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Berkeley Lab Scientists Contribute to New Exploration of Higgs Boson Interactions
Extremely Rare Higgs Boson Decay Process Spotted
A roadmap for future
CERN meets quantum technology
Big Answers from Tiny Particles
Large Hadron Collider upgrade project to be led by Manchester scientists
University plays part in Large Hadron Collider upgrade
Breakthrough Prize Awarded to University of Texas at Austin Researcher
CMS experiment at CERN releases fifth batch of open data
Untangling Particles with Artificial Intelligence
Rare Higgs boson events allow researchers to probe deeper mysteries of physics
CERN experiments announce first indications of a rare Higgs boson process
ATLAS result addresses long-standing tension in Standard Model
CMS celebrates its 2019 Thesis Award winner
Physicists win grant to continue Higgs study
Experiment at CERN makes first observation of rare events producing three massive force carriers simultaneously
Particle physicists update strategy for future of field in Europe
Particle physicists update strategy for future of field in Europe
Search for new physics through multiboson production
Exploring new ways to see Higgs boson
Higgs boson and superconductivity
Exploring quantum field, from sun’s core to Big Bang
ATLAS probes dark matter using Higgs boson
Searching for matter-antimatter asymmetry in Higgs boson-top quark interaction
Rice insight gives Large Hadron Collider better eyesight
LHC Physics at Ten: Entering Uncharted Waters
CMS upgrade will shine light on Higgs boson
Physics tool helps track cancer cell diversity
Arriving with a Big Bang: new physics-inspired art installation comes to Brighton
Scientific treasure hunt: could you discover Higgs Boson or even Dark Matter?
ATLAS releases 13 TeV open data for science education
CMS measures Higgs boson’s mass with unprecedented precision
New Higgs results presented at 2019 EPS-HEP conference
Scientific paper sets new record with 5,154 authors