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EPFL creates a solar cooker with solid potential in Switzerland
During epidemics, access to GPS data from smartphones can be crucial
EPFL-developed geothermal panels reach international finals
A more sustainable material to reinforce concrete structures
A cheaper way to scale up atomic layer deposition
Nitrous oxide emissions set to rise in Pacific Ocean
EPFL aims to build trust in fintechs
Using AI to predict where and when lightning will strike
Professional networking app offers convenience of online dating
EPFL honors a climate advocate
EPFL bioengineering team wins global iGEM competition
An intelligent network for better water management
EPFL champions energy geostructures
Analyzing gut bacteria more accurately to make diagnosis
5,000 “eyes” will track expansion of Universe
Claudia R. Binder appointed dean of ENAC
Turning a dangerous toxin into a biosensor
Center for Biomedical Imaging marks its 15th anniversary
Mountain streams emit a surprising amount of CO2
Bacteria must be “stressed out” to divide
EPFL anchors partnership with Canton of Vaud
Excitons will shape future of electronic devices
EPFL spin-off GTX medical moves into US market
With Giotto, artificial intelligence gets a third dimension
EPFL is developing next-generation soft hearing implants
EPFL students push boundaries of concrete engineering
A smart speaker helps care for elderly at home
A new initiative to enhance innovation in food and nutrition
DeepFly3D: deep-learning way to design fly-like robots
Controlling superconducting regions within an exotic metal
Bike designed with artificial intelligence breaks world speed records
This Nobel Prize makes EPFL’s astrophysicists proud
Geneva’s commuters embrace multimodal transport
A new anthology highlights legacy of Rem Koolhaas
EPFL celebrates 1,028 new Master’s graduates
Cholera bacterium can steal up to 150 genes in one go
Awarded for his real-world teaching strategy
Taking sustainability into space
Right carbon tax to reduce impact of transport in Switzerland
Drawings by architect Alberto Sartoris to be shown by EPFL in Rome
EPFL researchers invent low-cost alternative to Bitcoin
Artificial skin could help rehabilitation and enhance virtual reality
Nominations of EPFL professors
Student fieldwork targets thawing permafrost and an abandoned gulag
SwissCube still going strong 10 years on
A chip to measure vacuums
EPFL spin-off Kandou Bus brings in 56 million dollars
Daylight levels affect our thermal perception