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New Normal with Maydianne Andrade: Scapegoat
Nobel laureate among presenters for UTA Science Week
Stroud honored with American Society of Naturalists award
Entomologist to examine how plant domestication influences pollinator evolution
Cultural lives of animals revealed
Researchers seek to improve representation with Canadian Black Scientists Network
Mystery of photosynthetic algae evolution finally solved
New bird emerged from genetic shuffling
Size of grass blades offers better understanding of their vulnerability to climate change
Intensity of phytoplankton production during Antarctic summer affects structure of seafloor ecosystems
Research of our Environment: How UConn Researchers are Working to Save Planet
Researchers uncover underlying genetics that make flies champion fliers
Climate change ravages coralligenous architects in Mediterranean
Identifying Cells to Better Understand Healthy and Diseased Behavior
Study shows winter road salt poses year-round threat to aquatic life in Toronto’s rivers
Nearly 1,000 gather for conversation on safer fieldwork
A Call to Action for Insects Resonates with Public
New light shed on early evolution of limb bone marrow
‘Climate Crisis: Take Action’ Is Third Pop-Up Class Offering at UConn
How we can use psychological principles to foster collaboration in fight against COVID-19
Rapid evolution may help species adapt to climate change and competition
University of Toronto Trash Team and PortsToronto battle plastic pollution in Lake Ontario
ICREA Academia 2020 program awards five UB researchers
True toll of coronavirus on sub-Saharan Africa may be obscured by tremendous variability
Genomic and epigenomic analyses reveal speciation in mole rat populations without sharp separation
UO biologist chosen for a Sloan Research Fellowship
Biodiversity protects bee communities from disease
Friends matter: More sociable giraffes live longer
Seagulls are indicators of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in environment
Friends Matter: Giraffes that Group with Others Live Longer
Adherence to health precautions, not climate, biggest factor driving wintertime COVID-19 outbreaks
UBCO students raise funds for food banks with Smart Meals
To figure out how dinosaurs walked, start with how they didn’t
RESMED: knowing about and protecting marine littoral of Pyrenees
Researchers at forefront of national plans for technological and social transition to net-zero emissions
Underestimated mutation potential of retrogenes
Snake Micro Scales Reveal Secrets of Sidewinding and Slithering
Study: Did cobras first spit venom to scare pre-humans?
Mange in Yellowstone wolves reveals insights into human scabies and conservation biology
Call for Papers – Islam and Evolution
Ecosystem drives origin of new shark and ray species