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New drug formulation could treat Candida infections
New partnership to unravel genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 virus in Quebec
What COVID-19 antibody tests can tell us, and what they can’t
Universities band together to develop S.C.-grown antibody test
New associate directors at Hollings Cancer Center to advance cancer immunology
Researchers Develop Breakthrough Antibody Test for COVID-19 Virus
UCPH Researchers Agree on Future Production of Vaccine Against COVID-19
Lab instructors adapt to remote teaching
ISU robot still reports to work, even during a pandemic
“It’s imperative that researchers from KI take part in public discourse and debate”
Bid to reduce respiratory COVID-19 deaths
New diagnostic test for COVID-19 may deliver results within half an hour
Exeter leading way in COVID-19 testing
Door levers and handrails made of compressed salt could be effective against viruses such as COVID-19
New ethane-munching microbes discovered at hot vents
Penn Medicine Launches COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Study
BU Engineers Are Taking on Coronavirus Pandemic
Research in most university labs moved from bench to internet
Researchers Get Important Glimpse Into Microbiome Development in Early Life
Penn State researchers find significant economic losses due to soybean diseases
Rotavirus VP3 is a unique capping machine
Aircraft airflow tested in Nebraska to reduce COVID-19 spread
Researchers reveal mechanisms behind a natural bacteria killer
Breastfeeding May Lead to Fewer Human Viruses in Newborns’ Gastrointestinal Systems
Calming Inflammation Storm to Protect Lungs in COVID-19
Office of Research backs new scientific study into COVID-19 pandemic
Story behind that earthy smell in spring
University of Alberta virology lab finds drug originally meant for Ebola is effective against a
Canadian hospitals trialing new treatment options for COVID-19 patients
Clinical trial launches to evaluate antimalarial drugs for COVID-19 treatment
Major efforts in diagnostics and research on Coronavirus
What we’ve learned from Spanish flu-and what we haven’t
Sellafield research uncovers microbial life in fuel ponds
Impulse for Research on Fungi
A novel molecular target for particularly aggressive cancers
Improving concrete infrastructure
Institute for Glycomics researchers tackle COVID-19
Research unearths science behind smell of spring
UCLA is part of NIH-sponsored clinical trial for possible COVID-19 therapies
University and health trusts collaborating to accelerate genomic testing
Philadelphia 76ers All-Star Joel Embiid, 76ers Managing Partner Josh Harris, and Co-Managing Partner David Blitzer Join Forces to Provide $1.3…
University donates PPE to frontline COVID-19 workers in Exeter and Truro
Baylor enrolling COVID-19 patients in treatment trial
Lifestyle trumps geography in determining makeup of gut microbiome
Kids are alright … but not elderly
Nottingham Universities unite to enable safe COVID-19 testing
Blocking Iron Transport Could Stop Tuberculosis
What blood tests of a COVID-19 patient can tell us