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Endangered sawfish win reprieve with NT fishing closure
Ocean Resources Tipping Point Threatens Marine Mammal Reproduction
UK Fishing Habits Shift to Protect Biodiversity: Study
Toothed Whales Use Vocal Fry to Fish Deep Waters
McLeod: Fed Funds for NWT Fishing Industry
Seafood lovers urged to have their say
Mauritania Praised for Advances in Women’s Education, FGM & Trafficking Queried
Fishing Industry Gets New Funds for Training Next Gen
Vessel Captain Fined for Undeclared Fish Catches
Fishing Fund Aids Green Transition for Industry
Gathering Enough Info Key to Proper Resource Mgmt
Unlocking chemical cues key to invasive sea star removal
Guterres: Cabo Verde On Frontlines of Climate Crisis
Director Fined $2.5K for Sleep-Driving Collision with Wharf
UK Bolsters Protection of Vital Marine Habitats
£750m Fishing Boost in 2023 Agreed
Report and Safety Flyer for Reul A Chuain Released
NZ signs on to Cape Town Agreement
Researchers model predicted environmental impacts of increased desalination and climate change
UK reaches agreement on key fish stocks for 2023
Senate committee recommends ACCC inquiry into fisheries and seafood market
EOI now open for Fisheries Advisory Councils
Scientists chart more sustainable future for UK fisheries
Boost for UK fishing industry with funding for new infrastructure projects
UK reaches deal with Norway to secure opportunities for UK fishing industry
Boost for UK fishing industry with new infrastructure projects
Fisheries and Seafood Scheme funding panel dates announced for 2023
Celebrating 50 years of Pemberton hatchery’s benefits for WA
Critical milestone approaches for Blue Mud Bay
New report shows recreational fishing fees at work
Tunas, billfishes recover yet sharks’ extinction risk rises
Building our marine economy: Canada concludes successful Seal Summit
IAEA at COP27: New Report Shows How Nuclear Technology Supports Climate Change Adaptation in Africa
Fisheries and Oceans Canada welcomes media to Seal Summit
$500,000 catch of day in popular fishing grants program
Using data to make workplaces safer
Marine Protected Area creates spillover benefits for tuna fishermen in Hawaii
Green pressure helps keep check on commercial fishing
New small craft harbour to be built at Hollow Water First Nation on Lake Winnipeg Manitoba
World’s largest no-fishing zone benefits fish and fishermen
ʻAhi recovery up, more fish caught thanks to no-fishing zones
Govt failing our oceans
NLC welcomes historic Nitmiluk agreement between first nations peoples, fishing industry and government
Indonesia and Australia conclude joint maritime operation
Fishing industry in 2021 statistics published
Canada will host Seal Summit for stakeholders to discuss opportunities for industry development
MMO engages recreational fishers on Fisheries Management Plan
Great Sandy Marine plan to protect environment, tourism and great lifestyle