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Why we differ in our ability to fight off gut infections
Predicting hydraulic fracture propagation more accurately
A brand new tool devoted to simplifying complex neuron models
A green battery for home use in rural Africa
2020 Youth Olympic Games: a testing ground for new technologies
Cosmic magnifying glasses show faster expanding universe
EPFL spin-off’s tiny robots turn heads in Las Vegas
Reducing human-induced earthquake risk
Fingerprint of climate change detected in daily weather
Capturing CO2 from trucks and reducing their emissions by 90%
How can we make residential neighborhoods more sustainable by 2050?
A Swiss satellite seeking out distant planets
UNIL, IMD and EPFL team up on sustainable management
Evaluating risks posed by deepfakes
Nominations of EPFL professors
Combining science and design to measure our exposure to light
New material design tops carbon-capture from wet flue gases
Predicting a protein’s behavior from its appearance
Increasing food intake by swapping mitochondrial genomes
EPFL startup heads a mission to clean up space
Liquid flow is influenced by a quantum effect in water
Gaining insight into energy balance of earthquakes
NeuroRestore Center: aimed at restoring lost neurological function
Big data toolkit to mine dark genome for precision medicine
EPFL spin-off makes its mark in virtual reality
Designing and re-purposing cell receptors
EPFL’s student solves a 100-year-old physics enigma
Controlling optical properties of solids with acoustic waves
AWAKE: More plasma = more acceleration
An EPFL robot in space
Random importance of clouds
Engineering solutions for kitchen challenges
Eliminating cracks in 3D-printed metal components
When grown right, palm oil can be sustainable
Stabilizing a cliff using biomineral binders
A conversation with EPFL’s artist-in-residence Nora Al-Badri
A conversation with EPFL’s artist-in-residence
Katie Bouman, scientist who reveals invisible
EPFL creates a solar cooker with solid potential in Switzerland
During epidemics, access to GPS data from smartphones can be crucial
EPFL-developed geothermal panels reach international finals
A more sustainable material to reinforce concrete structures
A cheaper way to scale up atomic layer deposition
Nitrous oxide emissions set to rise in Pacific Ocean
EPFL aims to build trust in fintechs
Using AI to predict where and when lightning will strike
Professional networking app offers convenience of online dating
EPFL honors a climate advocate