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Neandertals had older mothers and younger fathers
Cancer Mutation in Dual Role
Inherited mutation can predispose children to a type of brain tumor
Coronavirus by Numbers
Screening of zebrafish identifies gene involved in human nicotine addiction
Yale findings expand understanding of fertility after chemotherapy
Assessing Childhood Experiences and Mood Symptoms May Help Enhance Executive Function
New mathematical model can more effectively track epidemics
Engineers model mutations causing drug resistance
In COVID-19 Battle, CU Anschutz Team Teaching Old Drugs New Tricks
New neurodegenerative disorder discovery
Male rivals risk having offspring with a greater number of harmful mutations
Molds damage lung’s protective barrier to spur future asthma attacks
Safeguarding chloroplasts from sunburn
Disturbed retinal gene function underlying canine blindness
Fatal overproduction of antibodies
Neuroscientists discover new structure of important protein in brain
New insights into evolution: why genes appear to move around
Laurie Anderson to be inaugural Art Intelligence artist-in-residence
Monash researchers discover fainting disorder drug
How Charles Darwin can help us understand terrorism
Blood Test Can Predict Clinical Response to Immunotherapy in Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
New advances on genetic bases and clinical picture of KAT6A syndrome
A better diagnosis of rare diabetes to adapt treatment
How Did Monkeyflower Get Its Spots?
University researcher focuses on preventing vision loss
Fruit flies have a radical strategy for dealing with free radicals
Pancreatic cancer ‘time machine’ exposes plot twist in cell growth and invasion
Scientists stop breast cancer cells from spreading in lab
CRISPR “Minigene” Approach Stops Genetic Liver Disease in Mice
UB researchers claim that human language most likely evolved gradually
Cell network maps cancer pathways
PHE reaches crucial step in fully sequencing novel coronavirus
Probing genetic basis of Roundup resistance in morning glory, a noxious agricultural weed
Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Receptors Show Similarities to SARS-CoV, According to New Analysis
Innovation Clonal neoantigen specific tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes for cancer treatment
Researchers identify mechanism that triggers a rare type of muscular dystrophy
Discovery could lead to new treatment for rare blood disease
New findings on Global Glial Tauopathy could improve drug design for this pathology
Altruism in bacteria: colonies divide work
Long-term skin irritation linked to increased risk of tumour growth
Perfect tempo within cells to develop vertebrae
Protein Signposts Guide Formation of Neural Connections
Newly developed mathematical model could be used to predict cancer drug side effects
RustWatch workshop on MARPLE diagnostics brings together researchers from across Europe
ASH: Research revises classification of acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome
Artificial cells act more like real thing
Designing and re-purposing cell receptors