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Carbon and climate change in an ancient ‘icehouse’ world
Glass and energy reform: Sustainable production thanks to electricity?
Discovery of ‘ghost’ fossils reveals plankton resilience to past global warming events
Previously Unknown Dolphin Species Was Present in Switzerland
Decoding leaf: scientists search for features to ID modern, fossil leaves
Parks Canada recovers fossils illegally removed from Burgess Shale in Kootenay National Park
What Caused This Megatooth Shark’s Massive Toothache?
Geoscience Australia welcomes its 150,000th student
Complex Human Childbirth and Cognitive Abilities Result of Walking Upright
Clasper appendages discovered in mid-Cambrian trilobite show horseshoe crab-like mating behavior
Scientists are amazed at how fast Taiwan’s crust is moving
Land Snail Shell: Recorder of Weather Scale Precipitation Events
New 225-million-year-old reptile from Brazil
Researchers discover overlooked Jurassic Park of lizards
Large bodies helped extinct marine reptiles with long necks swim, study finds
Giant marine reptiles at 2,800 meters above sea level
Linyi Lagerstätte: New Window on Cambrian Fauna Evolution
Continued learning for Junior Ranger presenters
Fish-like marine reptile found buried in its own blubber
New dino-mite family friendly exhibition opens at Mint
Ammolite is Alberta gemstone 75 million years in making
Fossil Treasures of Alpstein
UC to host free, public geoscience events
First fossil of daytime active owl found at edge of Tibetan Plateau
ESI Group Visits Coon Creek Science Center
Fossil fruit found buried beneath ancient Indian lava flows
Big duck discovery
Curious Kids: what is largest penguin that ever lived?
Core aspects of climate models are sound – proof’s in plankton
New species of stegosaur is oldest discovered in Asia, and possibly world
Science in Park returns with family friendly fun and learning
New fossil birds discovered near China’s Great Wall – one had a movable, sensitive “chin”
Lichens are in danger of losing evolutionary race with climate change
Century later, scientists describe second opabiniid ever discovered
New fossil reveals origin of arthropod breathing system
Rodents of unusual size are found in Oregon’s fossil record
Demystifying machine-learning systems
Research project invites people to recreate sounds which our ancestors believed connected them with spirit world
Amber fossil reveals new clues about ancient cockroach ecology
Beads made from ostrich eggshells reveal oldest known social network
Muscular study provides new information about how largest dinosaurs moved and evolved
Have your say on draft Boodjamulla National Park management plan
‘Platypus’ of crab world was an active predator that lurked Cretaceous seas
Researchers Discover World’s Earliest Fossil Record of Flower Buds
Hidden order in windswept sand
New study pinpoints twin triggers of Triassic era extinction event
BAS researcher involved in discovery of ‘sea dragon’ fossil
Researchers Reveal Age and Stratigraphical Sequence of Ancient Petroleum Reservoir in North Xinjiang, China