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Morning exposure to deep red light improves declining eyesight
How eating less in early life could help with reproduction later on
How to eat poison butterfly
Universal traits spotted in early evolution of sex chromosomes
More evidence of an evolutionary ‘arms race’ between genes and selfish genetic elements
Taking pulse of flies
Dopamine’s many roles, explained
Cells move by controlling stiffness of their neighbors
Researchers’ lab-grown muscles used to study Duchenne muscular dystrophy, develop treatments
Researchers uncover gene involved in sexual conflict in fruit flies
On Ground Support For Fruit Fly Management
Ahead of COP26, IAEA Issues Report on Role of Nuclear Science and Technology in Climate Change Adaptation
Freezing fruit flies for future function
Chemists discover faster-acting forms of insecticide imidacloprid
Telescopic model of development of hair follicles
Genes Are Individualists, Not Collectivists, During Early Fruit Fly Development
Single gene can disrupt sleep-wake cycle
Intermittent fasting makes fruit flies live longer – will it work for people?
“Is that a bacon sandwich?” – Fruit flies react to smells while asleep
Bacteria can boost fitness of their host
Importance of crop hygiene and host management
Can fruit fly research help improve survival of cancer patients?
Fixing protein production errors lengthens lifespan
New children’s fruit fly booklet buzzes into schools
Novel technology makes studying gene function easier, faster and more efficient
Why social stress is fatal for fruit flies
Study links free radicals to heart damage caused by cancer
Millions of sterile flies dropped from sky over city
Israel fruit fly technology deployed in Adelaide in Australian first
Tracking genetically modified animals
Physics behind water bear’s lumbering gait
Faulty regulation of an architect gene can lead to rare bone disease
Lonely flies, like many humans, eat more and sleep less
Bug watch – New research to track pests in fruit and veg
Machine learning analysis finds 50 conserved genes in both Drosophila fruit flies and humans strongly linked to neurological aging
New carnivorous plant must balance trapping prey and being pollinated
Daddy longlegs got their long legs by reusing some old evolutionary tools
Food or sex? Fruit flies give insight into decision-making
How headless hydra feel, react to prodding
North on front line against pests and diseases
Brain ‘noise’ keeps nerve connections young
Identifying spark of desire in fruit flies
A model of cooperation for transporting mRNA
Scientists uncover new signalling pathway that could shed light on damage repair during brain injury
Researcher’s Work with Flies Could Be a Birth Control Boon
Study shows effectiveness of suppressing female fruit flies
Glial cells help mitigate neurological damage in Huntington’s disease
Study suggests scientists may need to rethink which genes control aging