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Researchers develop lung cancer risk prediction nomogram for female non
Obesity and age at menopause affect women’s heart failure risk
Easier access to locally-applied HRT to treat postmenopausal vaginal symptoms in landmark MHRA reclassification
Importance of elders
Top 3 questions – Menopause with Prof Alison McMillan & Karen Cook 5 July
Oral contraceptives and hormone therapy increase risk of stroke
Men have pelvic floors too – and can benefit when they exercise them regularly
WHO statement on menstrual health and rights
Hormones are linked with sleep apnea, snoring in postmenopausal women
Phase 3 Study Shows Fezolinetant Reduces Frequency, Severity of Menopausal Hot Flashes
Medicalising menopause may be unhelpful for some women
Top 3 questions – Menopause with Prof Alison McMillan & Karen Cook
Phase 3 study reveals fezolinetant reduces frequency and severity of menopausal hot flashes
Know your risk for hereditary cancer
Everything you need to know about perimenopause
Further action taken to improve supply of HRT
Want to Live Longer? Find Out if You Snore
Grant fund launched to support women’s reproductive wellbeing in workplace
Hormonal changes during menopause are directly related to decline in cardiovascular health
Women over 50 who snore face an elevated risk of sleep apnea
Research Excellence Framework 2021 – University of Nottingham Result
Temporomandibular disorder-induced pain likely to worsen in late menopause transition
Health Secretary meets with HRT suppliers to resolve supply issues
Camden Civic Centre shows us good time
Three month limit for three HRT products to ensure continued access
Osteoporosis in men overlooked by doctors and patients
Mother and child vulnerable to endocrine disruptor exposure
Hispanic women face inequities affecting maternal health outcomes
New Specialty Helps Women Get Back Quality of Life
Health experts share priorities for Women’s Health Strategy
Sex specific guidelines needed to accurately treat women
High-ranking naked mole-rats are more resilient
Reproductive factors and dementia risk
Female hormones could provide clues to higher risk of dementia in women
Time to shift research focus from ‘bikini medicine’ to what is really ailing women
Doctors Research to Find Answers to Endometriosis
Study Reveals Link Between Early Menopause and History of Sexual Abuse
Adjusting diet can help women through menopause
Origins of diabetes may be different in men and women, according to new Concordia research
Working shifts may delay onset of menopause
Endometriosis explained: 9 things women should know
In pilot study, asynchronous telehealth visits effectively treat overactive bladder
Women are more susceptible to Alzheimer’s Disease
Research suggests best chance for battling menopausal weight gain is during perimenopause
25 years of research shows insidious effect of racism on Black women’s menopausal transition, health
Why is menopause still taboo subject?
Age of natural menopause linked with intergenerational violence exposures
More than half of postmenopausal women experience female pattern hair loss