engineering strategies enable more sustainable biomanufacturing industry
How fire today will impact water tomorrow
Researchers film human viruses in liquid droplets at near-atomic detail
Adapting roots to hotter planet could ease pressure on food supply
Inaugural fund supports early-stage collaborations between MIT and Jordan
New Spin on Planet Formation Mysteries
Case Western Reserve University among leaders in national Artificial Intelligence initiative
NSF Launches Artificial Intelligence Research Center at Duke
NSF unveils $20 million AI Institute with Vanderbilt and partner institutions
Novel method of imaging silicon anode degradation may lead to better batteries
Optimizing phase change material usage could reduce power plant water consumption
London Advanced Therapies receives £1.3m boost from Research England
£250 million contract for next phase for Future Combat Air System