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A device for early detection of certain eyesight problems
“In a crisis like this, an antiviral drug could buy us some time”
A nanoscale device that can see through walls
EPFL startup merges real and virtual worlds
COVID-19: “Generous public financing required”
COVID-19: “Economics alone won’t get us through this”
A new tool for identifying climate-adaptive coral reefs
How digital humanities can help in a pandemic
Practical technologies for global South
EPFL students innovate educational solutions in Bangalore schools
Knowns and unknowns about new coronavirus
All EPFL buildings will be closed until further notice
Getting groundbreaking medical technology out of lab
Remote work now mandatory for all EPFL collaborators
Explaining synchronized chaos of atoms in three minutes
Gold nanoparticles uncover amyloid fibrils
How cities have tamed counterculture
Progress towards single qubit quantum measurements
Nominations of EPFL professors
Solving problems of analytic continuation through machine learning
More efficient, longer-lasting solid oxide fuel cells
“We need to buy time for a vaccine against coronavirus”
Glass slides that stand to revolutionize fluorescence microscopy
A collective of young farmers now runs Bassenges farm
Box office success thanks to artificial intelligence
Delving into self-consciousness at EPFL
Scientists finally confirm a 50-year-old theory in mechanics
New insights into processes that cause Parkinson’s disease
Three EPFL spin-offs among Europe’s top 50 “super scale-ups”
Using performance modelling for brain tissue simulations
Fruit flies have a radical strategy for dealing with free radicals
Climate change will disrupt existing energy systems
Huck Institutes’ HITS fund will support scientific risk-takers
Extreme-environment training for would-be astronauts
Printing tiny, high-precision objects in a matter of seconds
Federal Council renews Martin Vetterli’s term as president of EPFL
New quasiparticle unveiled in room temperature semiconductors
Bacteria under microscope: a new growth model for tuberculosis
Personalized cancer vaccines
A novel formulation to explain heat propagation
EPFL spin-off Lunaphore raises 23 million francs
Breathing may change your mind about free will
Our carbon footprint is highly impacted by how we live
A summer of speed for EPFL Racing
A high-octane summer for EPFL Racing
Designing an emergency stop switch for immunotherapies
What if half of Switzerland’s rooftops produced electricity?
Harnessing moiré effect to make transparent images