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Melting icebergs key to sequence of an ice age, scientists find
50 million-year-old fossil assassin bug has unusually well-preserved anatomy
Research explains why crocodiles have changed so little since age of dinosaurs
Imperial academic delivers Royal Institution Christmas Lecture
Have a treasured holiday and get fossicking in Queensland’s backyard
Volcanic eruptions directly triggered ocean acidification during Early Cretaceous
New dinosaur showed descendants how to dress to impress
New ‘sea dragon’ discovered off UK coastline
Prehistoric ‘Sea Dragon’ Discovered on English Channel Coast Is Identified as a New Species
Working to reveal secrets of earliest animals
Natural Selection also Increases Adaptability of Organism
Scientist joins next Mars adventure
Triceratops To Call Melbourne Home After 67 Million Years
After 66 Million years – amazing duelling dinosaurs can finally be studied
Curious Kids: could dinosaurs evolve back into existence?
Only dinosaurs found in Ireland described for first time
A New Species of Rare Phylum Loricifera Discovered in Deep-sea Surrounding Japan
Study reveals true origin of oldest evidence of animals
Brains ‘primed’ for life on land
Identical evolution of isolated organisms
Prehistoric Shark Hid Its Largest Teeth
Giant lizards learnt to fly over millions of years
Large tides may have been a key factor in evolution of bony fish and tetrapods
Study reveals bat-winged dinosaurs had short-lived gliding abilities
Bat-winged dinosaurs that could glide
Tooth marks and lost teeth offer insights into dinosaur feeding behavior
Astronomers discover metal-poor globular cluster
Armed with 3D scanners, University anthropologists ready hundreds of fossils for virtual labs
Oldest titanium provides evidence of one-billion-year-old preserved life
A tiny jaw from Greenland sheds light on origin of complex teeth
Beak bone reveals pterosaur like no other
Sentinels of ocean acidification survived Earth’s last mass extinction
New study reveals how reptiles divided up spoils in ancient seas
Sea butterflies and sea angels survived Earth’s last mass extinction
Rare fossil named after Doctor Who
Bird beak revealed by HKU-codeveloped laser imaging informs early beak form, function, and development
Member of HKU’s Laboratory for Space Research co-discovers first planet found around white dwarf star
Oldest known sperm cells
New EMS museum collections manager to improve data, research, outreach
Swiss Dinosaur Skeleton to Become Museum’s Latest Showpiece
Ancient bony fish forces rethink of how sharks evolved
Fossil evidence of ‘hibernation-like’ state in 250-million-year-old Antarctic animal
Newly discovered rare dinosaur embryos show sauropods had rhino-like horns
New Neural Network Differentiates Middle and Late Stone Age Toolkits
Ancient North American reptiles lived on an island archipelago in South Wales
Long Neck Helped Reptile Hunt Underwater
Hiroshima trees planted in Fremantle Peace Grove
Street artists step up to keep City of Parramatta community connected