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DESI Opens Its 5,000 Eyes to Capture Colors of Cosmos
Relocation of school to former toxic waste site poses unacceptable risk to people, bushland and Manly Dam
DOE funds new physics research in dark matter
EROSITA delivers first striking images
‘Relocation SRON only offers opportunities’
Super Spirals Spin Super Fast
A matter of dark matter
Violent flaring revealed at heart of a black hole system
Professor Didier Queloz wins 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics for first discovery of an exoplanet
CERN congratulates 2019 physics Nobel Prize winners
Cosmic collision produces neutrino
Waterloo targets dark matter, dark energy and black holes with new astrophysics centre
This is how a “fuzzy” universe may have looked
New ‘fuzzy’ dark matter research disrupts conventional thinking
Violent history of big galaxy next door
Revealed: violent past of Andromeda, our neighbouring galaxy
Logan libraries feel force of Star Wars story time
Swinburne researchers recognised as leaders in their field
Growing old together: a sharper look at black holes and their host galaxies
Earliest cluster of forming galaxies discovered 13 billion light-years away
Galaxy surrounded by a halo of tranquil gas
Optus expands its 5G handset range
Get ready for more interstellar objects, Yale astronomers say
One small step for electrons, one giant leap for quantum computers
Swarovski Looks To Stars For Its Cosmic Winter Collection
Stellar nurseries of distant galaxies
Stellar nurseries of distant galaxies
World’s largest optical lens shipped to SLAC
Towering balloon-like features discovered near centre of Milky Way
Answer to life, universe, and everything
Afterglow sheds light on nature, origin of neutron star collisions
RAAF refuellers join mammoth contingent at Exercise Mobility Guardian
Sum of three cubes for 42 finally solved – using real life planetary computer
Study Reveals ‘Radical’ Wrinkle in Forming Complex Carbon Molecules in Space
Survey: 69% of Aussie women prefer holidays to sex
10 big questions concerning “Consciousness, Brain and Artificial Intelligence”
Temperatures of 800 billion degrees in cosmic kitchen
A heavyweight candidate for dark matter
Why every Australian should record medicines they are taking: Be Medicinewise Week 2019
Scientists to create 3-D map of ten million galaxies in universe
Macau casino group’s juicy punt on Red Rhapsody strawberries
Evidence found for cloaked black hole in early universe
Dance, astronomy and Indigenous culture collide in 4 Dimensions
Optus opens pre-order for Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and Note10+ 5G
Dark Matter May Be Older Than Big Bang, Study Suggests
A long time ago, galaxies far, far away
Repeating outflows of hot wind found close to black hole
Ghosts of Ancient Explosions Live on in Stars Today