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Swedish Language Overpowers Neo-Nazi March in Norway
Over 30K apply for University of Helsinki in joint application
University of Helsinki reappoints Sari Lindblom as rector
University of Helsinki Researchers Receive ERC Advanced Grants
UK Statement to OSCE: Russian Military Reputation Eroded by Astounding Incompetence
New Soc&Kom Rector Prioritizes Staff Wellbeing and Research
University of Helsinki Celebrates Anniversary with Speech on March 27, 2023
Timo Miettinen: Clear and Succinct Media Presence
Rector Lindblom: Finland’s Success Based on Expertise & Research
Rector Lindblom to give speech at 2023 anniversary event
Bioenergetic Complex Shapes Membrane for Specialized Function
Nottingham Academic Wins Funding for Textile Sustainability
Nasal spray protects against coronavirus infection
Knowledge based on research engenders hope and solutions
Accurate Stem Cell-Based Disease Models Take Major Step Forward
Human Rights Council Debates Rights Crises
Getting around muscle aging
UK Invokes OSCE to Aid Belarus Human Rights Issues
Researcher-School Partnership Expands Learning Possibilities
Creating Inclusive Learning Env. Through Face-to-Face Interaction, Influence
Artificial intelligence is reshaping teaching and studying
Biological, Environmental Sciences Rank 69th and 77th in QS World Univ. Rankings 2023
University of Helsinkis Ag/For Ranked Higher in Intl Comparison
University of Helsinki’s Biological, Environmental Sciences Rank 69th in QS World University Rankings
R&D Funding Impact Varies by Competence Group
SARS-CoV-2 unlikely to cause type 1 diabetes
Senegalese Author Explores Link Between Language and Learning
Science Journals Revise Guidelines After Study Finds Incomplete Reporting
ESO Telescopes Spot Aftermath of DART’s Asteroid Impact
Exotic Pet Owners Surveyed on Motivations, Concerns for Conservation
Cats’ Sociable Temperament, Clean Litterbox Reduce Issues
Dentists must also be trained in patient encounters
Novel waste removal factor treats brain haemorrhage
Three Finalists Chosen for Helsinki Uni Rector Post
Finnish Debate: Austerity Alternatives from European View
New HM Ambassador Appointed in Turkmenistan
New Feed Reduces Ruminant Methane Emissions by Up to 50%
Populations of Swans 30X Greater in Nature Reserves
Research of Nanoplastics Aids in Assessing Risks to People and Planet
Severe diastasis recti can be treated with surgery
EU Funds Research on Sustainable Bio-based Colorants and Dyeing
“The results of research must be available to all”
Science and Culture Vital for Thriving Country
Faba Bean Genome Unlocked, Boosting Protein Crop
Research-Based Packaging Invention Cuts Food Waste
Good teachers know how to be present and compassionate
Company has reported 7% decrease in sales
Finnish-Kenyan collaboration transforms teacher training in Kenya