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Playing games with your pelvic floor could be a useful exercise for urinary incontinence
Over 100 UC Online employees volunteer at Matthew 25: Ministries
Around three quarters of total obesity costs to US healthcare system among people living with obesity are accounted for by 20%
For older men, urinary symptoms may affect mortality risk
New Specialty Helps Women Get Back Quality of Life
Arousal incontinence
7 ways to reduce perineal tearing during childbirth
Reduction in severe perineal tearing when two midwives are present during childbirth
Denying Palestinian detainee, his son of medical treatment betrays slow killing tendency: Saudi Arabia
Regaining continence after prostate cancer: Help is here
In pilot study, asynchronous telehealth visits effectively treat overactive bladder
Postcard from Geelong: Meet Bill Rebula
Q&A with Bill Rebula Geelong Prostate Cancer Support Group Convenor
When you’ve gotta go … you may need help
Global trials show drug eases symptoms of chronic cough
One year of telenursing
Magnetic seeds used to heat and kill cancer
New device relieves stress of urinary dysfunction
Seeing same GP improves treatment for people with dementia, study finds
Ramsay hospitals to remove 50 million plastic items by end of 2022
Research reveals high rates of trauma for mothers and babies from forceps and vacuum deliveries in Canada
Your Urinary Health: What You Should Know
Botox Injections May Reduce Anxiety
Female genital mutilation victim care can be improved
Overactive bladder and urinary incontinence worsen with age
Repeat of vaginal mesh scandal could be prevented by new early warning system
Study links overactive bladder to increased falling risk in older adults
Active surveillance: where are we now?
Grateful to be My Mother’s Caregiver
Incontinence and incontinence-associated dermatitis have serious negative health and financial outcomes-Massive
Faster and better treatment for Parkinson’s disease with Manage PD tool
Pelvic organ prolapse treatment attracts international award
Canada should limit use of forceps in childbirth to prevent lifelong injuries to women: study
Patient decision aids in urology don’t meet quality and readability standards
Pelvic floor experts issue new recommendations for magnetic resonance defecography
Bladder ‘pacemaker’ controls incontinence
High-tech medical manufacturing jobs for Maryborough
Substantial health decline among older people supports need for early intervention
Further patients benefit from drug against Long COVID
Focal therapy for localised prostate cancer
Online, video-based exercise program can help with postpartum abdominal bulge and back pain