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Ocean wilderness areas key to sustaining fish populations
Innovation & sustainability jewels in WA pearl farmer’s crown
Researchers ranked among world’s top 1%
Paris Agreement will not be reached without urgent ocean action, study says
Nutritional value of giant kelp decreases as sea temperatures increase
Critically endangered Māui dolphin is a conservation priority — we shouldn’t let uncertainty stop action to save it
Shedding light on mysterious jellyfish diets
Study finds increasing potential for toxic algal blooms in warming Alaskan Arctic
EMBL and Ifremer cooperate to advance ocean sciences
Oregon State microbiology research furthers understanding of ocean’s role in carbon cycling
New research delves into fate of ocean carbon
‘Coral Mama’ works to save coral reefs from extinction
Research says New York waters may be an important, additional feeding area for large whales
Setting nets below surface means fishermen catch almost 80 percent fewer dolphins, whales
Digitization will open up biodiversity and ecological data hidden
Coral reef biodiversity predicted to shift as climate changes
Coral reef biodiversity predicted to shuffle rather than collapse as climate changes
Marine biologists, local officials seek answers to recent fish kill
Researchers work to find strategies to produce seafood 16 September
Weedy Seadragon future looks bright at Flinders Pier
Researchers work to find strategies to produce seafood
Long-distance relationships for endangered corals
Coral cryopreservation for breeding key to survival
Sharks and rays under threat
ʻOpihi growth patterns influenced by Hawaiian intertidal environment
ʻOpihi age, growth, and longevity influenced by Hawaiian intertidal environment
FIU researcher leads acoustic research efforts to estimate fish populations in Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic
Deakin’s 2021 3MT and VYT winners explore oceanic storytelling and self-managed heart failure
Volcanism drove rapid ocean deoxygenation during time of dinosaurs
How scientist made sure oceans weren’t forgotten
Scientists identify for first time live immune cells in coral and sea anemone
Insidious coral killer invading Palmyra Atoll reef
Fish feces, common reef occurrence, becomes problem for coral as water warms
Infectious disease found in Hawaiʻi dolphin could spark mass marine mammal deaths
Fish friendships increase chances of survival
Scientists to develop sustainable solutions against coastal flooding and erosion
There is no typical day in life of Forest and Fire Operations Officer
Targeted removals and monitoring can help manage lionfish in Mediterranean
Townsville City Deal continues to deliver
Engineered protein inspired by nature may help plastic plague
Study finds genes role in immune response of Florida corals to rapidly spreading disease
Fossil shark scales provide a glimpse of reef predator populations before human impact in Caribbean Panama
‘Ocean Organ’ aims to highlight damaging effects of climate change
Blue coral’s secret sunscreen may save reefs
Hippos and anthrax
Studying hippo movement provides insights into anthrax outbreaks in Tanzania
Conference looks at most effective ways to tackle climate emergency
Climate change-resistant corals could provide lifeline to battered reefs