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Board Game Aims to Make Gut Health Less ‘Icky’
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Cutting costs shouldn’t cost you your heart health
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Young Adults at Higher Risk for Heart Disease Due to Mental Health
What supplements do you need? Probably none
Ultrasound Wearable Sensor Offers Cardiac Imaging On-the-Go
Retailers support heart health through American Heart Month campaign
500,000 missed out on blood pressure lowering drugs during pandemic
500,000 Missed Out on BP-Lowering Drugs During Pandemic
Seafood May Shield Against Kidney Disease: Grill Up Prawns
Heart Foundation calls for import ban of nicotine e-cigarettes
Heart-healthy life begins with good prenatal care
How to naturally sleep better
Eating in response to anxiety or sadness is linked with heart damage
Getting to Heart of Chemotherapeutic Cardiotoxicity
First UK proton beam therapy trial for breast cancer launches
NIH-supported DASH and TLC diets earn top spots in “Best Diets” report
Miraculous Recovery at UConn Health for Heart Attack Survivor
Older Adults Urged to Increase Activity in 2023
AI Tool Reduces Diagnosis Time for Thousands of NHS Heart Patients
Researchers develop award-winning tool using AI to measure heart’s function
UPMC Western Maryland Expands Heart and Vascular Care
Even early forms of liver disease affect heart health
Research finds some supplements that benefit cardiovascular health
Researchers design new heart health wearable
Few Americans are aware of links between alcohol and cancer risk
Food That’s Surprisingly Good For You
Better Than Hole in Head
Study challenges “good” cholesterol’s role in universally predicting heart disease risk
Research challenges role of “good” cholesterol in generally predicting heart disease risk
Holiday ingredient substitutions
Deeply Rooted Program Awards 22 ‘Community Green Grants’
New monounsaturated soybean oil works well in pig diets
What is best time of day to exercise for heart health?
Morning physical activity linked to lowest risk of heart disease and stroke
Exercise protects breast cancer patients hearts against chemotherapy drugs, new study finds
Psychological distress important, easy-to-measure indicator of cardiovascular risk
6 common “heart-health” supplements ineffective at lowering cholesterol compared to statins
Priya Iyer’s PhD research helps spinal cord injury patients manage cardiovascular health risks
Short bursts of vigorous activity linked with increased longevity