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Eating human food could mean trouble for urban coyotes, study shows
3-D print biomesh minimizes hernia repair complications
Spring tweaks to COVID-19 plan are based on fall’s lessons
No more needles?
Immersive education: Oceanography lectures inspire new eCornell course
Aerosol particles naturally form over open sea
International Day of Education: Meet Angel and Fatma from Tanzania
TU/e set to host national FameLab final in 2021
46 mio. kr. for seven young researchers
AI: Ensuring that Humans Remain in Center
Biodegradable Displays for Sustainable Electronics
MRI helps unravel mysteries of sleep
Researchers Present Spontaneous Sparse Learning for PCM-based Memristor Neural Networks
What you need to know about hydrogen energy
Pocket Forest blooms in ‘Gratitude Flowers’ for national event
School leavers drive record number of QUT offers
Unsecured insulation blanket results in pressurisation warning and emergency descent
New Property Discovered at “Magic Angle”
Human pancreatic cancer model offers new opportunities for testing drugs
Dark web: Shining a light on hidden shadows of internet
Researchers develop a new way to forecast beach water quality
Why “Bidirectional” Contact Tracing Could Drastically Curb Coronavirus Spread-Especially B-117 Strain
Neutrons help develop more reliable aerospace materials and components
Borehole to reveal potential of geothermal heating
How to get more electric cars on road
WMG one of three major Midlands industry partners in new alliance
Lu named Association for Computing Machinery Fellow
From destruction to construction: Former nuclear bunker now hosts life-saving research
Researchers develop new graphene nanochannel water filters
Erich Ippen Named Honorary Member of Optical Society
Collaboration with Homeland Security focuses on detecting biothreats
Chemists invent shape-shifting nanomaterial
Mizzou releases fall 2020 dean’s and grad lists
Having Sustainability in Mind: Lithium from Upper Rhine Graben for Batteries
Productivity boost open to North West’s manufacturing and engineering businesses
Morris highlights IT infrastructure, digital engineering, software development
£102-million investment in detect and destroy system for British Army
Chemical researchers develop “green” ammonia
Recycling is alpha and omega of a sustainable circular economy
Squid-inspired robot swims with nature’s most efficient marine animals
New metamaterial offers reprogrammable properties
Designing customized “brains” for robots
HKU obtains excellent results from RGC’s 2021/21 research funding schemes
QueersInScience founder and LGBT+ role model recognised
Forrest scholarships support budding young scientists
New Officials Sworn-in at Department of Defense
Rob Clark, provost and senior VP for research, to step down in June
COVID-19 Virus Helps Block Host Immunity