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New Studies Expose Coral Reef Crisis in Eilat
Deadly epidemic wipes out black sea urchins in Gulf of Eilat
Coastal Lights Alter Coral Spawning Cycle
Coastal Lights Trick Coral Reefs into Early Spawning
Scientists use centralized database to study coral reefs
Protozoan parasite responsible for Caribbean sea urchin die-offs
Solent Seascape Project Advances Oyster Restoration in River Hamble
Akkeshi Marine Station Explores Interconnected Oceans, Forests, and Rivers
Microplastics Tracked in Oceans with Optics Technology
UK Fishing Habits Shift to Protect Biodiversity: Study
‘The blue economy should become far more diverse’
Fishing for perfect protein
Arthur Mol on sustainably managing increasingly crowded seas
How can we plan this increasing use of seas sustainably?
What will jam-packed sustainable North Sea look like in future?
Researching Human Impact on Antarctic Marine Ecosystems
Deep Sea Remains Mystery Despite Lunar Exploration
Floating Debris Guide Helps Hitchhikers Navigate Oceans
KI citizen science callout for summer
£3.5m for sustainable fishing projects: New funding round opens
To save nature, focus on populations, not species
Marine heatwave developing
Sea grasses are essential in stemming tide of coastal erosion
New research centre to accelerate ocean conservation
Hook, line and tagged by Deakin researchers over decade ago
New technology maps movement of microscopic algae, crucial to ocean health
Largest known manta ray population is thriving off coast of Ecuador
Scientists combine microscopy with AI to characterize marine microbial food web
Restoration work begins on Tathra Wharf: Bega Valley
Combination microscopy and DNA analysis reveals new insights in diet of polar cod
Building regional marine research nexus centred in Singapore
Just tiny amount of oil damages seabirds’ feathers
Mexican mangroves have been capturing carbon for 5,000 years
Ecological tipping point: 5+ El Niño events per century
Council supports opposition to seismic testing in Otway Basin
Eelgrass genetics determine survival
3D printing is expanding our sustainable building horizons to outback and beyond
Rebecca Ward-Diorio: Diving deep into research in Galápagos
Warming oceans may force New Zealand’s sperm and blue whales to shift to cooler southern waters
Surprising science of tracing life in oceans
Research recognised among world’s best
Unlocking power of Solent to capture carbon and tackle climate change
Sharks may be closer to city than you think, new study finds
Sharks may be closer to city than you think
Ki uta ki tai: NIWA’s role in mountains-to-sea estuarine management
New York – New Jersey Harbor Estuary is dining hotspot during summer and autumn months for bottlenose dolphins
International research partnership takes action on marine plastic
Smeagol ‘gravel maggot’ leaves its rare mark on remote West Coast