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Nominations of EPFL professors 11 December
EPFL, ETH Zurich and ICRC team up to bolster humanitarian aid
“Game changer” perovskite can detect gamma rays
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Augmented reality makes chemistry and biology accessible everywhere
AI now sees and hears COVID in your lungs
Lung-on-chip provides new insight on response to early TB infection
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New cancer-fighting method leverages mechanical force of T cells
“Our spin-off will follow in Logitech’s footsteps”
Foreign vs own DNA: How an innate immune sensor tells difference
Adaptive structures cut down carbon footprint of buildings
Study measures Switzerland’s potential geothermal heating capacity
Virtual reality helps measure vulnerability to stress
New process narrows gap between natural and synthetic materials
Three spin-offs make finals of a deep tech startup competition
Vaud residents embrace clean commuting and public transport
Silke Pan wins silver in Cybathlon with TWIICE exoskeleton
New fiber optic sensors transmit data up to 100 times faster
Applying environmental genomics to coral conservation
Carbyne – an unusual form of carbon
Organoids produce embryonic heart
A new candidate material for Quantum Spin Liquids
Salamanders provide a model for spinal-cord regeneration
New light on cellular hydration
Next-generation computer chip with two heads
“The real value of a course is sharing of intuition”
Mapping to predict distribution of ticks in Switzerland
New certification system gives internships a sustainability label