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New program to train leaders of a more sustainable world
Understanding effect of aging on genome
MarrowQuant: a new digital-pathology tool
Inside mitochondria and their fascinating genome
Nominations of EPFL professors 25 September
New EPFL Vice-Presidencies approved
Microelectronics shed light on neural behaviour
Researchers develop new method to print tiny, functional organs
Towards immunotherapies with fewer side effects
Viruses could become harder to kill
EPFL’s Predikon: predicting voting results with machine learning
Optical Wi-Fi allows for ultrafast underwater communications
A link between sensory neurons activation and immune system
An acoustically actuated microscopic device
Synthetic biology: a discussion with George Church and Christian Frei
Patches to detect when a viral disease is about to get worse
Bile acids boost gut regeneration
Lighting way to infrared detection
Next-gen organoids grow and function like real tissues
Catalyst Fund selects six projects in its 2020 funding round
ArtLab to host four nights of open-air cinema
A masked start to school year for 2,000 new EPFL students
Machine-learning helps sort out massive materials’ databases
Transistor-integrated cooling for a more powerful chip
Restless nature of human spinal cord, non-invasive imaging reveals
AI shows how hydrogen becomes a metal inside giant planets
Artificial intelligence explains hydrogen’s behavior on giant planets
DTU ranked two in research world ranking
Corals, Cooperation and Cooking: meet Anders Meibom
Reconfiguring microwave photonic filters without an external device
A step towards a better understanding of molecular dynamics
New model explains when brain becomes aware of information
How Swiss fared under partial lockdown
A photographic exhibition captures ‘Hope’ at ArtLab
A universal structural deformation in all heme proteins
“Jumping” DNA regulates human neurons
Microbes working together multiply biomass conversion possibilities
Protecting estuarine cities from rising sea levels
A model for keeping pandemic in check in Italy
Andrew Oates, a passion for cycles
Researchers launch video game exploring effects of confinement
Kumar Varoon Agrawal prospects advanced purification processes
Modeling avalanche protection in forests
Unraveling initial molecular events of respiration
Artificial materials for more efficient electronics
New tool helps interpret future searches for life on exoplanets
Bringing computational music analysis beyond traditional canon
Aleksandra Radenovic, from Balkans to Lake Geneva