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3rd Anniversary of Pandemic: Loneliness Persists for Older Adults
Older Adults Still Feel High Levels of Loneliness 3 Years into Pandemic
Nursing Home Fall Injury Risk Predicted by Models
Canada Invests $2.5M in Mental Health of Elders, Caregivers
Wheelchair Users at Lower Risk of Fractures in Old Age
COVID-19 vs. Pneumonia in ICU for Older Patients
COVID-19 vs Bacterial, Viral Pneumonia in Older ICU Patients
Medical Students’ Family Medicine Clerkship Learning
VUMC’s ‘Shed-MEDS’ Reduces Drug Interaction Risk in Elderly
Geriatric Fracture Program Cuts Hospital Stay Length
Mandatory Cognitive Testing for Older Drivers: Crash Prevention?
West Health Issues 1st Telehealth Guidelines for Seniors
Social Isolation Linked to Dementia Risk in Seniors, Ways To Reduce It Identified
Social Isolation Linked to Dementia Risk in Elderly: Ways To Reduce
Older Adults’ Risk of Dementia Increased by Social Isolation
Calif. Nursing Homes: Prepared for Wildfire Emergencies?
‘Exercise snacking’ revolutionary new approach to fitness
Advanced practice registered nurses key to improving nursing home care, University of Missouri study finds
“Sandwich generation” study shows challenges of caring for both kids and aging parents
Does persistent pain affect older adults’ physical functioning, cognition, and well-being?
Tailored activity programs show promise for black people with dementia and their family carers
Research explores racial disparities in older patients hospitalized for myocardial infarction
Pursuing better care for older adults
Is muscle weakness new smoking?
Is weakness new smoking? Muscle strength tied to biological age
Trends in antiepileptic, antipsychotic, and opioid prescribing to nursing home residents with dementia
Telehealth brings big advantages for older adults, but new ‘guard rails’ could significantly bolster care
November is Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month: What You Need to Know
New Journal of Pharmaceutical analysis articles highlight progress
AGS releases framework for understanding intersection of structural racism and ageism in healthcare
Readout of Meeting with Nation’s Leading Clinical Societies on Importance of Getting Americans Vaccinated and COVID- 19 Treatments
Do older adults with poor prognosis cancers have preexisting conditions that affect their physical function and quality of life
HKUMed finds 40% lower risk of pneumonia among advanced dementia patients on careful hand feeding than on tube feeding
Do attitudes and behaviors in response to stress impact health of older people with diabetes?
Race and Ethnicity Influence End-of-Life Care for Medicare Patients With Dementia
Positive effects of omega-3 on immune system in cases of severe Covid
Researchers find pandemic altered personality traits of younger adults
Do sleep timing and duration affect dementia risk?
Aching joints make older adults reach for many forms of pain relief
Researchers Awarded $2.4 Million Grant From CDC to Support Aging 9/11 Rescue and Recovery Workers
Can good dental health help protect against cognitive decline and dementia?
Doctors Assess Opportunities Gained, Lost through Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visits
UT Southwestern geriatric fracture initiatives lead to expedited care and shorter hospital stays
Research reveals COVID vaccine mandates for nursing home staff effective
Does fraud victimization affect person’s long-term blood pressure?
Johns Hopkins Hospital ranked No. 5 nationally by ‘U.S. News’
After Breaking Hip Psychological Resilience Benefits Your Walking, Study Shows
Covid transmission in geriatric acute care reveals need for enhanced infection control and prevention measures