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Chloe Dallimore stands down as MEAA Equity president
MEAA welcomes dropping of raid investigation but threat remains
Sexual assault survivors in Victoria can now tell their stories
Casting decision snubs local talent
Response to 2020-21 Budget Statement
Government fails content test in another blow for screen industry
Opera Australia at a crossroads
Music’s path to health and wellbeing during COVID
Workers rally to save Opera Australia
Adelaide Review’s closure shows how local media is hurting – MEAA
MEAA condemns China’s expulsion of Australian journalists
Opera Australia axings a disgrace, says union
Press freedom inquiry would still jail journalists
Australia needs a comprehensive cultural policy
Regional media support needs accountability – MEAA
Closing SA’s Border Watch group abandons local communities – MEAA
MEAA welcomes proposed Queensland journalists’ shield law
Australian media must do better on diversity
Queensland needs journalist shield laws now
More jobs go at Network 10
Reverse cut to WA regional allowance
Screen industry needs certainty that content obligations will be reinstated
ACCC’s draft mandatory code on digital platforms is welcome but needs more work – MEAA
Public interest journalism wins in defamation reforms
New documents confirm government has exaggerated its COVID-19 support for arts
Possible prosecution of journalist must be dropped – MEAA
Nothing for workers in federal government arts package
ABC job losses direct result of funding cuts
Arts and entertainment need multi-level support to recover from coronavirus
Ressa verdict a muzzle on Filipino media – MEAA
Urgent need for a mandatory news content code
AAP’s survival a vital win for industry – MEAA
Arts package must not leave out support for workers
War on journalism still raging a year after AFP raids
News Corp cuts are a massive blow to communities
Australian Screen Production Industry COVID-Safe Guidelines Released
News Corp cuts are a massive blow to communities – MEAA
No charges but laws that criminalise journalism remain
No charges but laws that criminalise journalism remain – MEAA
MEAA seeks answers on government support claims
Government must revisit JobKeeper debacle in arts and entertainment
Government needs to back up its claims about support to arts and entertainment workers
New spy Bill threatens press freedom
New spy Bill threatens press freedom – MEAA
Race still wide open in Great Australian Binge
Sydney orchestra agreement shows value of co-operation during COVID crisis
Victorian government shows way – feds and other states should follow
Income support crisis continues for performers and crew