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AI-Powered Database Aids in 30 Day Design of New Cancer Drug
MPs invited to get their livers checked by researchers
Rise in Liver Cancer Alarms Australia’s Northern Regions
FDA Approves Drug to Prevent Hearing Loss in Kids with Cancer
Potential Treatment Target for Childhood Liver Cancer Identified
Increased Coffee Drinking May Lessen Diabetic Liver Disease
HKUMed Unveils Novel Tri-Modality Therapy for Liver Cancer
Consumption of fast food linked to liver disease
Fast Food Linked to Liver Disease Risk
Genes Linked to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment & Prevention
Simpler Tests Needed for Africa’s Chronic Hep B Patients
Chronic Hep B Needs Better Diagnostics in Africa
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: New Targets Found
Mary feels at home at Mater
EC Australia to continue beyond 2022
Seven QIMR Berghofer research projects awarded prestigious national grants
Nearly half of deaths from 12 cancers due to tobacco; higher than previously reported
NIH-funded study finds hepatitis C treatment gap for individuals with alcohol use disorder
Dangers of Undiagnosed Sexually Transmitted Infections
Liver cancer study encourages caution with some gene therapies
Effect of dietary fat composition on liver angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis
Can new cancer drugs come from potatoes and tomatoes?
Unraveling Cancer’s Complexities
New goal in fight against heart disease
Safety, efficacy of robotic vs open liver resection for hepatocellular carcinoma
Australia falling behind in goal to eliminate hepatitis C, new report shows
Promising new drug target for rare liver cancer
Researchers find strong evidence for testing VCU-manufactured drug in liver cancer
Senescent cells as vaccines against cancer
First-degree relatives of patients with NAFLD at risk of liver disease
Experimental drug to treat liver cancer reveals evidence of activity with manageable side effects
Resignation of Cr John Watson
Adding radiation to systemic therapy extends overall survival for patients with advanced liver cancer
Reversing drug resistance in lung cancer
Associate Professor Jessica Howell is VCCC Alliance’s inaugural Tony Burgess medallist
Liver cancer cases and deaths projected to rise by more than 55% by 2040
Mechanism used by metastatic cancer cells to infiltrate liver found
Cell sentinel that neutralises hepatitis B
Cell sentinel that neutralizes hepatitis B
Increasing evidence that bears are not carnivores
Mutational signature linking bladder cancer and tobacco smoking found with new AI tool
Diets rich in refined fiber may increase liver cancer risk in some individuals
Distantly related viruses share self-assembly mechanism
Cold method for clearer fatty liver observation found
Burnet awarded grant to develop next generation liver test
Scientists uncover molecular mechanism of RNA-mediated organelle contact sites and regulation mechanism of cholesterol metabolism
7 Vaccines Adults May Need
Professor Jacob George’s vision for liver cancer