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Jellyfish Size Affects Nutrition: UBC Study
Mediterranean Diet Cuts CVD, Death Risk in Women by 25%
Scientists Uncover Role of Mitochondria in Cancer Cells
Study identifies human genes enabling SARS-CoV-2 infection
Mediterranean Diet Cuts Women’s CVD Risk by 25%
Fats help tag medical implants as friend or foe
High Altitude Shifts Body’s Metabolism
Mutant Mice Aid Bipolar Disorder Study
Additive Aids in Making Slurry Climate-Friendly
Understanding and fighting metastatic cancer
Research Finds Zika May Fight Prostate Cancer, But Risk of Side-Effects
Higher Omega-3 Index Linked to Lower Risk of Severe COVID
Gut bacteria are crucial for liver repair
3 Gut Bacteria Linked to Dementia w/ Lewy Bodies Found
Cold-Loving Cyanobacteria Blooms Thrive Too
Research Finds Perfluoroether Carboxylic Acids Harmful to Health
Fibre discovery could shape better gut health
$10M USDA Grant Funds Midwestern Seafood Production/Consumption
Mom’s Microbiota Regulates Newborn Lungs’ Immunity
Remote Diet Intervention Feasible for Lymphoma Survivors to Reduce Fatigue
Spanish Lagoon Sheds Light on Mars’ Wet-Dry Past
Spanish lagoon proposed as Mars ‘astrobiological time-analog’
Small Molecules Shutter Covid Businesses
High Methylmalonic Acid Linked to Cardiac Risk: Study
Antibody May Treat Serious Liver Disease: Study
Science friction: Study links nano and macro aspects of everyday force
Soy Protein Lowers Risk of Metabolic Diseases by Blocking LDL Cholesterol
Seafood May Shield Against Kidney Disease: Grill Up Prawns
Seafood Omega 3s Linked to Lower Chronic Kidney Risk
Research: Microalgae Could Fuel Future of Sustainable Superfoods
Pusan National U Uncovers Therapeutic Targets to Fight Brain Cancer
Novel Tool Uncovers Gut-Brain Connection
Vegan Pet Diets: Examining Health Claims
Gut Bacteria Linked to Brain Health in Mice
Blood Test Shows Potential to Screen Pregnancy Risks
Oregon State Researchers Make Progress on Blindness Treatment
Hypertensives May Reap Benefits from Gut Bacteria
Nutrition based on own metabolism makes people healthier
Metabolism-based nutrition makes people healthier
Obesity May Leave Lasting Impacts on Innate Immunity, Neuroinflammation
Intestinal Bacteria May Play Role in MS: Puzzle Piece?
Fatty Acid Affects Sensitivity of Psoriasis Plaques to Heat, Pain
HKU Biologists Unveil Bioenergetics Behind Rapid Pollen Tube Growth
Xanthan Gum: Lowered Blood Glucose Levels
Guts Vary in Ability to Absorb Nutrients
Chronic inflammation may lead to low milk production in breastfeeding moms
Aging Muscles Depend on Ceramides for Health
Walnuts Boost Brain Power for University Students Under Stress