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Multinationals Refuse In-Person Consultation on Otways Seismic Plan
AI Tool Monitors and Measures Reef Conservation From Space
Locating Bodies in Water Requires Unique Forensic Techniques
Build Your Support Network: Spotlight on Blake Ushijima
Hammerhead Sharks Hold Breath to Stay Warm on Deep Water Hunts
Baby Nemo’s Incredible Journey from Open Ocean to Reef
Hammerhead Sharks Hold Breath on Deep Water Hunts to Stay Warm
Binghamton Joins Chincoteague Bay Field Station as Member Institute
Scientists Eavesdrop on Fish Songs to Identify Hawaiian Mystery Fish
Plymouth Nature Film Fest Shares Stories of Changing Planet
Boat noise missing from whale-watching guidelines
Molokini’s Reef Fish Population Increased Due to Pandemic Drop in Visitors
Moorea research discovers coral skeleton impact on reef recovery after bleaching
Scientists Uncover Hidden Crab Diversity in Coral Reefs
ChatGPT Paper Demonstrates AI in Academia Opportunities, Challenges
Paper Explores AI’s Academic Potential, Challenges
Endangered Sunflower Sea Stars Key to Restoring Submarine Forests
Marine biologist fights to save coral reefs
Coral Reef Biodiversity Varies with Ocean Depth: Study
Marine biologist fights to save coral reefs
Researchers submerge hybrid reef structures off Miami Beach
Unique hybrid reefs deployed off Miami Beach
Mystery of Ancient Whale Behaviour Discovered
‘Antisocial’ damselfish are scaring off cleaner fish customers
Study: Sunflower sea stars could help bring back kelp forests
Arthur Mol on sustainably managing increasingly crowded seas
How can we plan this increasing use of seas sustainably?
Researching Human Impact on Antarctic Marine Ecosystems
RRS Sir David Attenborough begins polar science trials
Kory Evans wins NSF CAREER Award
Gathering Enough Info Key to Proper Resource Mgmt
Galapagos Islands Uncover New Tropical Kelp Forest
UCLA Scientists Streamline DNA Testing for Marine Species
Invasive rats transform reef fish behaviour
Rats Trigger Changes in Reef Fish Behaviour
Cross-Border Ocean Research Funding Strengthens Knowledge
Reef fish must relearn “rules of engagement” after coral bleaching
Reef Fish Adapting After Coral Bleaching
New study highlights urgent need to safeguard deep reefs
Researchers assess danger that marine heatwaves pose to young sea snails
Why sponges may be ‘canary in coal mine’ for impacts of marine heatwaves
Hook, line and tagged by Deakin researchers over decade ago
Expansion enables more to benefit from access to electron microscopy
Researchers connect human Lyme disease infections with ecological factors across California
Disease carried by cats, pigs kills 2 spinner dolphins in Hawaiian waters
5x more rangers needed to manage protected areas worldwide by 2030
Researchers investigate how microbes that can both eat and photosynthesize might evolve in changing environment
Reef halos may enable coral telehealth checkup worldwide