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Mobility restrictions can have unexpected impacts on air quality
Individual protected areas in Amazonia differ greatly in how effectively they help to fight deforestation and carbon emissions
Cities need combination of different solutions to adapt to climate change
Gestational diabetes increases risk of fetal hypoxia during labour
Rapid progression in cardiovascular disease risk factors can reveal high-risk individuals
Vocal music boosts recovery of language functions after stroke
Researchers Take Part in Large Genomic Analysis Highlighting COVID-19 Risk Factors
Large genomic analysis highlights COVID-19 risk factors
Genetic risk factors for severe COVID-19 identified
Every eighth applicant admitted to University of Helsinki
For equity we need a broader definition of success
Wild birds learn to avoid distasteful prey by watching others
Finnish coronavirus vaccine developer Rokote Laboratories Finland secures significant funding
Scientists warn on dangerous implications of losing Indigenous and local knowledge systems
Potential of faba beans, rich in protein, has been unlocked
Macquarie Asset Management agrees to invest €39 million in Helsinki office development
JEF defence ministers set direction for cooperation on northern European security
Global climate dynamics drove decline of mastodonts and elephants, new study suggests
Extracellular matrix guides growth and function of epithelial cells
U.S. President Biden Announces Six Key Nominations
A warming climate and intensifying land use increase mercury content in fish
Cancer cells fight for their footing by using an ageing gene
Butterflies and moths have difficulty adjusting to a rapidly changing climate
Stone Age raves to beat of elk tooth rattles?
Tuija Brax appointed as director of Rule of Law Center
Junk food game helps people eat less and lose weight
Excavation starts on final tunnels at world’s first spent fuel disposal facility
Finnish biodiversity information management inspires globally
New project to understand polar processes in global climate system
Environmental exposure during travel
Researchers identify a gene that causes canine hereditary deafness in puppies
Statement on human rights situation in Belarus
Multi-story buildings made of wood sell for 9% more than other construction in Helsinki
High risk of conflict between humans and elephants and lions
Bachelet appoints Fact-Finding Mission experts: Belarus
A new rapid test detects a coronavirus infection in 10 minutes
SPARK Finland brings together experienced mentors and researchers – programme boosts development of health tech solutions
PhD students collaborated and designed new antimicrobial compounds against Staphylococcus aureus
Brook lamprey or brown trout soon to be back in our rivers
Old structures must be torn down – Sustainability Science Days, a major sustainability conference
Research boosts transition to climate-smart livestock management in East Africa
EU and Japan jointly invest €10,7 million for breakthrough research on advanced biofuels and alternative renewable fuels
Small things can have a major effect on prevention of biodiversity loss
Microneedles are promising devices for painless drug delivery with minimal side effects
Confirmation of an auroral phenomenon discovered by Finns
Norway is strengthening position of minority languages
Elements of AI online course now available in 22 EU countries and languages
Eero Castrén and Sari Lauri appointed as research directors for Neuroscience Center