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Exosome formulation developed to deliver antibodies for choroidal neovascularization therapy
International experts call for unified public health response to NAFLD and NASH epidemic
How ethane-consuming archaea pick up their favorite dish
New dietary treatment for epilepsy well tolerated and reduced seizures
Vaxzevria is highly effective after one dose against severe disease or hospitalisation caused by Beta and Delta variants of concern
Synlogic publishes papers in Nature journals demonstrating proof-of-mechanism and potential of synth
Surrey builds AI to find anti-aging chemical compounds
How promiscuous protein droplets regulate immune genes
3D imaging reveals neural ‘vicious cycle’ in fatty liver disease
Scientists find immune component to rare neurodegenerative disease
Toxicity testing on placenta and embryo
$1.5M DOE grant targets engineering of cyanobacteria as biofuel production platform
Substance from Saussurea controversa will help bone tissue regeneration
Research reveals employer-based weight management program with access to anti-obesity medications results
New discoveries reveal how acute myeloid leukemia walks line between growth and cell death
Child with rare genetic syndrome successfully treated in less than two years
Revealing secrets of cell competition
Coffee doesn’t raise your risk for heart rhythm problems
Is bacterial acidity key to tackle antimicrobial resistance?
Experts challenge current understanding of transition dairy cow health
CHOP researchers establish novel approach for developing new antibiotics
Championing chrononutrition with protein, morning elixir for muscle growth
Add fatty acid to taste
African lake Sonachi: behind mysteries of great production of methane in extreme habitats
T-cell ‘training grounds’ behind robust immune system response seen in adenovirus vaccines
Genome of photosynthetic animals decoded
Researchers uncover clues about folate deficiency – and why some people face greater risk
Hollow nano-objects made of DNA could trap viruses and render them harmless
Antibiotics in Early Life Could Affect Brain Development
Fox 19: UC part of large study looking at four diabetes drugs
Scientists Identify New Gut-liver Drug Recycling Process
How cells control mitochondria
Bacteria are key to vaginal health, UArizona health sciences researchers say
Physical fitness of wild Pacific sockeye salmon unaffected by PRV
New technique reduces nicotine levels, harmful compounds simultaneously in tobacco
Novel screening approach improves diagnosis of metabolic disorders in newborns
A step toward advancing precision hormone therapies to reduce Alzheimer’s risk
Study Sheds Light on Precise Personalized Hepatocellular Carcinoma Medicine
How otters’ muscles enable their cold, aquatic life
Study shows frequent business travel may increase obesity risks
NIST Researchers Use Novel Method to Understand Molecular Underpinnings of a Tumorlike Disease Affecting Coral Reefs
Massachusetts Life Sciences Center funding to support a Metabolomics Facility at Dana-Farber
Research reveals structure of nanomachine that assembles a cell’s energy control system
Single gene boosts climate resilience, yield and carbon capture in crops
Unravelling brain pathology through fluid movement
FSU researchers receive $3M NIH grant to explore benefits of resistance training in preventing type 2 diabetes
Aspirin reduces preeclampsia risk, affecting gestation metabolic clock
Aspirin reduces risk of preeclampsia by decelerating gestation metabolic clock