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Researchers find another layer to code of life
Fruit flies prioritize mating over survival
How gene mutation causes higher intelligence
Head, body, eye coordination conserved across animal kingdom, researchers find
When animal world inspires science
Death in darkness: new type of cell death discovered in fly guts
New type of cell death discovered in fly guts
How immune cells enter tissue
Bioengineers visualize fat storage in fruit flies
Genes can affect our nutrient tolerance
Low-dose lithium may slow kidney aging
Scientists Pinpoint What Makes Brain Cells Develop in Specific Order
Researchers uncover factors that regulate neuron development in fruit fly visual system
Supergenes make cod survivors
Dark matter of brain
Local motion detectors in fruit flies sense complex patterns generated by their own motion
Researchers find surprising twist behind rare neurological disorder
Fruit flies adapt activity to “white nights”
After mating, fruit fly sperm are no longer fully male
Yukiko Yamashita, unraveler of stem cells’ secrets
Fruit flies have super resolution stereo vision
Rapid adaptation in fruit flies has implications for understanding evolution
Surprise Findings Suggest Mosquito Odor Sensors Are Sensitive to Molecular Regulation to Avoid Insect Repellants
Surprise findings suggest mosquito odor sensors are sensitive to molecular regulation to avoid insect repellents
Fruit fly study uncovers functional significance of gene mutations associated with autism
Parental sugar intake has profound effects on offspring health, study finds
Research sheds light on mysterious messenger RNA modifications
Night and day difference: Circadian clock may protect aging eyes
Researchers describe process for extending longevity of stem cells
Flying Fruit Fly Circus returns to Rockhampton
How single nerve cell can multiply
An organic insecticide is more damaging to non-target insects than synthetic counterparts
Organic insecticides more damaging to non-target insects than synthetic counterparts
Algebra of neurons
Researchers develop portable sensor-packed tool for insect tracking
Scientist Discover How Our Circadian Rhythm Can Be Both Strong and Flexible
Flies possess more sophisticated cognitive abilities than previously known
Temperature, reproduction link holds promise for insect control
Researchers discover how our circadian rhythm can be both strong and flexible
Neuroscientist investigates how animals filter sensory information
Your microbiome shapes your life. But where did it come from?
Gut molecule discovered that flips feeding-to-mating switch
Suppressing spread of tumors
It’s here … Cube Wodonga’s 2022 Season Program
Key amino acid in heme production helps fight aging in muscles
Genes newly linked to longer human lifespan
To research addiction, Brown senior Eve Glenn is combining empathy with cutting-edge brain science
NFFC will continue to prevent fruit fly in Australia 24 January