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Tiny fruit flies give researchers new insights into ‘highway of nerve cells’
New discovery could one day help rejuvenate adult brain
Sterile fruit flies released from sky
Understanding fruit fly behavior may be next step toward autonomous vehicles
Researchers unite art and science as they study development of leaves
Cultural lives of animals revealed
Queensland Fruit Fly detected in Yarra Ranges
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Hothouse returns to local theatre making
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Could catnip become new DEET?
Researchers uncover how some animals sense gritty texture of their food
How insects detect color
Rapid evolution may help species adapt to climate change and competition
Why male mosquitoes leave humans alone
New research on mitochondrial function can play significant part in serious disease
High-Risk Gene for Neurodevelopmental Disorders Linked to Sleep Problems in Flies
CRISPR improves method for studying gene functions
Genes that dance to circadian rhythm
$13 million to strengthen Australia’s fruit fly research
Take action against fruit fly
How genetic motifs conduct “the music of life
Pack your lunch right to help stop fruit fly spread
Researchers find hormone treatment can be effective against polycystic kidney disease
Smart imaging system captures individual fly life-cycle transitions
Common pesticides stop bees and flies from getting a good night’s sleep
Deep sleep takes out trash
Proteins unspool DNA so cells can take on unique properties
Changes in nutrient storage and metabolism help fruit flies reach maturity
Protein Tells Developing Cells to Stick Together
Positive effector behind reduced food intake identified
Check your home-grown fruit and veggies for maggots
Oldest known sperm cells
Investigating Host Tolerance to Genes that Jump
Researchers Discover “Marie Kondo” Protein Which Aids in Organizing Fruit Fly Embryos
Novel insecticides offer sustainable options for fruit fly control
Dissecting fruit flies’ response to life-extension diet