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How new technology is revealing secrets of an under-researched undersea world
Marine biology major is among this year’s Goldwater Scholars
Baby corals are just as susceptible as adults to deadly reef disease
Biologists investigate what happens when traits jump between branches of tree of life
New interdisciplinary research teams tackle South Florida’s resilience
Assistant Secretary Medina’s Travel to Honolulu, Hawaii
Britain’s butterflies are getting bigger as climate changes
Coral reef preservation efforts not looking at whole picture
Delicate balance of coral reef processes creates management challenges
Researchers investigate squid found far from home
Tiny marine larvae survive by turning carnivorous, study finds
Scientists describe an elusive example of abrupt evolution happening in columbines
Hopeful monster
45,000 marine species are at-risk – what’s most vulnerable?
Deep diving into managing one of our greatest resources!
New Zealand is reviewing its outdated conservation laws
How centuries-old bones from Australia’s historic shipwrecks can help us solve crimes
Understanding coral reef connectivity important to focus conservation efforts
Fish Flow map: from ocean to dinner table
Native algae benefit from pristine groundwater, invasives grow with tainted water
Native Fish Population Predicted to Rise After Major Expansion of Texas Port
English Channel stops new rockpool species reaching UK
Labs in Antarctica and Cambridge Receive Sustainability Award
Unsung heroes of estuaries are disappearing, and we know almost nothing about them
New collection highlights Indigenous perspectives on conservation biology
Connecting dots on plastic pollution
Sponges can survive low oxygen and warming waters
Marine life can cling together to survive effects of climate change
Marine heatwaves can decimate oldest and youngest coral, raising concerns about reproductive future of reefs
Scientists connect diet and temperature to metabolism in opaleye fish
On Alaska’s Glaciers, Life Is Harsh-and So Is Reality of Climate Change
Strengthening collaborations in France
Researchers investigate combined effect of drought and fire on stream communities, highlighting importance of headwaters
Ocean wilderness areas key to sustaining fish populations
Innovation & sustainability jewels in WA pearl farmer’s crown
Researchers ranked among world’s top 1%
Paris Agreement will not be reached without urgent ocean action, study says
Nutritional value of giant kelp decreases as sea temperatures increase
Critically endangered Māui dolphin is a conservation priority — we shouldn’t let uncertainty stop action to save it
Shedding light on mysterious jellyfish diets
Study finds increasing potential for toxic algal blooms in warming Alaskan Arctic
EMBL and Ifremer cooperate to advance ocean sciences
Oregon State microbiology research furthers understanding of ocean’s role in carbon cycling
New research delves into fate of ocean carbon
‘Coral Mama’ works to save coral reefs from extinction
Research says New York waters may be an important, additional feeding area for large whales
Setting nets below surface means fishermen catch almost 80 percent fewer dolphins, whales
Digitization will open up biodiversity and ecological data hidden