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Mediterranean diet with lean beef may lower risk factors for heart disease
Ingenious mechanism for sucrose metabolism in lepidopteran insects
Key may lie in receptor protein, brown fat cells
New study reveals why some people are hungry all time
Ludwig Cancer Research scientists to present advances in immunotherapy, cancer metabolism
Researchers discover new way to starve brain tumours
New research reveals why some of us are hungry all time
Study of mouse gut microbiome may provide clues to how cancer develops in humans
Birds’ blood functions as heating system in winter
Bird blood functions as heating system in winter
A twin study indicates that metabolic changes in fat tissue in obesity associated with adverse health effects – No similar link
Study Reveals Function and Molecular Mechanism of Metabolite Creatine in Cancer Metastasis
Discoveries on Vitis amurensis Genome May Shed Light on Cold Tolerance of Grapevine Breeding
Team identifies new approach to tackling heart disease in people with Type 2 diabetes
Gene discovery suggests new treatment approach for liver cancer
NIH scientists develop breath test for methylmalonic acidemia
Researchers discover why cold induces tooth pain, hypersensitivity
Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation awards $1 million grant to Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Charles J. Kilo, professor of clinical medicine, 94
Targeted Opioid That Hones in on Inflamed Tissues Stops Colitis Pain Without Side Effects
Prioritise opportunities for chance to say final goodbye during COVID-19 pandemic, new study finds
Paper gives voice to those bereaved during pandemic
Big data dreams for tiny technologies
More control, less energy: UNM engineers develop a new theoretical strategy
New statistical method eases data reproducibility crisis
Genes associated with increased risk of cervical cancer identified
Cells rely on their crampons to avoid slipping
Promise of super algae Galdiera – from volcanic springs to your plate
New model predicts metabolic response to metals
Statement on COVID-19 vaccine supply at Anagni plant in Italy
Gene that affects iron metabolism linked to improved performance in athletes, University of Toronto study finds
How activated T cells destroy liver
Time of day boosts effectiveness of anti-aging supplements
Update following statement by NIAID on AZD1222 US Phase III trial data
Finding Ways to Make Science Matter to Everyone
Lung cancer resistance: key is glucose
UB Laboratory of Metabolic Dynamics in Cancer settles in Barcelona Science Park
New antibiotic clears multi-drug resistant gonorrhea in mice in single dose
Cells burn more calories after just one bout of moderate aerobic exercise, OSU study finds
Dieting suppresses ‘cellular engines’, weight loss surgery boosts machinery responsible for energy production
Researchers link breast cancer and bone growth
Electromagnetic fields hinder spread of breast cancer, study shows
Six Imperial researchers awarded leading health honours
Consumption of Added Sugar Doubles Fat Production
Evolved to Stop Bacteria, Designed for Stability
DNA topoisomerases – vital multi-tasking enzymes
Study: Exercise During Pregnancy May Save Children From Health Problems as Adults
Replacing animal experiments with stem cells