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Two New Reference Materials Assist Supplement Makers with Measurements of Isoflavones in Kudzu
Giraffes are as socially complex as elephants, study finds
Giraffes are as socially complex as elephants
Newport employer rated top for staff mental health
Knowledge and support improve menopausal health
Cognitive decline may help predict future fracture risk in w
Research reveals diet causes 84% drop in troublesome menopausal symptoms
Chief Constable presents CNCs Equality, Diversity and Inclusion awards
FSU researchers receive $3M NIH grant to explore benefits of resistance training in preventing type 2 diabetes
Magee-Womens Summit Convenes with $1M Magee Prize
CNC proud to sign up to Endometriosis Friendly Employer scheme
Main gland in hormonal system ages due to process that can potentially be slowed down
Study shows when people with cerebral palsy are most likely to break bones
Vascular ageing: what it is, why it matters Tonic
UChicago study finds lasofoxifene a promising treatment for resistant breast cancer
Long term use of prescription meds for insomnia not linked to better quality sleep
Counsellor, educator, supporter, nurse
Women Face Unique Risks for High Blood Pressure and Stroke
Jean Kittson Awarded For Novel Approach To Seniors
Age at menopause can be assessed using predictive modeling
Researchers find a way to mend a broken heart
Medscape: HRT Tied to Increased Risk of Severe Asthma Exacerbation
Medscape: HRT Tied to Increased Risk of Severe Asthma Exacerbation
Researchers digitize massive collection of folk medicine
Lower dose of oestrogen receptor modulator seems to reduce risk of breast cancer
Abdominal Fat Gain Tied to Heart Disease Risk in Menopause
Gold Coast trial shaking off osteoporosis
Shortage of Estradot 25 and 75
Some postmenopausal women with breast cancer may forgo chemotherapy, Emory researcher says
Four ERC Consolidator Grants for KU Leuven researchers
Vitamin D Regulates Calcium in Intestine Differently Than Previously Thought
Exercise found to reduce menopausal symptoms in cancer survivors
Insider: Here’s how to treat menstrual migraine
Frozen eggs and ovarian tissue helped women conceive children after breast cancer
Helping to understand hidden health issues
UPMC Magee Opens Women’s Health Services at UPMC Lemieux
Researchers Develop a First-in-Class Humanized Antibody Targeting Bone and Fat
Pelvic organ prolapse treatment hurdle overcome
New study provides clearer picture on breast cancer risk and HRT use
Menopause researcher Professor Henry Burger AO awarded Lifetime Achievement Award
HRT prescriptions lower in most deprived areas of England: new study
Animation to bring clarity to dense breasts
Stronger bones thanks to heat and microbiota
Shortage of Estradot hormone replacement therapy patches
New surgical approach for women at risk of ovarian cancer
Women’s Wellness: link between high blood pressure disorders during pregnancy and hot flashes
Smoking strongly linked to women’s lower take up of cancer screening services
Closing gap in tissue engineering