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OSCE Chairperson in Office, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, H.E. Ms. Ann Linde UK response
Micro-climate moulds and reshapes northern insect communities, herbivory and predation
Carnivore conservation can be improved by recognizing divergences between scientific and Indigenous and Local Knowledge
Leiden Centre for Continental Philosophy, Working Seminar spring 2021
Flags at half-mast for Chancellor Emeritus Olli Lehto
Are horses our partners or our tools?
Professor of ecology Johanna Mappes: It is exciting to bring an evolutionary approach to practice
Strangers in night – A new species of mammal may have been found in Africa’s montane forests
Water and genes flow between two largest Baltic salmon rivers
Designing 6G networks of future
Sustainability Science Days, Finland’s largest event in sustainability science, highlights need for radical change
Singing to preterm infants during kangaroo care reduces maternal anxiety and supports mother-infant relationship
New online platform lets anyone explore and learn about quantum technology
A donation was used to establish a new cancer research laboratory
Artificial intelligence helps scientists develop new general models in ecology
A consortium co-led by University of Helsinki awarded 2 million euros for research of severe paediatric SIRS
ONDCP Statement on President Trump Signing of Rodchenkov Act
Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Greece Matthew Lodge
Extent of forest plant biodiversity change in response to forest management depends on habitat fertility
Carbon-Loaded Peatlands Can’t Be Ignored, scientists agree
Natural “Himalayan aerosol factory” can affect climate
OSCE Ministerial Council joint statement on Belarus
Digital footprints in national parks and green spaces
Modified rye bran could turn unhealthy extruded snacks to healthy ones
Gaia space telescope measured acceleration of Solar System
UK national statement to 2020 OSCE Ministerial Council
Antarctic Thomas Glacier named after new University of Helsinki Professor David N. Thomas
Researchers developed a sequence analysis pipeline for virus discovery
Risk of dyslexia can already be detected in infant’s brain – brain research provides ways to identify dyslexia risk
AI predicts which drug combinations kill cancer cells
Aalto-Helsinki student team awarded gold medal in iGEM 2020 Giant Jamboree
Ethics of AI online course urges us to consider what technology should be used for
Properties of a promising stabiliser found in spruce can be adjusted using different extraction techniques
Nature is widely adapted to current climate – making it harder to adjust to a new one
Siberian primrose has not had time to adapt to climate change
Venture with Air competition attracted submissions from four continents – winning team’s software optimises
A bypass route for coronary vessels in heart?
University of Helsinki celebrates 13 researchers among world’s most cited scholars
Is there a Nordic Bible?
Compact hyperspectral cameras to be launched into space will generate information concerning Earth and solar system – Academy of Finland grants €1.2 million
Early-life diet and canine atopy can have a connection
A type of cerebral haemorrhage considered rare causes more deaths among middle-aged women than other strokes
Plant viruses hijack defence system of plants, but researchers may be able to find a way to strike back
Innovative approach to tendon repair
Future lake food webs in subarctic have more biomass and contain more omega-3 fatty acids
Specific and Rapid Expansion of Blood Vessels
Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Finland Theresa Bubbear
Much to learn about antiracism, a movement driven by more than one cause