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AI experts from across Europe assembled in new units
Canada to host World Circular Economy Forum 2020 in Toronto
A new therapeutic target against diseases caused by lipid accumulation in cells
Kickoff for Futuring Nordics
Inclusive Innovation Challenge recognizes startups improving future of work
“My studies in Science give me opportunity to work with something meaningful”
University of Helsinki compensates for air travel emissions
Putting a conservation finger on internet’s pulse
FastEV paves way for precision biomedicine
Dogs eating rice-based dry dog foods could be at risk for chronic arsenic exposure
People with limited means consume less water – privatisations have increased corporate profits
Closer, less frequently, off-season: Travel must change
Study decodes gene function that protects against type 2 diabetes
My husband’s rare cancer encouraged us to support related research
Helping climate: A diet containing milled rapeseed reduces methane eructated by cattle
At its worst, measles eliminates a substantial proportion of immunological protection of patients
New professor of environmental research for Lammi Biological Station
New book on Dissidents in Communist Central Europe
Anna-Riia Holmström appointed as Finland’s first assistant professor in medication safety
Computer vision identifies ripe fruit and counterfeit drugs
VEIL.AI enables efficient use of sensitive data
What are businesses allowed to do with data collected on software use? As of
Twenty years of fair trade – UniCafe joins in celebration
Menopause treatments are becoming personalized
New cutting edge research catamaran Augusta contributes to sea research in Baltic on
People with atopic eczema have more S. aureus bacteria in their skin
Talvivaara/Terrafame’s treated wastewater discharge pipeline leading to Lake Nuasjärvi has caused
Distribution and origin of highly radioactive microparticles in Fukushima revealed
When termites cultivate fungi, queen gets best bits
Olli Silvennoinen appointed director of HiLIFE at University of Helsinki
Statistician Receives European Research Council Grant to Aid
Global biodiversity to be mapped with help of specialized automated equipment and statistical
Helsinki Brain & Mind, a new neuroscience hub, awarded ERDF funding
Activists in GDR opposed state but did not wish for unification of Germany
Specialists in atmospheric sciences are investigating particles in Arctic region for causes
Immigration should be studied from a multidisciplinary perspective
Remarks by President Trump and President Niinistö of Republic of Finland in Joint Press Conference
Data protection: New forms of community have led to stricter protection of privacy
Nanoform and AstraZeneca Initiate Technology Evaluation
A comprehensive atlas of genetic regulation of lipid metabolism published
Sea floor mineral deposits are common in northern Baltic Sea
Sea floor mineral deposits common in northern Baltic Sea
Research group from University of Helsinki awarded for research into genetic bases
A portrait of Professor Mart Saarma was unveiled in Viikki
Increasingly responsible investments by University of Helsinki – aiming for a carbon-neutral
New genes with an impact on diabetic nephropathy identified in a Finnish multicentre study
Artist residency at Hyytilä Research Station is looking for artists
Finnish ‘Elements of AI’ online course trains employees of European Union