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Global Warming Kills Forests Through Reduced Transpiration
Speckle-Illumination Boosts Photoacoustic Microscopy
EPFL hones efforts to ensure new technology is sustainable
Learning to “sell” a prototype designed in just a few weeks
Maps Chart Emotional Connection to Local Landscape
EPFL & IBM Develop New Laser Technology
EPFL & IBM Develop New Laser Technology
Genome Doubling May Lead to Cancer Dev
3D-printed insoles measure sole pressure directly in shoe
Smart ring offers simple way to monitor your health
New AI model transforms research on metal-organic frameworks
AI Model Revamps Understanding of Metal-Organic Frameworks
Unraveling primordial-soup-like secrets of ChatGPT
Appointment of EPFL professors 10 March
Students want to invite ocean on EPFL campus
New tool for protein sequence generation and design
EPFL’s DigitALL creates explainable and equitable AI
Knowing where earthquakes will cause damage
EPFL Publishes Monograph on Le Cèdre, Swiss Architecture Jewel
Lausanne museum unveils secrets of first color photographs
Scientists monitor wildlife to boost preservation efforts
Scientists improve accuracy of weather and climate models
EPFL Enhances Skills Training for Students
Prizes for biomedical research in Lake Geneva region
3D Printing Creates Bone-Like Materials from Bacterial Ink
When researchers join forces in fight against cancer
Modeling liver and kidney disease
Oral bacteria may increase heart disease risk
Electronic Devices Boost Ultra-Fast Comm. Speed
EPFL architects rethink city-river balance within neighborhoods
Blue Brain Project Atlas Uncovers Neuron Types
Tossing coins to understand spheres
Chromo-encryption method encodes secrets with color
Startups: boost of early stage funding in 2022
How age and sex influence our body clocks
Age, Sex Affect Body Clocks: Study
Microfluidic for detecting SARS-CoV-2
EPFL Spacecraft Team is launching EPFL back into space
How microbial communities shape ocean’s ecology
Autonomous steering system keeps human drivers engaged
Neuro-chip to manage brain disorders
Ultrafast control of spins in microscope
Hope for patients with severe rare disease
EPFL startup develops system for producing blood platelets on demand
Sleeping together: Examining dormitories as architectural types
Sleeping together: Examining dormitories as architectural type
Polymer Increases Perovskite Solar Cell Stability
Why rivers matter for global carbon cycle