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Temporary shelters popping up alongside camping tents
EPFLoop ready to roll in Los Angeles
EPFL startup develops innovative method for recycling PET
EPFL scientists model flight of dandelion seeds
Evaluating risks posed by synthetic biology
Are fertility apps useful?
Automated microscope gives a look inside live cell populations
A new technique to concentrate a fertilizer produced from wastewater
A new wastewater treatment that concentrates nitrogen for fertilizer
Nominations of EPFL professors
New dual-propeller drone can fly twice as long
Way a single neuron processes information is never same
EPFL scientists map high-risk areas for Hepatitis E
Robot-ants that can jump, communicate and work together
Roundtable with Yuval Noah Harari: live stream
Students head to Chile for a fresh perspective on building
Remodeling ruins to preserve our rural heritage
Math of detecting communities
“I loved atmosphere, work, team and city of Bern”
Important Results For Brain Machine Interfaces
Simulating quantum systems with neural networks
New approach to energy strategy accounts for uncertainty
AI-designed heat pumps consume less energy
Robots programmed to follow you
“Science journalists help bring science to masses”
Yuval Noah Harari to address a packed house at EPFL
What can Wikipedia tell us about human interaction?
Growing embryonic tissues on a chip
Hydrogel developed at EPFL offers real promise in treating diabetes
Lunar mission deep in Zermatt’s ice
Engineering heat out of metro tunnels
EPFL awarded joint Chan Zuckerberg grant for Human Cell Atlas
Perovskite solar cells tested for real-world performance – in lab
Software to protect world’s most endangered species
World of 3D cells is now open for EPFL students to explore
Google funds EPFL research on nuclear phenomena
Compound with anti-aging effects passes human trial
Striking for greater equality at EPFL
Carbon-neutral fuels move a step closer
EPFL becomes a Collaborating Centre of IAEA
A new approach to modeling tumors
Cholera bacterium’s 3-in-1 toolkit for life in ocean
Decoding Beethoven’s music style using data science
How flow shapes bacterial biofilms
Building on our knowledge of earth’s soils
EPFL hosts first Swiss edition of youth cryptography competition
EPFL students built a new pavilion at Servion Zoo
Desalinating water in a greener and more economical way